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Next Tuesday, as the returns roll in from Indiana and North Carolina, and as the exit polls perhaps once again show Barack Obama’s inability to draw white working class voters, there will be little excuse for media pundits to speculate why that is the case. Yesterday, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright provided the answer. The more thoughtful pastor of the Bill Moyers interview — in tone rather than words — merely fed into the YouTube caricature we’ve seen repeated over and over again. Questions of context gave way to new clips of controversy. It was as if he merely wanted the spotlight, or at least the chance to replace the grainy clips of his sermons with better quality footage before the National Press Club.

What is Obama to do? Perhaps a debate would have been the answer, given that it at the very least would have transferred attention away from the Wright story, or of his response to it. Perhaps this is a time for Oprah to step in. The one solace that has come from yesterday’s wall-to-wall coverage is that so many media commentators speculated on how Wright was ruining Obama’s chances, perhaps even intentionally. That at the very least drove home the distance between Wright and the campaign.

Late Night Weighs In: Jon Stewart on Wright’s "zen" moment:

Bill Maher calls Wright a "dick."

More Party: More highlights from the White House Correspondents Dinner here. Ana Marie Cox of Time says her favorite moment:

"Watching Ben Affleck harangue a McCain senior staffer about the press’ overly favorable treatment of McCain, then slip seamlessly into an equally passionate rant about the press’ overly favorably treatment of Obama. "Sure, I’m gonna vote for the guy," he said, "But they’re being way too easy on him." Asked if he was "anti-McCain," he said, "really, I’m more anti-media." Affleck declined a ride on the Straight Talk Express to the Bloomberg party."

Outfoxed: MoveOn says that Barack Obama fell for Fox News’ ploys.

Reward Offered: Coachella Music Festival offers a reward for the lost Obama pig.

Morning Joe’s Evening: Joe Scarborough guests on "Law & Order:SVU" tonight.

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