Spotted: Mark Foley


There have been so many scandals since October, 2006, the month that I launched this blog, that I just about forgot who Mark Foley was.

I got an excited phone call yesterday from two friends, TV producer Richard Ayoub and talent manager Dolores Cantu, who were having lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Sitting the next table over was Foley, who resigned just before the midterms after the revelation that he sent inappropriate e-mail messages to a congressional page.

Ayoub and Cantu didn’t know immediately recognize him until he told them he had once been in Congress. The jist of the conversation then went like this, according to both:

Cantu: “You didn’t have an affair, did you?”

Foley: “Well, I was…”

Realizing who was in their midst, Ayoub, who has a penchant for devilish humor, offered a deadpanned admonishment, “You should not flirt with congressional pages.” Foley went on to say that nothing happened, he didn’t realize that the page was only 18, and that he perhaps was a bit tipsy when he sent the e-mails.

What they both said was how great Foley looked, and he was particularly excited about Colin Powell’s endorsement that morning of Obama. Foley said he also favors Obama.

And Foley also expressed some pleasure in watching the latest developments from his old Florida district: His successor, Democrat Tim Mahoney, is now in trouble for a series of extramarital affairs.

Foley was never charged with any crime, and Florida law enforcement officials said last month there was “insufficient evidence” to charge him.

Update: Foley denies that he has voted for Obama. According to Drudge Report, he sent this note: “An online article posted today on Variety’s website innaccurately reported that I was supporting Barack Obama. The story on Variety’s website, based on a second or third-hand account of my private conversation, is incorrect. I have already voted by absentee ballot in Florida. Although I didn’t vote for Senator Obama, I intend to keep my choice private.”

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  1. CRT says:

    Talk about scandal! The Bailout is not working–and these corrupt companies are using our tax dollars instead to pay for executive bonuses, junkets, and to buy each other out. It’s got to stop–and that means getting rid of those who voted “yes.”
    It’s time to just start over. Throw them all out, Dems and Republicans alike. There isn’t an ounce of difference between them anymore anyway. Could the Libertarians or Greens really do any worse than this?
    We can start by voting “no” against incumbants who voted “yes” for the Bailout. Don’t know who they are? Check out Constituent Response’s Bailout Vote Map at .

  2. Good Lt says:

    Who’s Tim Mahoney (D) supporting for President?
    You know – the scumbag who was having two affairs and paying the mistresses with taxpayer money to keep mum about it? The “clean, open, honest” Democrat who was ushered in in the wake of Foley’s foibles?
    That guy who replaced Foley’s seat? Ringing any bells, lefties? The one who’s gonna flip this seat back to the R’s?
    Who’s his choice for Prez?

  3. Tim says:

    Mike, how can you be off fighting for my rights with a welfare baby under each arm? You can’t sling an automatic rifle like that!
    The check is in the mail. If you add it to the $5000 check McCain has promised, and take out the taxes he’s going to levy on health-care benefits, you might have enough left to pay the OB-GYN. I doubt it, though.
    Funny though. Gave me a badly-needed chuckle, after reading the rest of this drivel.

  4. norab says:

    If it’s not true why did you report that he was supporing OBAMA. Why don’t you apologize for your miss reporting?

  5. EJS says:

    Nice Try Gross Republicans. You have to own your own Republican sleezeballs. Don’t try and shove them off on us.

  6. Mike says:

    Mark, Well put. I guess the bottom line is, we have to vote our conscience be it Democrat or Republican. We’ll never know if our votes are actually tabulated but, it is our right nonetheless. Hey Tim, I’m still waitin on that check..haha!

