Companies tout fringe fare at popular confab

Even as Hollywood touts its genre fare at Comic-Con, the annual week of the geek in San Diego also sees plenty of shilling for more peripheral ventures.

One stretch to tie in to the confab came from the History Channel, which pushed its “Jurassic Fight Club” series by plastering the show’s logo on tote bags handed out to the 125,000 attendees.

And Halo-8 touted “Slumber Party Slaughterhouse: The Game,” described as an interactive DVD-based comedy trivia challenge about horror movies, with a teaser likely to resonate only with Comic-Con crowds: Whenever “the audience chooses the correct answer, Paul gets the power to kill his ex-friend.”

But perhaps the biggest reach to tie into Comic-Con comes from animal-rights org Peta, which used the confab to tout the top 10 animal-friendly superheroes. List is based on “whether they go after animal abusers with the same zeal as when they save human society from impending doom.”Batman, Aquaman, Captain Planet and Superman and Wonder Man led the ranks, and “animal lovers reveled when they learned that Batman’s cape was made of cruelty-free pleather, not leather,” the org wrote in its release.

Naturally, Beast Boy made the list, with his abilities to turn into any animal. So did Animal Man, a lesser-known DC Comics character, for his abilities to mimic animals. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that he’s a vegetarian.

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