Angelina Jolie’s Endorsement

It may seem as if most entertainment industry figures are aligning with Barack Obama and just a few with John McCain, but there are still a handful of famous names who are still on the fence. And both campaigns are well aware of one star who stands out among the undecideds: Angelina Jolie.

Both campaigns have reached out to her, apparently to court her support. But in a statement to Variety provided by political adviser Trevor Neilson, Jolie says that she is waiting to make up her mind.

“I have not decided on a candidate,” Jolie says, “I am waiting to see the commitments they will make on issues like international justice, refugees and how to address the needs of children in crisis around the world.”

Unlike many other celebrity endorsements, Jolie’s carries the weight and influence of her extensive humanitarian work around the world, as the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Her statement was an indication that she would be open to choosing a candidate.

That was in evidence earlier this year after her trip to Iraq, when she wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, “Staying to Help in Iraq,” in which she argued that the U.S. should step up financial and material assistance to Iraq — not withdraw from its commitment in the region.

She wrote, “My visit left me even more deeply convinced that we not only have a moral obligation to help displaced Iraqi families, but also a serious, long-term, national security interest in ending this crisis.

“Today’s humanitarian crisis in Iraq — and the potential consequences for our national security — are great. Can the United States afford to gamble that 4 million or more poor and displaced people, in the heart of Middle East, won’t explode in violent desperation, sending the whole region into further disorder?”

“What we cannot afford, in my view, is to squander the progress that has been made.”

She did, however, “call on each of the presidential candidates and congressional leaders to announce a comprehensive refugee plan with a specific timeline and budget as part of their Iraq strategy.”

Her call for a continued U.S. presence left some conservative blogs buzzing that Jolie may in fact endorse McCain — after some had just assumed that she would back Obama.

Jolie has said very little about the presidential race since.

In June, when Entertainment Weekly asked her whether she talked politics with Clint Eastwood, a longtime Republican, on the set of the upcoming movie, “The Changeling,” she said, “Actually, we don’t disagree as much as you’d think. I think people assume I’m a Democrat. But I’m registered independent and I’m still undecided. So I’m looking at McCain as well as Obama.”

Jolie’s father, Jon Voight, has endorsed McCain and recently wrote an op-ed for the Washington Times highly critical of Obama.   

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  7. bore says:

    Julliet. So what?

  8. JEN says:


  9. I think she did. If she had the abdominalplasty done right (as it looks like it did), then she looks and feels great on her own terms. When you’re that successful, it’s totally worth getting it done: Especially when your looks are part of the basis of your stardom.

  10. Michiko says:

    Hello! Hot picture alert! If Paris Hilton is your fave, then I have a website for you to see. Who wants it?

  11. Derek says:

    This woman, I swear, will do ANYTHING to get her narcissistic supply. It’s like filling the Grand Canyon with a water pistol….
    I salute people who get engaged, but she’s in it for all the wrong reasons and has bought into her own larger than life savior complex, which has very little to do with humanitarianism really, and very much with narcissistic self-reflection and “role-playing”…

  12. Meg says:

    For once I think Angelina makes sense.
    It’s time liberals just opened their eyes for a change!

  13. Edna Estareja says:

    Every one have right of their opinion,have to be repected. What ever political party you belong. Who ever be chosen, we remain the same, thats the fact. A wise voters, doesnt really have to vote, because of their party, but choose the right one they believe. Angelina is no exception. Who are we to criticize her, she know better than we do, she expose her self to danger, share her wealth to the poor and homeless. listen to dignitaries,well inform about the reality and facts report from the ground. All workers and official of UNHCR, UN, and other organization are intellegent person. So it right to know a candidate who will support their mission. Can we all avoid war?, other countries are having havoc with their own people, “genocide” in our own place in America we have problem too,people who hate America,Christian, including their own, who believe in democratic country. How long are we dealing with this problem? 10 years, not including the latest news in India. God, have different ways to punish human race. He can wipe out us out in the face of the world. Either by war, storms, fire, famine, flood, etc,etc. Can we do anything about it? Are we worthy to be save from all this distruction. God give us freedom to choice right from wrong, and abortion is killing innocent babeis, only a mother can protect them. (Before I formed you in the womb,I knew you. Before you were born,I dediated you. Jeremiah 1:5) Were protested about soldier dying in war, but we close our eyes, to baby parts bucket by buckets, thrown by women, (right to choice) and Doctors who break their aoth to save life. In this world neither our Good or Bad leaders who lead our nation, can be, GOD, instrument of destruction. God, work in mysterious ways. And we witness this in the past history of the world. all we need is reconcillation, for the good of the whole nation. Be thankful that their is one like Angelina jolie,or other actors, civilian, professional and ordinary people, who volunteer to help,in those war turn countries, who need help. We have no right to judge others, for we too, have our own judgement in life. Lets start peace in our self, and avoid hating each other.