  7. Christine L says:

    Obama campaign not mean spirited? Really? What about the ad that talks about McCain not being able to type and too old to know how to use a computer? It’s called war injuries. And he has his secretaries to do his computer work. A lot of older people don’t know how to use computers. Who cares anyway? This has nothing to do re: who is better to run our country.
    So many lies coming from the Obama camp. Where is the media when it comes to anything Obama? His past drug use, his unsavory friends, his racist pastor, whether he is a natural born citizen or not, you name it, it’s all there, but the media will not expose this guy. Yet they are sharks when it comes to Joe the Plumber (Sarah Palin/Cindy McCain)in the one week since he has been a media fixture, but nothing about Obama in the two years he has been running for POTUS. Camp Obama and the MSM are despicable. If he wins, I will do what the anti-Bushies have done for the last 8 years, put a bumper sticker on my car that say “B.O., Not My President.”
    By the way, Mark Foley just said a bit ago that he already voted and said it wasn’t for Obama. Who knows, who cares. Ballots are suppose to be secret anyway.

  8. Tim says:

    You never know, Shannon. He could have voted for Nader. Did Nader end up on the ballot in Florida? Maybe he voted for Bob Barr? Barr’s an old Republican-turned-Libertarian. He’d appeal to a fiscal conservative with socio-sexually liberal leanings.

  9. randy says:

    I would have to agree with you – Republicans were acting like the democratic party lite, passing pork bill after pork bill. I hope there is a gutting of the party elites after Obama takes office. We have seen how excited the country is for someone who is a true conservative like Palin. I’m not advocating Palin in ’12 but someone who shares her values will mop the floor with Obama. The dems took seats away from Republicans by running as conservatives not moderates in ’06. Also notice how they voted on the bailout package. It was very telling. The dems will get punch drunk on their power just like the Republicans did after 2002. They will be ripe for a big fall in ’10!

  10. Tim says:

    Peter F: They say here in Alabama, “even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then.” George Wallace wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, or the most progressive… uh, tool. But he did get that right. Democrats and Republicans hate each other because they’re two sides of a very thin dime. We have a one-party system, more than people realize. The recent bailout bill vote was a good example of that. It boggles the mind how a bunch of liberals and conservatives were able to vote for a bill that violated both of their party platforms.

  11. james says:

    From Drudge:
    FOLEY: ‘An online article posted today on Variety’s website innaccurately reported that I was supporting Barack Obama. The story on Variety’s website, based on a second or third-hand account of my private conversation, is incorrect. I have already voted by absentee ballot in Florida. Although I didn’t vote for Senator Obama, I intend to keep my choice private.’

  12. Shannon says:

    FOLEY: ‘An online article posted today on Variety’s website innaccurately reported that I was supporting Barack Obama. The story on Variety’s website, based on a second or third-hand account of my private conversation, is incorrect. I have already voted by absentee ballot in Florida. Although I didn’t vote for Senator Obama, I intend to keep my choice private.’
    Well if you did not vote for “The One”?

  13. tim says:

    Hey Mike, I think you misread my comment. The sheep thing and the sex thing were two separate threads. I don’t think anybody’s gotten caught with a sheep yet.
    By the way, Democrats are and have always been the more Socialist-leaning of our political parties. The New Deal was a socialist plan. So were so many of the wealth-redistribution plans of Democratic presidents and congresses. However, the charge of Socialism sounds a little hollow when we’re nationalizing banks and using tax money to bail out corporate wastrels under a Republican administration. It isn’t just Socialism if you rob from the rich and give to the poor. It’s just as Socialist to rob from the poor and give to the rich. Trickle-down economics is just as much a redistribution of wealth as anything the Dems could come up with. And now McCain is talking about refinancing mortgages with tax money. He’s not even pretending to be a fiscal conservative anymore!
    In any case, it seems the story was a fake. It’s not even this morning’s news.

  14. Mark says:

    I know gay people who believe marriage should be between a man and a woman – now the benefits should extend to significant others, imho, but calling it ‘marriage’ isn’t what needs to make it so. If it were, being ‘married to your job’ would entitle your workers to double benefits.
    Conservatives and liberals, and by extension republicans and democrats, are well aware of what’s what – noone is asleep at the wheel (although they may well be drunk or drugged at it).

