Tipping Point

That, and other news, in today’s Political Panorama.

FloydpigWith the Rev. Jeremiah Wright on a speaking tour that garners more attention than Barack Obama’s own campaign appearances, and poll numbers showing Hillary Clinton in a better head-to-head match up with John McCain, can the Obama campaign bounce back? A growing media consensus today seems to be that the Obama campaign may be damaged beyond repair, with the enthusiasm leaking out of his candidacy like a newly punctured tire. Or should that be an inflatable pig?

Wright spoke today before the National Press Club, in a speech that produced more than a few new sound bites destined to provide new material for Obama’s opponents. In contrast to his interview with Bill Moyers, his appearance was more defensive, to the point where he said, “Let me try to respond in a non-bombastic way.” But his tone was more combative, and he again defended his comments on the pulpit on the Sunday after 9/11, where he spoke of America’s “chickens are coming home to roost,” as merely quoting the Ambassador of Iraq talking of the concept of “blowback” in U.S. foreign policy. “You can never do terrorism on other people and never expect it to come back on you.” The appearance drew complete coverage across all cable channels.

None of this helps Obama — which is probably why his campaign can only find solace in that Wright appeared today rather than next Monday, the eve of the Indiana and North Carolina contests. Could another major Obama speech be in the offing?

The full Wright transcript from the National Press Club here.

Ad Contest:
Moveon.org unveils the finalists to its “Obama in 30 Seconds” contest, in which users create spots for the candidate, on Tuesday.

Another View: Time’s Michael Scherer offers an alternative take on the White House Correspondents Assn. dinner.

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  1. TKD says:

    The media consensus has been wrong about everything this cycle: that Clinton was a lock, that Obama had no chance, that McCain was finished, etc. If indeed they think Obama is a goner, there’s no reason to think they are right about that either. I wouldn’t bet against him.

  2. steveh1009 says:

    One more idea…
    Concerning momentum…
    Let’s look at this another way. Obama gained considerable ground in PA. Despite how it’s being couched, a 9-10 pt win is not a blowout. 15-20 pts, as some of the contests have been, is considered a blow out (part of the proof is the marginal increase in delegates Clinton gained relative to Obama).
    I’d say obama has momentum given that he gained considerable ground in a state that he was more than 20 pts behind.
    If you make the case that it’s b/c Obama has more money from contrbitors, then I’d say that’s a considerable advantage going into the general election…the Dems can’t afford someone who contrbutors have no confidence in…and therefore will not spend on. Sorry…but that’s the truth in the US.

  3. steveh1009 says:

    I can understand the above points, but consider the following…
    Who has MANAGED a better campaign? I’d say Obama, cinsdiering the turnover on Clinton’s team, the numerous versions Clinton has given of her self (strong, crying, combabtive, smart, dumb, etc).
    Being president is marked by skill at managing people, ideas and situations.
    I think the person ready to lead on day one is Obama. He’s shown an ability to manage ideas, money (which given the spending on the war…is going to be CRITICAL), his people and is, in all fairness, doing a good job of managing situations…the current news would have crushed lesser candidates.

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