  14. Pepper says:

    I mean Eileen is crazy, not American Veteran. I was looking at the wrong post, my bad!

  15. Pepper says:

    Jake, you are saying that Barack HUSSEIN Obama will go after OSAMA bin Laden? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  16. Pepper says:

    American Veteran is obviously shell-shocked.

  17. Pepper says:

    Lisa, Roe V Wade is already established, McCain could have done nothing to change that anyway. Besides, Angelina obviously loves children, maybe she doesn’t believe in murdering them. Does that make her a bad person????? Is anyone a bad person who wants to make sure that babies have a chance at life, and aren’t just murdered because a woman decides she doesn’t want a baby at the moment??? Abortion should NEVER be used as birth control!!!

  18. Nyocean says:

    Ditto to what caligrrrrrl just said. And to those who “don’t care” what celebrities do or say, please…you are commenting on Variety, obviously to an article you cared to read and give some thought.
    I just caught Jolie’s Changeling and it seems to me that her feelings about the situation and Iraq and a likely Obama-leaning endorsement are immensely important. She actually does hold an official position with the UNHCR–and apparently the attention of an international audience, including those of us who care or dare to say so here.
    If you haven’t seen it already, go for it. Clint Eastwood might surprise you. The Jolie vote is pretty powerful…and this is the movie’s opening weekend, right before Election Tuesday. While you’re at it, check SNL from last night, and there you have it. Does it make a difference? Check it out and add it all up…

  19. caligrrrrrl says:

    Geez, I can understand any of you disagreeing with her, but why the vicious personal attacks?
    You’ve got to give this girl some damn credit, for wading through the Hollywood/Beverly Hills bullshit she grew up with, and finding her own way. Sure, she had her stumbles, but she’s grown and become a bright, shining example for girls everywhere, who look to her humanitarian work as inspiration.
    It may or may not matter who a celebrity endorses, to many people, but that doesn’t mean that you have to put them down, for speaking their mind, or endorsing whoever they feel like endorsing.
    A celebrity is a citizen too, and they have every right to voice their opinion. It doesn’t make that opinion any less valid, because fame is attached to it. Frankly, I admire those, who put their fame to good use, by using it to help their pet causes.
    From the gun activism of Chuck Heston, to the anti-war shenanigans of Sean Penn, they’re just doing what they feel is the right thing – for them – to do, and who the hell are any of you to condemn them, for speaking their mind, and using whatever platform they have, to get their message out.
    My bet is, Angelina goes Obama. She may be a one or two issue voter, but my bet is, if she does her research, she’ll find out, that McCain’s policies will create more refugees and even more strife around the world, with more war on his horizon in Georgia, Russia, etc.
    She has already hinted that she likes what Obama had to say, about Darfur.
    So, we’ll see.
    Does it really matter? No, not really. But that doesn’t mean you have to put her down and tear her apart, just because you have your unsubstantiated notions about her.
    She’s a good mother, and she does good work, around the world. So lay off.
    Thank you.

  20. fdjeklfea says:

    I can’t stand it when people say republicans take away a womens right to choose. They take away your right to go slut around and then kill your baby? your a retard, go buy some condoms.

  21. MoniBuni says:

    But the democrats are honest and not slinging mud…right???
    Are you that dillusional on the koolaid that good ol Barack has you convinced of that??? Do you NOT read or watch tv????