  15. Brown says:

    Classic Republican response. I have a lot of Republican friends. They even come over to my house and visit sometimes. They live in trailers and I will spread some of my wealth to them if Obama wins. For the greater good of the country because I know they are hurting financially right now. I will pay additional taxes to assist my brothers and sister who are Iraq and Afghan War(s) that we are not paying for now. Republicans please understand we have not raised taxes and we are in (2) wars how are we paying for them??
    FOR THE STUPID PEOPLE, ACORN ONLY REGISTERS VOTERS! Do you think for a minute that the American people are going to get fake ID’s to vote for Obama. You Republicans are crazier than I thought.

  16. ignatov says:

    Mike: “If [Obama]’s elected, US citizens will be marked for Death.”
    Be afraid, everybody! Be very afraid!
    “I will still fight to give you your freedom you take so lightly.”
    Whew! It’s okay everybody. Mike gonna fight for us!
    “By the way, I’ll be expecting 1/4 of your salary so I can stay home and make babies on your dime.”
    Hmmph. Typical Republican welfare queen.

  17. Tyson says:

    Are you all still going to bash Foley since hes now NOT endorsing Obama. I bet hes alot better of a guy now isnt he. Even though he’s a Republican that did so many God awful things, Just like most Republicans.

  18. Clinton Samuel says:

    I am a proud republican and I admitedly DO NOT like Foley; however, we have to be realistic with ourselves. We lost in 06 and are about to lose in 08 not because of Foley but because the “republicans” in office acted like socialist – if you ask me, they all deserve to lose *except Paul… I hope Obama wins just to teach our party a lesson!

  19. Barry says:

    I consider myself a conservative not so much based on morals but just because to me it makes better sense. I believe that each of us has a right to pursue the American dream and be as successful as each of us can be. When you have the top 10% of wage earners already paying about 70 – 75% (if not more) of the current tax revenues, my question is this–when is enough, enough?
    With this economy the way it is right now, wouldn’t it behoove our elected representatives to do what it takes to get out economy back on track and regain the prosperity that this country once knew? It seems to me that if we can help businesses both large and small to encourage them to keep jobs here and keep the prices of their goods and services low, would that not help them grow and create more jobs and stimulate this economy? Maybe I am simplifying things too much.
    Instead, what we have in Washington is our politicians playing the blame game and doing the finger pointing. This is very counter productive. Also, the fault lies not with just one party but with both. We can point fingers all we want at GWB, but the truth is that most of this mess can be traced back to Clinton. Also, since ’06, the dems have controlled congress and only 9% of Americans think they are doing a good job. Whoever the next president will be, he will have his hands full. I believe that if we really want to effect change in this country, we need to get rid of most of the current congress. Vote them out of office. Find out who your representatives are and who your senators are and write to them and tell them to put aside partisan politics and work with whoever is elected to put the needs of American citizens first over party politics. Enough is enough of that stuff.
    Lastly, on the question of being homophobic–I find it odd that most high profile Democrats such as Barack Obama and Joe Biden can go on record and say that marriage should be between a man and a woman and they are not labeled as “homophobic”. Yet, Sarah Palin says the same thing and all republicans are labeled as such. This whole double-standard nonsense makes me sick. The bottom line is this, it does not matter. We have bigger problems facing this country than worrying about two people of the same sex wanting to marry. I know that sounds easy to say coming from a heterosexual, but again–enough is enough. The average American is sitting at their table worrying about paying their bills because gas is so high–I don’t think they care who is for or against gay marriage. I know right now I don’t care. We will all have to face our maker one day and He will be the judge of how we conducted ourselves on this planet. It is not up to me or anyone to dispense his judgement. The only thing I can do is to treat others how I want to be treated and try to leave my little corner of the world better than I found it.
    Vote your conscience. God bless America!

  20. badjournalism says:

    Mark Foley says this is inaccruate. Not that I support Foley, but what a stupid jouralist to not call Mark to see if this is true. Ted, for the sake of America, FIND A NEW JOB!!!

