‘Big Bang Theory’: Jim Parsons — ‘Everybody has a little Sheldon in them’

Posted by Kathy Lyford

Here are the answers to your questions for “The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons, who plays neurotic genius Sheldon Cooper on the CBS comedy, which is one of my favorite shows and one of the few comedies that qualifies as appointment TV for me.

For this Q&A we’re trying a little something different: All your questions were answered via video. It seems actors aren’t as camera shy as showrunners.

JimpMany of you were curious about how much Jim has in common with Sheldon. Well, the answer is not much. Let’s see. They look alike. They sound the same, right down to the Texas twang. They’re both adorable. They’re both smart, but in different ways. They both excel in their chosen professions.

The differences are more profound. Jim dresses better. (Although if you dig Sheldon’s wardrobe, visit this fan site devoted to his t-shirts). Sheldon is socially awkward to the point of ineptitude. Jim is personable, charming, outgoing and witty. Sheldon is seemingly interested only in science, video games and comic books. Jim’s hobbies don’t include any of those. And while I would never pretend to know about his interests after a two-hour meeting, I can tell you that Jim and I chatted before and after the interview about many topics of interest to both of us: Theater, the state of the economy, the recent election, L.A. real estate, ping-pong (he plays; there’s even a “BBT” cast and crew tournament), poker (I try to play), crosswords, blogs and chatrooms, documentaries, the changing television business, critics, movies, restaurants and “Friday Night Lights” (I can bring that series up in any conversation. I’ve now proved it.)

Jim made my job very easy. He not only answered the questions he read them too (sometimes with comments directed toward the person asking). So I got to just sit there and enjoy his delightful company and giggle. Of course, I did have to edit and upload the videos — hence the slight delay. Turns out I’m more of a Penny than a Sheldon when it comes to technology.

Before we start the questions, here’s a short thank you from Jim for all of you who participated plus a special announcement about which one of you won the autographed season one DVD set.

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  4. Ohh wow.. love the list…. some nice new ones I haven’t seen before as well!!

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  6. Matt says:

    I have to make an actual concerted effort to not activity dislike Jim Parsons…..as a person or as an actor. His character in Big Bang is so completely revolting and loses much of his potential humor due to a mean spiritedness the needs to be played instead with cluelessness. I am sure he is a fine actor and person, but, for his sake, he really should speak with his writers about making Sheldon just a bit less poisonous!

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  11. Casual Shoes says:

    And I must say, I’m jealous you spent so much time with him LOL, Jim seems very nice :)

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  15. “meng niu zai wo chuang shang”….what’s your mean…thank u .Jimmy,
    You know,,there are such a lot your fans in China, We call you “Shel Erdo”…hoho.

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  17. zurna says:

    Chinese tone really confused me and other guys in china:)

  18. ankara chat says:

    This interview was really good, thanks for doing it for us. And I must say, I’m jealous you spent so much time with him LOL, Jim seems very nice :)

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  20. David Tenderfoot says:

    Good interviews need good subjects, of course, but they also need good questions and here are such good questions.
    Well done those who offered them and she who presented them.
    I stumbled upon the interview on Youtube and enjoyed the conversation very much.

  21. takineko says:

    This is my favorite interview of Jim’s. Up close and personal, and long so we can just listen to him talk. Almost like we’re there!

  22. Kseniya says:

    And does he have a page it???? Prompt me as possible to find him))))))))))

  23. Kathy Lyford says:

    The answer about falling in video part 3 is this:
    “Any time someone falls, it’s amusing, as long as they don’t break anything. Kaley’s done it more than most, although Johnny threw his knee out once, but that wasn’t funny… until later.”

  24. Bekurah says:

    Ok sure, the writers are best suited to answer the Penny/Sheldon question… but c’mon, we wanted to hear what Jim had to say too, and it seamed like he was going to say something. D=
    Oh well… anyway, great interview. Sheldon/Jim remains to be my main reason for watching and my fav part of the show. ^^

  25. Sara says:

    The one question I have – and the one line he says I can’t figure out is when he’s mentioning funny bits he says when people fall it’s always funny, so long as they don’t hurt themselves… Kayley more than most…
    …and then I can’t understand what he says until “and that wasn’t funny… until later”… could someone let me know what he said there?

  26. His entire answer to “Will Sheldon ever hook up with Penny” was “I’m not even going to hazard a guess. ‘Will Sheldon ever hook up with Penny?’ Is there a God?” He doesn’t know the answer to that. Only the writers would know.

  27. jane says:

    what happened to jim’s response on the penny and sheldon hook up? it seems that he was beginning to answer the question, when it was awkwardly ended by your edit.

  28. euclid says:

    transcript pls. some of us are in an office.

  29. Kathy says:

    Sorry DVZs, that’s not possible on this one. I hope you enjoy the videos anyway.

  30. DVZs says:

    Any chance of having the answers also written down? Nice touch to have them on video, but as you mentioned the background noise is sometimes a bit too much to tolerate. Would be nice to have a transscript of the videos.

  31. Jiangtou PRINCESS says:

    I am a Chinese, do you know that your Chinese tone really confused me and other guys in china. haha,,,,
    No one can sure that your exactly mean when you said in chinses restaurant SEASON1 EP17 sounds like “meng niu zai wo chuang shang”….what’s your mean…thank u .Jimmy,
    You know,,there are such a lot your fans in China, We call you “Shel Erdo”…hoho.

  32. Anita says:

    This interview was really good, thanks for doing it for us. And I must say, I’m jealous you spent so much time with him LOL, Jim seems very nice :)

  33. Rupa Dore says:

    You are very handsome, something that was not even mentioned in the interview ! Like Danny Kaye who was very good looking but hid the fact under all the tomfoolery to make a good comedian, you do the same! !

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