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“How I Met Your Mother”: Obsession with body parts

This week is a grand time for TV fans in not only do we get to check out the new TV entries but it gives fans a chance to come back to some favorites and catch up with old friends.

That’s why I was excited about last night’s premiere of “How I Met Your Mother.” I’ve always felt “Mother” was current day comfort food. The way some thought of “Friends” is how I relate to “Mother.” I like to hang out with the gang.Mother_2

By episode’s end, however, I felt like I would’ve preferred to wait longer for a better episode than the one offered.

“Mother” has never been a show filled with belly laughs or gut-busting guffaws, but that’s OK. It’s more about the little light-hearted digs the kids — and since they’re all younger than me, they’re officially kids — take at one another.

And while the writing has always been been sharp and clever, it felt somewhat lazy last night. Specifically, there were a reference to a woman’s chest that seemed unnecessary, then that same character tossed out a vagina reference that seemed a bit gratuitous and then Robin, at the end of the show, talked about how Ted is “bigger” than her new boyfriend.

Now, I’m far from a prude but suggestive and lewd lingo might work on “Rules of Engagement” but it hasn’t made “Mother” a show with a hardcore group of fans. Maybe it’s not an exceptionally large group of fans (see Rick Kissell’s story on Monday night ratings) but they’re a dedicated bunch and the ones I spoke to this morning felt, for the most part, the same way as me.

By the way, there were some elements that worked well. Loved the slap bet countdown after the credits and Ted partially shaving as he’s getting ready to hit the bar was good stuff too.

Hey, despite my complaints I’m still on board, season pass firmly set. Here’s just hoping the season premiere was  just an out-of-the-gate miscue.

— Stuart Levine

(Ed. note: My season pass was canceled last night. — KL)

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