As long as the sequel strengthens the franchise, hits its target, and keeps the audience wanting more…why not?

What is becoming the norm is “restarting” a franchise and calling it a rebirth or begining or prequel or simply a remake. In my opinion this is better then a machine churning out sequels, slapping a “2,” “3” or “4” at the end of the name and releasing it for a quick buck. There are some sequels coming out this summer that look well made, such as “Spider-Man 3” and “28 Weeks Later.” – Variety subscriber

As long as the sequel is a tried and true tentpole (ex. “Spider-Man 3”), sequels are lucrative cash cows for Hollywood. – Variety subscriber

It’s not good, nor bad. It’s just boring. – screenwriter

Bad. If Hollywood is too busy making sequels, it means it isn’t focusing its attention on finding or creating really exciting original content. It’s the diversity that makes this industry so exciting and it’s the risk-taking that yields the greatest rewards in the end for audiences and filmmakers alike. – screenwriter

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