  22. MoniBuni says:

    You are ALL selfish and clueless if you think you can blame Bush for the economy or war. This administration is just doing what WE ask for. You might not realize it..but WE asked for an exchange in blood for oil. We do it EVERYDAY…as we drive our SUVs and leave our lights on all day and night and consume, consume, consume! We seem to want it all….peace and no oil from the middle east…but no off-shore drillin. Yet we don’t stop driving…even with gas so expensive. We bitch but don’t do much about it.
    Atleast Angelina and Bradd are not humping on the KOOLAID bandwagon and DOING instead of talking. Like that idiot Madonna…wearing leather but bitching about Palin killing moose. Again…we can’t have it both ways people.
    GET IT???
    McCain/Palin 08!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. MoniBuni says: least McCain believes a woman can be in the White House…that sexist Obama does not.
    I say “Jolie/Pitt in 2012”

  24. bar ROCK says:


  25. IT TAKES A VILLAGE says:

    there is a huge difference between communism and socialism and shame on the republicans for inciting uneducated people to think of it as the same or somehow dangerous. its ludicrous.
    most “western civilized technologically advanced civil societies, and many others have a much more socialized government than we do…. italy, france, england, europe in general, canada, costa rica…. have socialized medicine, education and programs that take care of the disadvantaged and the middle class, and are strong democracies.
    we all need to put country first and stop thinking of how we can hog the most wealth in our own pocket. the french tax system in consequence caps peoples profits by 250,000 because if you make more than that, you are taxed a huge deal more, but that hasn’t stopped businesses from inventing and booming there. obama’s tax plan taxes people that make more than 250k at a higher rate, so that our society as a whole can run better, but mccain wants to keep the huge tax breaks for billionaires and transnational corporations who do not pay their fair share as it is., how can our country run well on the backs of middleclass taxpayers that work 2 jobs just to live paycheck by paycheck.
    im in a high income bracket, but i do not mind because i can afford it for the good and safety of our nation as a whole. I could not sleep at nite if I made 5 million this year and barely paid any taxes while someone’s grandmother or some abused child had no health care or programs to defy the bad influences around her so she can have a fair shot at developing well in life.
    liberal has always meant you have a conscience and care about others who suffer, besides your own pocketbook but somehow the right tries to turn it into some bad word. its almost ludicrous.
    the republicans have tricked all these poor folks by trying to scare them – so much that they vote for a party that votes in a way that harms thier own families, income, taxes and opportunities. if you dont own a jet, they do not vote in your financial interest. and the last 8 years have shown us that thier trickle down theory , that somehow we will all benefit from their breaks on huge corporations the the ultra wealthy, has really just shown us that 8 years of that only trickles chaos down for all of us.
    the right want the gov to stay out of their business, but yet wants to tell a woman what she can do with her own body, the right wants to force everyone to believe that abortion is murder even though science tells you the opposite. its ok for you to believe what your religions wants to tell you but respect that others have different or no religious beliefs and believe differently. you wouldn’t want government to tell you cant do something based upon some other religious belief, like Islamic would you?
    it takes a village my friend., and we all have to get along and live together with our differences, so the best chance we have is to provide room for others to exercise what they believe in as long as it doesn’t hurt others. this notion is not new, it is ingrained in the concepts of liberty, the pursuit of freedom, in our Constitution, the greatest most sustaining foundational document ever. if the government does not work to take care of us and stop the uber wealthy from getting away with not paying their fair share, they are not living up to their end of our social contract with them. we pay our taxes, they need to provide oversight and regulate for our interest.
    obama + biden = dream team

  26. go ahead angie/brad! says:

