Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling. -Variety subscriber

What Clint Eastwood accomplished no other director has ever. Long after “The Departed” has been relegated to the “What-was-the-name-of-that-picture?” category, “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Letters From Iwo Jima” will be remembered for giving us a feeling for what it must have been like among the trenches without the intrusion of the director’s personal politics. Eastwood and Spielberg are a formidable duo but it won’t be enough to defeat “The Departed,” Oscar’s darling. -Variety subscriber

It won’t win, but “The Queen” is the best of the five picture nominees. My wife and I saw it three times over 15 days and found more and more in it each time. My wife rarely sees a film more than once, and she was initially reluctant to see “The Queen,” but on this occasion she was the one pushing for the multiple viewings. If Helen Mirren doesn’t get the Oscar for best actress, AMPAS should close down.

Peter Morgan’s script also should be a winner, but I doubt he will get it. I have a feeling “Little Miss Sunshine” will get the best pic Oscar. It was a film I looked forward to, but it didn’t go

anywhere after the first 10 minutes. The scriptwriters didn’t know what to do with the characters and the directors showed that they have a lot to learn. What made it enjoyable was the ensemble cast. With a lesser cast, it could have been a disaster.

Oh, and Martin Scorsese for best director. He’s overdue and “The Departed” shows he is still well and truly with us after almost four decades. -Variety subscriber

Let me cast my vote for “The Departed.” My biggest wish is that “Dreamgirls” is ignored by the voters. -casting director

The most exciting Oscar nomination is Jackie Earl Haley as supporting actor in “Little Children”. The film (unfortunately) was only shown in a handful of theaters across the country, but his performance was outstanding and deserves the recognition.-Variety subscriber

More often than not the films and performers I am cheering on don’t make it to the podium. This year, I hope at least one gets there…Jackie Earle Haley in “Little Children”. I just feel it was the most complex and honestly performed role in its category. Also, honestly do not understand all of the “Dreamgirls” hype…good movie, yes…Oscar worthy? -Variety subscriber

  1. What happened to Brad Pitt getting nominated for best supporting in “Babel”? His performance was passionate and moving, which is far more than I can say for Eddie Murphy’s first attempt at a somewhat dramatic role.

  2. How did Leonardo DiCaprio get nominated for “Blood Diamond” in the actor category when his performance in “The Departed” was the more Oscar-worthy one, in that he was the thread which held together the other performances. His best work yet.

  3. Why on earth does the Academy insist on wasting a nomination on a child (especially her first performance), who, for the most part, has a more easier time on camera than an adult does? It’s insulting to those adult actors who have spent years learning to do what a child does naturally. This is what winning an Oscar is about. So, in my opinion, nominating a child defies everything a person in this business works for.

  4. Why have an animated category when there are only three films to choose from?

  5. Tom Stern should have been nominated for cinematography for “Letters from Iwo Jima.”

  6. Thank god they did something right….NOT nominating “Dreamgirls” for best picture. Loved it…but this is not worthy of such.

Thank you for giving us, the reader, the opportunity to voice our opinions. Maybe it will help to shape next years Oscars. -filmmaker/actress

Forrest Whitaker is a fine actor, but I must say I would not go to see a movie about Idi Amin no matter the inducement.

Helen Mirren was superb in “The Queen”. In my opinion hers was the best performance I saw in ’06 -Variety subscriber

“The Lives of Others,” the German entry in the foreign film category is a masterpiece, especially, for a first time director. -Variety subscriber

Forest Whitaker’s performance is completely captivating. It was a pleasant surprise to watch him carry a movie himself and be transported to Africa for a couple of hours – I enjoyed the trip and he deserves an award for his award-winning performance. -producer

I would love to see Jennifer Hudson to win because it shows that either you have IT or you don’t. She’s pretty and has not gone to professional acting classes trying to learn how to act. She’s a natural.

Of course, Eddie Murphy is definitely a natural and deserves to win. Who else can portray different characters so brilliantly and with such ease? -Variety subscriber

I think that “The Departed” should win, although “Little Miss Sunshine” was a very sweet movie.

I think that Scorsese should finally win best Director.

There were not that many good films in 06. -Variety subscriber

Best director: Martin Scorsese. It’s time for him to win!

