“Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”: A toe-tapping good time

DrhorribleHow to describe “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog?” High-quality superhero-and-supervillain fun. With a swell soundtrack of original tunes.

The first thing I noticed about the Internet musical created by the brothers Whedon — Joss, Jed and Zack and Jed’s fiance, Maurissa Tancharoen — was how fabulous it looks. No YouTube grainy-blurry here, thanks to the talents of director Joss and d.p. Ryan Green.

The second thing I noticed about the production was … nothing because a few minutes in to Thursday night’s screening of the 40-minute program at CAA, I was thoroughly engrossed. Gotta hand it to Joss and Jed for their skill in penning the tunes, which really make “Dr. Horrible” work as a tuner.

Not gonna spill any story details, at the request of the creators, other than to say it’s cheeky and comic book-y with a love story at the center. It is, of course, elevated by the strength of its cast. Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion are fantastic; it wouldn’t work if they weren’t as good as they are in their roles. Felicia Day is just right as the unconventional love interest; sidekick Simon Helberg is equal parts perspiration and inspiration.

“Dr. Horrible” is a Joss-led attempt to test-drive the made-for-Internet production business, on his own dime (more like low six-figures though no one would get specific on the budget) and with a lot of help from industry friends. It was, as might be expected, very liberating and tons of fun, Harris opined in a post-screening chat with reporters and bloggers.

“We had the freedom to be like professional amateurs,” Harris said, and that sensibility was “worked into the vibe of the film.”

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  1. It does seem as though people who have brushes with death change their behavior in significant ways. Really truth.

  2. I’ve been collecting as many Dr Horrible reviews and “in world” fan videos as I can find at http://www.wonderflonium.com
    Hope someone finds it useful and fun. :)

  3. kcdrew says:

    Isn’t it all just the perfect metaphor for this President? Think about it: a likeable, not very bright guy with big plans and some ambition who gets what he wants in the end, but it all goes wrong in the end. It’s “W” all over. I just wish our situation weren’t reality.

  4. Dr Dreadful’s YouTube Riposte to Doctor Horrible – and job application.

  5. Dashelle says:

    Yeah, Dr.Steel really needs recognition. He really was the first singing mad scientist with the “Read Along Album”. I feel bad for poor Doc Steel getting walked all over on this. I have a feeling someone thought when they pitched the idea, that nobody would notice…..
    For more info on the REAL singing Mad Scientist- go to:

  6. ToySoldierNitrous says:

    Rip-off artist explains this whole thing. Doogie Howser? Honestly This travesty will not be withstood. They have stolen the ideas of our Doctor and many others have said this before myself. He must be Abolished before he can cause any further damage to Dr. Steel’s name. This is a mockery of all we have worked so hard to achieve. As a loyal Toy Solder I will not stand by as this is done to the Good Doctor. ALL HAIL DR.STEEL! Soldiers! Salute the Good Doctor and spread his glory!! (www.doctorsteel.com)

  7. Toy Scout Erin says:

    Dr. Steel is the real genius behind this man and his followers. He couldn’t even come up with a better name then to rip off Dr. Steel’s first compilation album “Dr. Steel’s Read-A-Long” album. You disgust me.

  8. sakito kobayakawa says:

    I am also a member of toy soldiers unite and this is a cheep rip off Dr. Steel was the original. This is very offending to us. And i completely agree with the earlier statement.

  9. general ginga says:

    This is a complete rip-off of Dr. Steel.
    www. doctorsteel. com
    Even the name is stolen from Dr. Steel’s first compilation album “Dr. Steel’s Read-A-Long” album.
    This isn’t funny and the music is even less inspired. If you want to see something good, check out the real deal.
    Official Website
    Propaganda film
    ToySoldiersUnite. com
    As a loyal member of Dr. Steel’s Army of Toy Soldiers, I will see to it personally that Dr. Horrible is destroyed.
    www. toysoldiersunite. com

  10. Toy Soldier SubZ reporting and this.. this sickens me. To degrade and attempt to destroy the good doctors image like this. How dare you attempt to harm the good doctors name. Doctor Steel is a good man, and he deserves much much more respect than this horrid “Dr. Horrible” theft.
    The true site, the original, the genius, the man who deserves the respect. The music is irritating, the script are poorly written
    As a loyal member of Dr. Steel’s Army of Toy Soldiers, I will see to it personally that Dr. Horrible is destroyed. http://www.toysoldiersunite.com

  11. This is a complete rip-off of Dr. Steel.(www.doctorsteel.com)
    Even the name is stolen from Dr. Steel’s first compilation album “Dr. Steel’s Read-A-Long” album. This isn’t funny and the music is even less inspired. If you want to see something good, check out the real deal.

  12. J. Earley says:

    Hello Dr. Horrible!!! You may kiddingly criticize me, and I give you credit for you creativity, as it is amusing, but you have to admit…I have a good plan. Let me breakdown the particulars for you:
    Joss has said that he budgeted his blog movie at a price in the low 6 figures…enough to generate not only enough footage for the 3 part blog, but a DVD release. My plan is simple, all Joss need film, is 20 minutes of live action footage for a full feature theatrical version of the musical…and just 60 to 70 minutes worth of animation to complete the project in whole. The latter of which can be produced for several million dollars…which Joss can easily finance himself, for a combined running time of 80 to 90 minutes. A perfect running time for family audiences and smart minded studio execs.
    Joss has already shown his cost effectness by using library stock footage for aerial clips in the production…and filming live action bookend wrap-arounds for a theatrical adaptation of said film, or using the footage which has already been shot for the Sing-Along Blog, is also an option.
    Distribution through a independent film studio or via Joss’ new home at MGM could prove a major success. My plan is solid, the budget low…thus it seems like the perfect situation to expand this property’s great potential on. This is a “Gem” of an idea, an animated super hero/comedy/musical with romance(???)…sounds like a hit to me…and stalkers don’t propose good ideas–well thought-out muses do.
    Signed J. Earley

  13. Dr. Horrible says:

    Aha, Mr. Earley; so we meet again! This Joss stalking of yours grows tiresome. That goody Whedon may not like to get his hands dirty dealing with the rabble; but be assured, my Horrible henchmen/male nurses will find you. It’s no use donning your aluminum brain shield. We’ve got you on our monitors now. You’ll soon be back in your guest quarters, with the nice soft walls. Muhahahahah-ahem.

  14. J. Earley says:

    Joss should invest a few million dollars of his own money to do a “Doctor Horrible” animated musical film for major release in theatres. I think it could be his chance to really cash in on this concept and make a mint. I view this as the Incredibles go musical, in a way…but since it is mainly about the villain…this film is in many ways what the Wanted comic book is to Watchmen, the other side of the story, from the bad guy’s perspective.
    The potential is there for this to be a smash as an animated film. Why not go for it??? All you will need is 80 to 90 minutes of footage…and to be cost effective, if need be…book end the film so it starts as live action…and then moves into animation for the main part of the story, and ends in live action just the way it started–a reverse play, or inverted play, on Disney’s film Enchanted. Using the already filmed live action footage of Doctor Horrible. or even new live acton footage, shot on the cheap, ala its prototype, this could really be something big!!! I mean, at a time of huge and expensively over budgeted animated films, whoever heard of doing a low budget cost effective animated film…at least these days??? Go for it Joss, believe me, it will work!!! Have faith…oh, that’s right(???)…you created Faith…5 x 5!!! See Joss, we should be working together, I have a million of these ideas!!!

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