    SECONDLY- unfortunately celebrities opinions carry alot of weight whether or not they are good opinions. Jolie/pitt have used their celebrity status and money for the best purposes that status could provide- an opportunity to help those in need. and they have earned legitimacy because they are in touch and bring to light real, meaningful challenging causes in plighted areas, they are not just rich people giving out lollipops and toys to smiling clean kids with some fuzzy soft charity, they are in the grunt of it, and work consistently to bring attention to areas neglected by the mainstream. that shows depth of thought, and understanding. you have to admire that esp. considering that other privileged people wont take time to understand deeper complex world issues and instead just donate money to touchy feely charities from thier fancy fund raising dinners.
    my point is that they should be respected and she seems to have developed into a true caring intellectual – its not her fault her dad is a looney and raised her in his crazy ways, she has broken out hopefully completely into her own person we admire now. BRAD IS PRO OBAMA, I NOW ANGELINA MUST BE ALSO BECAUSE SHE CARES ABOUT POOR FOLKS ALL OVER THE WORLD, AND REPUBLICANS ARE SELFISH INTOLERANT NUTS.

  27. Andrew says:

    Of course Americans care what Angelina Jolie thinks. It’s the most star-struck culture in the world. They’ll even vote for actors for President or Governor just because they speak well. For that is the essence of American politics. Avoid substance. Either look and talk in a slick manner or attack your opponents no-holds-barred. I love how American politicians try to smear each other through guilt by association. Obama was in the same room with a muslim the other day. Oh my god. He must be a muslim! You can’t trust him!
    I read a poll the other day that stated that 6% of Americans would vote for Obama if only he were white? 6% of 300 million people is 18 million people, which is slightly larger than the entire combined populations of Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
    What amazes me is how a country so rich and powerful is filled with so many ignorant people. Maybe if the monthly billions spent on a war based on a lie had been earmarked for education instead, you might actually get more intelligent voters.
    I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.

  28. Lisa - AZ Independent, for McCain! says:

    There is nothing wrong with thinking BEFORE deciding on who you want to be president. To call her names just because she’s not decided on voting for your candidate IS ignorant. I also think it is reasonable to take a topic you care very much about (such a Jolie on refugees/children across the world) and take each candidate and rationalize what might happen to your cause with that candidate in office. It’s not just about one topic, but if you care about a particular topic more so than the others, of course that is going to be a major deciding factor. This is her life’s work, and I’m thankful she is one of the few celebrity personalities not jumping on anybody’s emotional bandwagon. I do care what she thinks, I care what any rational thinking American has to say. At least she’s off her ass trying to do something good with her life. If you make time to try to bring someone you don’t even know down with snide comments on an article like this to make yourself feel important maybe you should ask yourself – what am I doing with my life? Kudos to Angie!

  29. Sara says:

    I hope Angelina Jolie votes for John McCain, if she does than she will have more brains than anyone stupid enough to vote for Obama. Reason: #1 Barack Obama will destroy all of the U.S. Nuclear weapons AND THEN ask the other countries to destroy theirs. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, especially our enemies. #2, Barack Obama is for the killing of newborn babies. (He cares more about saving a man/woman who raped and murdered men and women and children, more than he does infants lives. He is for Infanticide if you don’t know what this is, it is after a woman has gone the full 9 months she can make the doctors throw her baby into a closet and let it stay there until it dies. Next he is also for Partial birth abortion which delivers the baby breach but holds the babies head in the uterus of the mother (AFTER THE FULL 9months) and then they stick a FORK IN THE BABIES HEAD and try and kill it, after that to make sure the baby is dead they shove a tube up the hole that they made with the fork and suck the babies brains out.
    OH YEAH I definitely want a person who wants women/men who kill people to go free, to be my president, and one that is more for a women’s right to choose and thinks babies are a curse. Being for abortion doesn’t help the sex issue, KILLING A BABY doesn’t help the sex issue, all it does is gives women/men more opportunities to say, “I can do whatever I want, even kill a person and I can walk away”.
    Not to mention that Barack Obama has a Brother who makes $12 a year, and he has dismissed him, and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. Barack Obama IS RICH, he has gotten rich also off of the HIGH OIL PRICES AS WELL. OUR ENEMIES WANT BARACK OBAMA TO BE PRESIDENT. So seriously how stupid are you to vote for someone who will dismiss you just like he does his own family, just like he did his Grandmother, and his Brother, and his Pastor who he treated and thought of as a Brother.
    Get a clue America, he is a smooth talker, and he MAY SEEM like he is for the poor and middle class, but that is only to get elected, and once he does, HE WILL DESTROY THIS COUNTRY AND EVERYONE IN IT.
    I hope Jolie endorses McCain, it will be one of the smartest moves she will/would make, considering, I am sure that IF anyone wants to see their children grow up, MCCAIN IS THE WAY TO GO, otherwise Obama will open up America for attack with his get rid of our Military and weapons policy that he plans on enforcing, BEFORE HE goes to our ENEMIES and asks them to get rid of theirs. WAKE UP PEOPLE, OUR ENEMIES won’t do that, they will probably shoot Barack Obama in the head, and then bomb us with their nuclear weapons after that, and WE WILL BE DEFENSELESS because of STUPID IDIOT Barack Obama who wants CHANGE (not change for the good, change for the ULTIMATE WORST). His church was/is racist and so is he. He CHOSE ON HIS OWN FREE WILL to go to that church that preaches that African Americans are treated like crap, and that whites treat everyone like crap, that isn’t how you bring peace to a country.
    ANGELINA, I know you love children, and if you do, Barack Obama will get rid of anyone and everyone out of Iraq and leave those people defensless, not to mention leave our country defenseless as well. PLEASE VOTE MCCAIN, and I hope everyone else does too, especially if you want to see your children grow up.