  21. Edgar Prado says:

    Lou……you are soooo funny. Mock outrage….pure b.s. Liberal tool.

  22. Woody says:

    All Mark Foley did was to take a page from the Democrats.

  23. Mark says:

    I, personally, would love to see Clarence Thomas for POTUS. Color, religion, race, sex, sexual preference – all of this has nothing to do with it for me, it’s all about ideology and adherence to the Constitution and the rights guaranteed therein.

  24. thinkerray says:

    Mark Foley has declared this allegation a LIE! Variety has published an unverified fabrication and all other blog responses have been a response to this LIE – thus, they are also fabrications based on an untrue report. Shame on Variety for spreading this bogus demo”rat” favored story! BIAS and BLARNEY from BLOW-HEARTS and BOOGIE-MEN! You would all be fired if I owned Variety! This was not and is not entertaining. SHAME! “You’re Fired!”

  25. Lou says:

    I fear Foley is like the other so-called conservatives jumping ship. They know what is coming with Obama and are trying to get on his good side so when the rest of us are suffering under Obama, they will be remembered as supporting him. Same with the media, they know what is coming and they also want to keep their jobs. All traitors.

  26. Peter F says:

    George Wallace said it best, “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between” Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats willingly went along with the War in Iraq, suspension of Habeas Corpus, Patriot Act, banning books like “America Deceived’ from Amazon, Wikipedia and Facebook, warrant-less wiretapping and opening private mail. They are both guilty of treason.
    Clean them all out and save this great nation.
    Last link (before Google Books bends to gov’t Will and drops the title):

  27. Sir Basil Largepiece says:

    Foley said that he did vote, but that it wasn’t for Obama but wouldn’t say who in fact he did vote for.

  28. Joe Shmoe says:

    Well, well.
    It would appear that Republicans are left with nothing in their arsenal except for name-calling.
    No wonder people are supporting your candidates in droves.

  29. Mac says:

    Brown, You ignorant Slut.

  30. Mike says:

    One has to have a demented mind to even think of sheep in that manner. To be more specific…and clear. Obama has the golden tongue….the gift to gab. He would make a fine salesman. If he’s elected, US citizens will be marked for Death. We will be considered pushovers because we will have a passive president who wishes to dismantle our Armed Forces. The very forces that enable you to sleep at night not having to worry about invasions. So, sleep tight tonight. I will still fight to give you your freedom you take so lightly. By the way, I’ll be expecting 1/4 of your salary so I can stay home and make babies on your dime.

  31. randy says:

    just like we sucked it up when GW “stole” the election
    Please provide one shred of evidence that George W. Bush stole the election in 2000. Brunner (Sec of State in Ohio) admitted publically that 200,000 registrations were fraudulant yet the SC upheld her request to not double check them against DMV data. How is that not “stealing” the election?

  32. Joe says:

    Getting people to sign up is a way to scare others.
    If the Dem’s say they sign up 2 million people it makes you think 2 million will vote for Obama when signing up and voting are two different things. Maybe 1/3 of the signed up will vote and that number is abour 400,000.
    Not the 1.3 million Dem’s say they have signed up.

  33. jpg says:

    Ever wonder why many of the past empires where actually run by a eunuch class? Along with this twit, it’s un-nerving to think how many of these degenerates currently fill the halls of congress (i.e. Barney Frank playing “hide the gherkin” with an official at Fannie Mae, etc.). Combine this with the fact that the entertainment media is dominated by the gay lobby, as well as running much of the major news media (i.e. NY Times, TV broadcast news, etc.) is it any wonder that most of the Oprah-audience welfare class lemmings are ready to follow their Messiah over the cliff?

