Thriller premieres at Village Theater

HOLLYWOOD — Though it’s been a scary summer for horror movies (auds aren’t exactly flocking to the genre), filmmakers were whistling past the graveyard at Tuesday’s Village theater preem for Dimension’s “1408.”

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura agreed the horror market got saturated. “There wasn’t enough differentiation within the genre,” he said, but argued that his pic “went for character and emotion to be the driving force behind why you get scared.”

(As for the pic’s scare level, one guest had the nicely descriptive line: “A good little jab of fright.”)

The Weinstein Co.’s Weinstein the Elder deferred all questions to Weinstein the Younger (“It’s Bob’s night. It’s Bob’s night”) but Harvey did fill in on his support of Hillary Clinton: “She’s going to win. You see the polls in New Hampshire? She’s cleaning all their clocks.”

Dimension topper Bob Weinstein was seated on a couch at the W after-party where he seemed confident about “1408’s” difference-maker: “Stephen King‘s brand of horror is unique. It’s character and thought driven.”

And then there was the key detail that took the fright out of making the film.

“It cost $25 million,” he said. “Anything over $30 million and we make a profit.”

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