Certainly US television has come a long way from “The Untouchables” and Efrim Zimbalist Jr.’s “The FBI,” but perhaps the victims so easily dispatched in “The Sopranos” require more fleshing out as to their vulnerability and pathos to make the show more meaningful. – Variety subscriber

It was the best drama ever because of its effect on television today. Pre-“Sopranos” television was second-class to film, never holding a candle to it in quality or viewers. The influence of “The Sopranos” inspired most of the quality dramas on television today in one form or another. – Variety subscriber

Was “The Sopranos” the best TV drama ever? Absolutely. Since it burst onto the scene 8 years ago, every other drama on TV has been running to catch up to the bus. David Chase and the unbelievable corps of writers, actors, cameramen, sound technicians, etc, took the word “gratuitous” and injected it full of steroids and cocaine, and then unleashed that monster on the tried and true “7 Deadly Sins”…the result was pure carnal bliss. And all of this was nothing more than the “hook” that kept bringing us back week after week, season after season, so we could witness the true magic of David Chase’s genius… the combination of the best writing and the best ensemble acting ever… – Variety subscriber

Too broad a question. I’d personally say “Six Feet Under” was the best HBO drama ever. I’d say “The Rockford Files” was the best David Chase drama ever, maybe the best drama period (but not serialized at all). “Twin Peaks” was the most visually powerful drama ever. “The Sopranos” isn’t over yet. If it ends as powerfully as “Six Feet Under” did, it will be one of those rare shows that stands above petty comparisons.

It has never compromised, and it’s never pulled punches. It’s told us we were a bunch of greedy hypocrites who waste the human souls languishing inside of us, and we’ve applauded, while enjoying the nude scenes and the bad language. It’s one of a kind, and mediocre shows like “The Black Donnellys” only go to prove that. – Variety subscriber

No! I prefer Rome. – Variety subscriber

Was Sopranos the best drama ever? I would have said yes until very recently when I saw The Black Donnellys. Even though it is only a few episodes in, I am willing to say that Black Donnellys takes the prize for best ever. – Variety subscriber

Close. But it’s no “Deadwood.” – Variety subscriber

No. In my opinion, “Oz” was the best drama ever. – Variety subscriber

Nope. Six Feet Under and Carnivale were MUCH better! – Variety subscriber

Not sure. It really depends on how they decide to end it. – Screenwriter

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