'Drew's Clues' includes steady stream of tidbits

How do you make “Nancy Drew” a bigger draw on VOD?

Give the tween detective tale some extra pop exclusively for digital platforms.

Warner Bros. prepared a separate version of film, dubbed “Nancy Drew: Drew’s Clues,” that comes with a steady stream of pop-up tidbits and pointers as the action unfolds.

The studio has dabbled with pop-up video annotations before, but “Drew’s Clues” is the first to debut simultaneous with DVD, and only the second full-length offering after “March of the Penguins.”

Michele Edelman, VP of marketing for Warner Digital, says the pic’s tween girl aud made it a good match for the pop-up treatment.

“If you’ve seen it in theaters you can see it enhanced. And if you haven’t seen it yet you can see the theatrical version then watch the enhanced,” Edelman says. “It’s a two-pronged revenue approach.”

The studio, which has been especially bullish about VOD, is building a pipeline of content available exclusively for digital distribution, including films yet to be seen in theaters. “Nancy Drew: Drew’s Clues” was developed for a tween-friendly VOD category called “slumber party.”

Edelman says the studio will see how “Drew’s Clues” performs before extending its “Movies that pop” strategy further.


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