Say Farewell to Frau Blucher

Leachman_cloris A heartbroken Cloris Leachman says she’s not to play Frau Blucher in Mel Brooks’ musicalized “Young Frankenstein.”

Cloris  reports she was given that word in a letter from director Susan Stroman (“The Producers”). “I was told they don’t want to go like the movie” — in which Cloris created the Frau Blucher character in 1974. At her 60th anni-in-the-biz party, Oct.5, 2006 at the Fogo de Chao resaurant, Mel Brooks said of the musical, “Cloris is going to steal the show — all she has to do is walk on the stage — she’ll bring the house down.” Mel even warbled a few bars from the upcomng show.

Cloris was invited to N.Y. to audition. She thought they loved her. Then came the note from Stroman. Cloris asked me to look at a “Save Frau Blucher” website: “The producers want to keep the film and the Broadway project separate and have told Cloris her services were not long needed. Are they kidding?! Cloris Leachman IS ‘Frau Blucher!.” I couldn’t reach Mel Brooks today — he’s in Vegas checking out his “The Producers” troupe playing there.

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  5. I haven’t been up to much recently, but whatever. I just don’t have much to say lately. Basically nothing happening to speak of. So it goes. My mind is like a complete blank. Such is life.

  6. Ted says:

    If old Mel still owns the white monstrosity perched above the Riviera CC fairway, a well place nine iron shot can break at least some of his hoity-toity egoistic windows.

  7. Wm. says:

    Actually, I heard a rumor from someone in contact with Andrea Martin that she’d gotten a call about playing the role several months ago. Not surprising, since she worked with Susan Strohman on Oklahoma. But, as much as I love Ms Martin’s work and think she’s a terrific choice, the idea of seeing Ms. Leachman not only recreate one of her most famous characterizations, but also get a chance to sing (which she does quite well!), had me excited about seeing the musical. Now? Not so much…

  8. Dave says:

    Are they crazy? I mean honestly. Are they crazy? C’mon, Young Frahnkenshtone without the beautiful and talented Ms. Leachman is just not possible.
    I loved The Producers (the stage version and the original movie, not the remake) but would probably make a point of not seeing it on the Great White Way if this ignorant casting decision is left to stand.

  9. Bruce says:

    They should definitely keep the stage show and movie separate. YF (film) is a classic; if YF (stage) flops, it won’t have tarnished the film at all.
    There has to be some other vehicle for Ms. Leachman these days!

  10. Bob Beanis says:

    After sweeping the Tonys and Lane’s and Broderick’s departure, “The Producers” went down the toilet proving that the material wasn’t as strong as all thought. If I were the creative team behind “Young Frankenstein” I’d make nice-nice with the fantastic Ms. Leachman and keep her in the wings… She may be needed to rescue this show during its run!

  11. Dan Kane says:

    Uhh…Mel Brooks told Steve Friess of “The Strip” podcast ( that Cloris was out two weeks ago. He also put it in his report for Newsweek. Keep up!

  12. Lisa says:

    I just saw the lovely Cloris Leachman at a restaurant Monday evening and could not get over her beauty and youthful vibrance. She stopped at our table so we could tell her this and she was so gracious and classy. Now I hear that she will not have a chance to reprise her role on Broadway!? This is a shame to hear and I hope you do get thru to Mr. Brooks to tell him it’s a mistake not to put her in the show and his fans are hoping this decision will be reversed.
    Thank you!

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