  30. wtf says:

    What the hell is up with angelina? I just lost all respect for her now that she is ‘undecided’ about who to vote for. That is pathetic.

  31. julia says:

    ANGELINA adopt children from over the world and SHE PLAYS THE ROLE OF WOMEN ENGAGED and aware of the world around her, but she can not even say for whom she will vote?
    or it is completely stupid and THEIR PREGNANCIES HAD EATEN THE BRAIN … Poor lara !!!

  32. Sara says:

    I hope Angelina does vote and endorse John McCain, and for ONE MAJOR REASON….. She wants to save lives and so does McCain. Obama however is in favor of letting babies lay in a closet after they are born and die. He says it is because of a Women’s right to choose and that a women is smart enough to choose what is best for her…. WELL that is BULL*&^$. Women’s right to choose, shouldn’t she be smart enough to keep her legs closed if she didn’t want to get pregnant, OR get her tubes tied. I say IF A WOMAN decides to spread her legs than she should pay the consequences and go the full term THEN give it up for adoption…. ABORTION IS KILLING A CHILD. Whoever aborts a baby should go to jail. Even Barack Obama on FATHER’S DAY said that a Father becomes a Father at conception, and then he is in favor of aborting a child, and letting a women after she has gone fullterm to just throwing it in a closet.
    I SAY— ANYONE who endorses Barack Obama and votes for him, is just as much a murderer as a person who murders his wife, or someone else. ANGELINA JOLIE VOTE MCCAIN, if you don’t YOU DON’T HAVE BRAINS. If democrats had any brains they would be Republican.

  33. Rebecca says:

    I too greatly admire Angelina. The truth is that there are a lot of issues involved in this election, not just a woman’s right to choose (and it is a bit insulting to assume that every woman would be a single-issue voter on that matter).
    Angelina’s perspective is one informed from living overseas and experiencing the impact of U.S. foreign policy directly. I think that her opinion is at least as relevant as any citizen who has lived abroad. I applaud her for taking the time to do her research, because like it or not, her opinion will sway the opinions of millions of Americans, just as Oprah’s does.
    With great power comes great responsibility. Good for you, Angelina.

  34. NY Dem says:

    Good for her! She’s not the only one in Hollywood that doesn’t blindly support Obama or the way this primary has been conducted. There are many more, she’s just been the only one brave enough to say it. If a miracle happens and Clinton gets the nomination this will be a moot point. But I appreciate her going against the grain. ROCK ON ANGELINA!

  35. Laughing lion says:

    So many comments, Ange is popular enough to love and hate, what a superbly balanced personality she must have. I just love her even more than ever now….