  34. Superdude says:

    Another Obama endorsement:

  35. Sambo says:

    Its sickening to read the stuff bleeding heart liberals are posting here. Just look at who you are supporting to be our next commander in chief along with his partner in crime, Joe (shit for brains) Biden. He makes Clinton look like Ronald Reagan. No one from the state department or any other government agency has at least asked for this phoney to produce proof of citizenship that I know of. No wonder all of the terrorist countries and socialist Europe are supporting him, the Messiah.

  36. Mark says:

    Oh, the media is well aware of the (in)actions they’re taking, just not of what they’re doing. Those that are aware of what they’re doing are truly traitors, not just to America and democracy, but to those who’ve entrusted them with the truth.

  37. Brown says:

    No one is skewering Palin for being a woman / mother / wife. They are skewering her for being a moose shooting, bridge to nowhere, lying, power hungry, ignorant redneck. McCain could have pick multiple qualified women as a running mate but he didn’t and she should be exposed. Why doesn’t the Republican base just say it? They don’t want a black man to be President. It has nothing to with anything else. So all the lies that you make up only shows that deep down in your heart you are a rasict. Just say it! It will make you feel better. Others can respect you if you are honest. They may not understand you but will respect you. A Socialist, Not a Christian, a Terrorist those labels are not true and are insane. Say what you me the “N” word.

  38. Sammy says:

    Foley just said He voted early and it wasn’t for Obama.
    This story is “Media for Obama” Bull-crap.

  39. PA_Voter_32 says:

    Oh, and let’s not forget (da da DUMMMM) voter fraud. Show me ONE person who voted as Mickey Mouse.
    Democrats are NOT the party removing thousands of eligible voters from the rolls as I type this.
    “Joe the Plumber”‘s registration could be called into question under the rules the Ohio Republican Party is trying to implement, because his name is mispelled by one letter.
    Winning is NOT a virtue, and just like we sucked it up when GW “stole” the election (another fine example of two sides of the story, huh?), you’ll learn that what goes around, comes around.
    Now stop being a bunch of crybabies, like you called us in 2000.
    I dare you.

  40. Mark says:

    Well, technically, the New Testament regards Jesus as the shepherd (old testament was probably Moses). Elevating a man to G-D status is a blasphemy and an afront to the one true G-D (so I understand).
    I actually attribute current democratic behavior to lemmings who sound like parrots (lemmots? lemmocrats?).

  41. Jonathan says:

    “Looks like Foley’s girlfriend Palin put him up to smearing Obama with his name.”
    Umm, I hate to inform you of this shocker, but Foley is gay..

  42. Sandra says:

    Who is “Culture of Corruption” party in 2008? Democrats!
    2008 Pelosi husband’s got $99,000 in PAC she vowed to ban.
    2008 Tim Mahoney. Foleys Replacement?
    2007 William Jeferson $80,000.00 in freezer?
    2008 Charley Rangle writes tax codes & didn’t pay taxes?
    2004 – 08 John Murtha, Accused Marines before due Process.
    2008 John Murtha calls own people Rednecks & Racist.
    2008 ACORN Strikes Nevada!
    2008 ACORN Strikes Missouri!
    2008 Stealing The Vote In Pennsylvania… ACORN Once Again!
    2008 ACORN Strikes Again! Bigger than ever, 15 States!
    2008 Chris Dodd Fanny & Freding – Head of Senate Housing
    2008 Barney Frank …… . …… Head of House ……
    2008 VP Nominee Joe Biden. What if Palin said 1/10?
    2008 Joe Biden of the Campain trail, Gaffe, Gaffe x 1000
    2008 Obama, Ayres, Wright, Rezco. etc. etc. etc. etc.
    P.S. Where is Michelle Obama hidding?
    This is 100 times worse than Foley sending text message. and George Allen saying ‘Macaca’ to a Dem plant?
    Who is “Culture of Corruption” party now?
    Where is the MEDIA? Where the Hell is the Media? WAKE UP!

