Jon Weisman joined Variety as Associate Editor in Features in September 2006, after freelancing for the department for three years. Previously, Weisman had approximately a dozen half-hour scripts produced for television, principally aimed at children. He also chronicles the ups and downs of a certain local baseball franchise at Dodger Thoughts. He has had a TV set of his own ever since he was 4 years old, and “Hill Street Blues” remains the best thing it has ever shown.

30 Rock: So many good lines  — the show has really found itself.
American Idol: I’ve gone past feeling guilty about it.  But how I wish I could get those hours back.
Big Love: Still HBO’s best and most underappreciated show.
Breaking Bad: Features a great lead character played by a great lead actor, Bryan Cranston.
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Occasionally too cynical, but mostly just really funny.
The Daily Show: How do they do it four days a week?  More comedy than I have time to watch.
Damages: Melodramatic and not particularly interesting from a character standpoint, but addictive.
Entourage: Has never lived up to is hype in my mind, but I always watch.
Flight of the Conchords: Sign me up for the soundtrack.
Friday Night Lights: Not even Landry’s killing could tear this show away from me.
House: The only procedural I seem to be watching.  It may be formula, but I never get tired of how they execute it.
How I Met Your Mother: I’d almost call this a guilty pleasure.  It’s a sweet show but sort of superficial.
In Treatment: Occasionally vexing, but worth the commitment.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: This one’s anything but superficial.  Makes “Curb” seem tame.
King of the Hill: After all these years, still solid.
Lost: I’ve never lost the faith, not once. 
Mad Men: I adore this show more than words can say.
Northern Exposure: Reruns on San Bernadino PBS Channel 24 are often the best thing showing on a given night.
The Office: I devour this show as well. My only season pass that’s programmed to record all reruns.
Reaper: Regained its stride post-strike.
Rescue Me: I’m a latecomer to this show, so if there’s been a dropoff, I haven’t noticed.
Scrubs: It has declined, but I continue watching out of habit.
The Simpsons: Don’t watch every episode, don’t like every episode I watch, but I’m not ready to cut the cord.

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