  36. Kathryn says:

    I have skimmed the comments and believe the speculation as to whether Ms. Jolie will endorse, if any one, Senator McCain or Senator Obama greatly mirrors my own dilema of who to vote for come election time.
    I am deeply concerned about world issues (Irag, North Vietnam, illegal immigration issues to name a few.) National safety is a huge issue for me.
    I am also concerned about the economic state of our country and the safety and well being of my family here in America. I still believe in the American Dream and want the opportunity to pursue it.
    I am not blind to the sufferig in the world and would like to see children and refugees helped by our country. The sadness in this world is heartbreaking and the world gets smaller every day.
    I completely support women’s right to choose and want protection of equal rights for all.
    The problem is that neither candidate addresses all of these issues to my satisfaction. So I don’t know who to vote for either. No one cares who I endorse and even if they did, I would opt out.
    So will an endorsement from Ms. Jolie change my vote? I doubt it. She just demonstrates that for many people neither candidate is clearly the better leader for this great nation. Ms. Jolie indecision is an example of the complexity of the issues and the choices we have as candidates this election.
    But remember to vote. This is an important election so make sure your voice is heard.

  37. Liana says:

    For those who dismiss the importance of Ms. Jolie’s vote, you set aside the importance of your vote as well. While we have every right to make our own decisions and have our own expectations, shouldn’t we still respect others? You vote for who you want to vote for – let everyone else do the same based on the issues each person views as priorities in this election based on their own experiences and beliefs. Should she go against what she believes to please you? It is about time we grow up.

  38. lala says:

    I for one would like to know who she would endorse. It’s not because I would be swayed, but because I hold her to a higher standard than the usual empty-headed hollywood stars/wannabe stars who’ll vote democrat for no particular reason. I view Angelina as a truly independent mind who does her homework and makes decisions that are very well thought-out.
    She is what I believe to be someone who will put away partisan non-sense aside, to achieve most good for her cause. If only a handfull of the clueless hollywood crowd would follow her example, we could have less embarassment to deal with.

  39. HHHAHAHAH says:

    OH Please, who cares. She is a regular American voter just like the rest of us. Why should her decision matter more than the other American voters.

  40. Kisha Simons says:

    Now that the candidates are set for the US Presidential Election, Barack Obama and John McCain are beginning to set the tone for their campaign. Furthermore, the GOP base is not even warming up to mccain (of course, i could be wrong) and even though it’s still early in the game, this just proves to show how we see our candidates to-date. i know i will get burned for this, but i think mccain is a warmonger. i get the impression that he doesn’t care to what happens to our troops in the middle east and the other parts of the world. Can’t we just all get along? Also I found these side-by-side videos entitled “Presidential Campaign TV Ads Getting a Little Nasty!, which the McCain’s New TV Ad on Obama’s ‘Celebrity’ like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and The Democratic TV Ad on McCain: Are We Better Off? Well, sooner or later you knew it had to start! The media is begging for it and the people want to see some fight in their candidates. So here ya go…and I am sure this is only the beginning in

  41. Jaree says:

    Wow! We as Americans are so SPOILED! We think times are tough, “ohh the gas prices” really people…have you been to other countries? Do you understand how blessed we are to be in this great country? On our worst day, it’s nothing like what the Iraqis go through on a day to day basis. Or any other third world country for that matter. We need to stop acting like spoiled little BRATS! Grow up and realize, it’s really not that bad. My vote is for McCain. He is a stand up man, and being from Illinois, Obama has done nothing to improve the state, matter of fact it’s just the opposite.

  42. Kay says:

    *I’m glad I’m NOT a blind and hateful left-winger anymore.

