"Randy Jackson's Music Club" is a mixed bag of former "American Idol" contestants, judges, guest hosts and artists who owe favors to the "Idol" judge.

“Randy Jackson’s Music Club” is a mixed bag of former “American Idol” contestants, judges, guest hosts and artists who owe favors to the “Idol” judge. Fans of the show will find the disc little more than an opportunity for “Idol” producers to continue cashing in on the megahit’s success. Even Jackson’s smiling mug on the back of the album seems to say, “Is that an extra ten-spot in your wallet?” At the most, this release will find a market in Fox’s swag bags, gag gifts and giveaways.

An attempt to offer a diverse mix of genres, album is extremely disjointed. The compilation slaps together blues, R&B, rap, rock ballads and gospel without committing to a single theme; its bad soundtrack assembled with little thought.

The album’s selling-point is the single by “Idol” judge Paula Abdul, “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow.” Thanks to massive exposure on “Idol” and the Super Bowl, the track is doing well on iTunes, but a new club anthem it is not. Overproduced and overhyped, the track wear thins quickly. Joss Stone’s “Just Walk on By” is serviceable, but far from inspired. Appearances by “Idol” also-rans Katharine McPhee and Elliot Yamin on “Real Love” offers the type of song found on an “American Idol” results show. Other artists on the disc, including Ghostface Killah, Mariah Carey, Travis Tritt and Richie Sambora, do little to elevate the album.

Randy Jackson - 'Randy Jackson's Music Club'

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