Council requires baby cablers run disclaimers

Dora might not want to explore France anytime soon.

The country’s broadcast authority has banned TV channels targeted at kids under 3 — and will require infant-targeted cablers BabyFirstTV and Baby TV to start running strongly worded disclaimers.

France’s decree comes as the debate rages over how much TV — if any — toddlers should consume.

In its ruling, France’s High Audiovisual Council blamed TV for “encouraging passivity, slow language acquisition, over-excitedness, troubles with sleep” and other problems.

“In France, the wellbeing of infants and toddlers is more important than the bottom line of companies such as BabyFirstTV that exploit our youngest and most vulnerable children,” says the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood’s Dr. Susan Linn.

That may explain Barney the dinosaur’s new theme song, “I Love You, You Love Me, Except Dr. Susan Linn.”

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