Best actor: Leonardo DiCaprio. He is magnificent in the role! -Variety subscriber

I was elated that “Letters From Iwo Jima” made it into the Best Picture category. Not only is it the best film Clint Eastwood has directed thus far, it is also one of the all-time great films regarding the subject of war. -Variety subscriber

Martin Scorsese for best director. Long overdue. -Variety subscriber

When I saw “The Departed”, I thought “That’s the movie of the year. Hands down. No question.” Then I saw “Dreamgirls”. I thought, “The movie of the year. Hands down. No question”. Now that Oscar’s spoken, I’m rooting for “Babel”. Why? It’s a powerful film that practically no one understands. But when I saw it, I got it. I saw it again. I got it. I told people what they missed about “Babel”. They said, “Maybe I need to see it again”. Only a classic can do that. -Variety subscriber

“The Departed” and “Babel.” Nothing please for the rotten “Dreamgirls.” -Variety subscriber

I just returned from watching “The Last King of Scotland”. Great performance by Forest Whitaker. Then, it suddenly hit me. The common thread throughout most of the 2006 films is war.

The more war films I watch, the more I long to immerse myself again in the complete escapism and fantasy kingdom of “Pan’s Labyrinth’s”. I can relate to Ofelia. The Pale Man and the Faun make me smile. Sinfully delicious! Highly imaginative creatures. I’ve caught myself humming the

lullaby since seeing the film. I have a deep admiration for Mr. Del Toro. I keep coming back to this film. It’s different than the rest and completely stands out.

Its my Best Picture pick for 2006.

“Children of Men” is second. “Babel” is third followed by “Blood Diamond”. Kudos to the three Mexican amigos!

Its too bad that in a globalized world we still have the category Best Foreign Language Film. Theater goers don’t care what language the film is in or whether it has subtitles. The main issue is whether or not the film is worthy of their attention. It would be wonderful to see a Best Picture category which reflects exactly that, the best picture of the year regardless of where it was filmed and in what language.

“Pan’s Labyrinth” still remains at the top of my list, my choice for “Best Picture” of 2006. -Variety subscriber

“Dreamgirls”! It is more than a musical. It is a slice of the American experience. Motown changed race relations in America. White America openly accepted Black music, though it was homogenized a bit.

What I love about “Dreamgirls” is that it was well paced. Though “Dreamgirls” is a well known story set in the middle of some turbulent times, the movie touched on those aspects without being too preachy.

I loved Jennifer and Eddie but thought Beyonce and Jamie were incredible also. Beyonce went from 16 to late 20s brilliantly and Jamie’s characterization was layered and affecting. It was pure entertainment and I enjoyed it better than “Chicago,” which is one of my favorite musicals.

I am not sure why “Dreamgirls” was not in the Best Picture category, but if it does not win in the supporting actor categories, something smells funny. I cannot recall ever going to the theater and hearing audiences applaud so loudly after a scene. I have seen “Dreamgirls” twice and it happened each time. -Variety subscriber

“The Departed” deserves the Oscar for Best Picture. Oscar should also smile on Martin Scorsese for Best Director. He is a true genius in his field and deserves the Academy’s highest honor for “The Departed” – a beautiful film which stands out handsomely in a career filled with cinematic milestones unmatched by his peers, many of whom have their own gold statuette. Recognition by the Academy is astoundingly overdue. -writer

We all know is Scorsese’s time. And I’m glad for Mirren, Whitaker and Murphy too. – -screenwriter

I’ll just say it and go down in flames: I think “Little Miss Sunshine” is overrated and am scared to death it will win. -Variety subscriber

I’m crushed that “Stranger than Fiction” got shut out. It was a movie of uncommon intelligence and style, with some really spectacular performances, especially from Emma Thompson. The fact that it didn’t get nominated for screenplay is also ridiculous. Harrumph! -Variety subscriber

I think Ryan Gosling is talented beyond belief and his performance in “Half Nelson” is a riveting one where you simply can’t take your eyes off the screen. Very nuanced and complex. I hope the Academy is smart enough to give him the Best Actor award he deserves. -Variety subscriber

“Little Miss Sunshine.”

“Little Miss Sunshine.”

“Little Miss Sunshine.”-Variety subscriber

Forest Whitaker is a towering, magnificent presence on screen in “The Last King of Scotland” — childlike, animalistic, completely out of his mind, terrifying and funny! What a gobsmacking performance. He is without compare. -Variety subscriber

It has to be “The Departed” — its a sublimely fantastic film and deserves all the recognition its getting. Scorsese too. A genius. -Variety subscriber

I am stunned that “United 93” and “Children Of Men” are nowhere in the Best Picture category, though I’m glad they weren’t ignored in others. I’m also happily stunned that “Letters From Iwo Jima” is a Best Picture nominee and that Eastwood and Paul Greengrass are represented in the noms for director. I don’t care that “Dreamgirls” isn’t a best pic nominee, but how did “The Queen” get in there? -Variety subscriber

“Little Miss Sunshine” for Best Picture of the Year. -Variety subscriber

Hands Down. Let’s go Meryl! -Variety subscriber

Peter O’Toole should win Best Actor. It’s about time. -screenwriter

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