  43. Kay says:

    How funny!
    An article suggests that Angelina Jolie MIGHT be more likely to support McCain than Obama.
    Lo and behold, a crowd of terrified liberals arrive dutifully to make nasty, spiteful comments about her:
    ‘backdoor cuunt’
    ‘Piss off and stay to acting’
    ‘stole someone’s husband’ (I can see why you’d believe that if all you read are gossip magazines)
    ‘big tits make you a create Playboy model, NOT anyone of any political value AT ALL!’
    [sic] x 10.
    I just saw those comments by skimming the page. I’m sure I missed some even nicer ones.
    If this article had been reporting that Jolie was supporting Obama:
    a) None of you liberals would be here saying that her opinion doesn’t matter; you would have been quietly pleased and moved on.
    b) You wouldn’t find a group of McCain supporters here saying ‘She’s just a whore with big tits, she’s not allowed an opinion’.
    On the internet, where you can more or less hide your identity, the true nature of liberals comes to show. They are among the most vicious and hateful people I’ve ever seen online, and it’s disgusting. I’m glad a blind and hateful left-winger anymore. I understand the mindset, and it isn’t healthy.
    As a sidenote, if her favour didn’t matter, neither of the campaigns would be seeking it, and her being an actress does not mean she is any less educated about politics than you are.

  44. Dr Marie Etienne says:

    re: Ming. Frankly I found your comment patronising that – “their statements can lead to greater awareness of the public which in turn MAY generate change.” Moreover, that “then so too should we respect the views of a golfer, a tennis player or an actor or director, if they make sense to us”.
    If her views ‘make sense to you’ – then yes, I would agree – go right ahead and listen to their opinions. However, and this is what you seem to be missing – there IS no indication that in any real sense (apart from greater box-office clout) that she, and, for example, George Clooney et al. do affect change in any real way. But then, I rather feel I am wasting my time. It would be as if, you, working as a surgeon, tried to tell me that, in fact, the success of ER or Grey’s Anatomy did not, in fact, lead to any greater changes within the US health service.
    This ongoing discussion is ridiculous. It is pointless me trying to point out anything that diverts from the US view that celebrities=importance. However, please (I urge you) don’t take my ‘patronising’ comments as truth – start researching, and reading and working within the field of international development and see what you find.
    Indeed, in the meantime I’ll let my friends/collegues working in Sudan know – that while, for example, the issues in Sudan are incredibly complex (British history of colonization, Islamic fundamentalism, repatriation of southern Sudanese from refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia, the links between the LRA and SPLA, the fact that Darfur is bigger than France alone, the split within the SLPA re secular governance, the death of John Garang, mixed in with malnutrition, gender and tribal issues etc etc – and that the Khartoum govt is widely influenced by Chinese funds) – that they should not worry – and the ongoing diplomatic and other work taking place on a daily basis is not really necessary – as it is Extremely likely that the Sudanese (who have almost no links or history of dependency/development with the US) will, in fact, give a damn what some US actor says. Although, given that I am not American, and most international staff are not – again, I’ll have to check they even know who these US ‘demi-gods’ are.

  45. Di says:

    1. Who cares what Angelina Jolie thinks? What does she really know? She’s a spokesperson, not an expert. Whose votes does she bring? Is anybody going to support McCain just because Angelina likes him? 2. Why would a woman who claims to support orphans and refugees support a candidate (McCain) whose policies have created thousands of both and who will create even more in the future? 3. How can a woman with daughters vote for a man who will destroy their right to chose? 4. How can a person with a Black daughter consider voting for a man who repeatedly voted against the Martin Luther King holiday and against renewing the voting rights act?
    The fact that I even have to ask these questions means that this woman is not as smart as we have been giving her credit for? Angelina should make movies not tell us how to vote.

  46. L. says:

    WHO CARES? Just because she adopts a kid from every country doesn’t mean she’s any smarter than other celebrities. She almost never endorses candidates anyways.

  47. lala says:

    Gay rights and starvation in third world countries are not equivalent/comparable by any standard. Even if a marriage license weren’t granted to gay couples, their lives are not on stake. Either you are blinded by
    what the media and the Obama camp wnats you to believe, or just gay and extremely self-centered.

  48. Chelsea9018 says:

    Bravo to Pam re:
    “Carries her 2nd husbands blood in a vial around her neck, cuts herself to feel alive, makes out with her brother on the red carpet, sleeps with and becomes involved with, a married man. PLEASE ANGELINA, run, don’t walk, McCain needs you…”.
    If Obama is relying on her endorsement then his campaign must really be in trouble. The backdoor cuunt is going to sell her endorsement to the highest bidder so she can buy herself another 3rd world kid. Don’t go to the darkside, Obama.

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