Sarah Larson's post-Clooney future

HILLARY CLINTON has evolved into a super-dramatic, super-celebrity. She is like a movie star of the grand old days. She feeds so many fantasies, good and bad, often at the same time. (Something like Joan Crawford in her hey-day.) And she is not merely a figure of fascination for women alone. I bet if you put Hillary and Angelina Jolie in the same room, it would eventually tilt toward the senator. Even irritated men want to know what makes Clinton click. After all, 2012 is only a heartbeat away. She has not given up her dream. She still wants to shatter the glass ceiling of a woman in the White House. … Watching Sen. Clinton’s brilliant — and honest — concession speech Saturday, I have to ask her foes, all those who screamed in frustration when she didn’t immediately fold the night Barack Obama passed her in the delegate count: Do you think she could have given such a speech on that particular night, coming off a whisper-slim loss? No. She did what was right for her and her still-fired-up supporters.

HERE’S MY favorite quote to come out of George Clooney’s split with former waitress Sarah Larson: “George has a short attention span!” Oh, now … it’s not that short. They dated nine months, and let’s figure six of those months were terrific. Silly Sarah. Clooney has been resolute in his declaration that he has no desire ever to marry again. … So, what next for the beautiful Sarah Larson? Well, she’s already been a contestant on “Fear Factor.” I see more TV (probably, alas, “reality” based), maybe movies, teary interviews in OK! magazine and more famous men. It was surely not her intention, but dating Clooney could be a nice launching pad.

SO ‘SEX and the City” is fading a bit, dropping precipitously in its second week. There is already talk of a sequel. But if that happens, please, please, do some editing. Life is too short for 2 hours and 44 minutes of Les Girls — no matter how charming they all are.

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