  43. PA_Voter_32 says:

    HAHAHA… everybody knows Colin Powell’s intentions, except Colin Powell.
    Everyone knows Obama’s a socialist, except everyone who’s voting for him.
    How about everyone who is anti-McCain is anti-America.
    Along that vein, I proudly declare McCain’s only against Obama because he’s a KKK-supporter. Don’t believe McCain! He’ll tell you some BS about being good for America. I know /everything/ everyone else is thinking… Sarah Palin wants to force all our children to have extra marital sex, and overload the US welfare machine! They’ll raise your taxes! HENNNNNGGGGHH!!!
    Every Republican who is running for office in West Virginia is ANTI-WEST VIRGINIA.
    Every Republican who hasn’t explicitly said so is PRO-MONARCHY and wants to steal your GUNS.
    Wow, you guys are right. This is fun….

  44. Jeff says:

    Wow. It’s amazing how the Republican readers are not even remotely concerned that the story might need some verification. So here’s the gospel: Obama came to my house last night and explained how he had used mind control to obtain Colin Powell’s endorsement. He also said he had been working really hard to get Mark Foley’s endorsement because that would be of great benefit to him in getting Florida’s electoral votes and improving his image all over the USA. And I almost forgot—Islam becomes our official state religion on January 21st. You know its the truth—I told you it was! What else do you need? Remember, being a Republican means only believing what you want to believe. What a Grand Old Party!

  45. ignatov says:

    Randy: “Oh, and yes our enemies will love us now that we are no longer waterboarding them? That should stop the beheadings right? I can’t wait for Obama to kill the Patriot Act and have L.A. or San Fran wiped off the map because of it! Of course it will be Bush’s fault no doubt.”
    I gave no opinion about the benefits or detriments of abrogating the Constitution. I merely gave examples of it because YOU ASKED FOR THEM.
    imbecile: “Fourthly, he’s against the war. Now he’ll consult Colin Powell on matters. Didn’t Powell pitch the war too.”
    Why do Republicans hate the troops?

  46. DinFLA says:

    Foley has already come out and “deep sixed” this story. Not true. Way to shoot from the hip, Variety. I would say you know better, but…..

  47. Mister Beee says:

    Who the heck is Mark Foley? And why the heck should I care about what he thinks?
    McCain/Palin ’08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Scott says:

    Foley is a queer and Obama and liberals are for queer rights. Of course Foley is for Obama. He is hoping Obama will lower the sex age on men and boys. Foley.. King of NAMBLA.

  49. Mike says:

    I am the silent majority, neither Republican nor Democrat. I am a Christian and I follow the Constitution that many politicians seem to forget and manipulate it for their own personal gain. How oblivious are those who relish in complacency thinking they are invincible. My how ignorance breeds in numbers. Barak has such an eloquent tongue and he is so charming to the masses that follow him. Kinda reminds me of little sheep following their Hearder. No matter where he goes, they follow. This country was formed by men who wanted Freedom, the right to prosper, speak freely among others, their own right to choose. Where did it all change? Where will we be in the next four years? This country cannot fall to a third world and wind up owing other countries it’s very soul that was created by Men who died to protect America. Our freedoms are being taken away a little at a time but, the heard of sheep never sees it because there is too much smoke and mirrors. I pray to GOD, yesterday, today and tomorrow for the ability to withstand this evil oncoming about to take place. Should Obama be elected, I will stand to protect my family and friends from the forces that he will try to “negotiate peace with” while they continue to step up where 9/11 left off. So, to all the little sheep that are following the hearder. Just keep on following. You will make fine sand bags. I just hope their will be enough body bags.

  50. Mark says:

    Erm, sorry Tim – I presumed you were speaking about the pedophile priests, who by definition were not Christians nor Conservatives (unless NAMBLA has been accepted into the Conservative ranks, HA!). As for gay sex, I don’t think that disqualifies anyone from being a Christian anymore than straight sex – if it’s true you’re born one way or the other, then it is what it is, part of the grand design and all of that. I have a couple of very good, integrous, reliable gay friends that I know of, perhaps more I don’t.

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