Emmy’s top 10 finalists for the comedy and drama series kudo

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  1. Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  2. please don’t miss the brand of Canada goose when necessary. (yang)

  3. Sally Kimbrow says:

    I am shocked at Cynthia’s taste in TV. Boston Legal and 30 Rock are both shows she doesn’t get? But Ugly Betty gets a pass. Ugly Betty is better written and produced than Boston Legal? Or Damages? I am concerned.
    Witty, intelligent writing must not be her speed.

  4. barst says:

    I disagree. Lost is absolutly devoid of any content, it´s insustancial and full of empty. Desperate housewives desearve to be in nominations (no win this year why is sometimes repetitive, although would win the first and the second season); DH is real at least 65 or 70%, yes, because every TV shows o film doesnt abslutly real (Lost is exteme unreal, did you notice?). Grey´s Anatomy is very bad (I desagree, too). Betty too, but America Ferrara is good. House is very repetitive and boring. And The Office is only joke, not about he human condition (it´s overrated, but its about men and because is good, although DH have many women and its not good).

  5. Jeremy Bentham says:

    who said Jin was dead.

  6. Ben Elder says:

    There is no such thing as a kudo. Kudos IS a singular noun. Your editor might want to look it up in a Greek dictionary…or even an English one.

  7. Amy Myers says:

    I am sad to see that the comedies you like are tired, multi-camera comedies with little to no imagination. 30 Rock and Family Guy are two of the only comedies that take chances, are consistently funny, and tight from start to finish. Big Bang Theory? Oh Lord.

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