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Joe Menendez

Helmer of Spanish-language caper “Ladron que roba a ladron”

Joe Menendez, helmer whose mainstream Spanish-language caper “Ladron que roba a ladron” opens Friday.

Last book I bought:
“The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway

Book I’m reading:
“Team of Rivals” by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Total number of books I own:
In the hundreds — but I only keep the books I feel I will reread or want to pass on to my kid or will simply impress folks when they see it on my shelf.

Three books that mean a lot to me:
“Easy Riders, Raging Bulls” by Peter Biskind — Great account of the late ‘60s and ‘70s Hollywood. Made me realize how much of a square I am.
“Directing the Film” by Eric Sherman — It’s just the masters discussing the craft. I can read it over and over.
“Rebel without a Crew” by Robert Rodriguez — How a Latino made it big in Hollywood. ‘Nuff said.

The last film I saw:
“Ratatouille,” directed by Brad Bird — Loved it! The best movie of the summer – well, other than mine.

Three films that mean a lot to me:
“Raiders of the Lost Ark,” directed by Steven Spielberg
“Die Hard,” directed by John McTiernan
“Star Wars,” directed by George Lucas
All these movies, for different reasons, made me want to become a director. “E.T.,” directed by Steven Spielberg would be another.

Last CD I bought:
I do iTunes now, but I recently bought a sound effects CD to temp some FX into the film I just directed, which I also edited. Does that count? Am I nerd?

Song currently playing:
“Caballo Viejo,” Roberto Torres. It’s a classic. I defy you to hear this song and not get the urge to dance.

Songs that mean a lot to me:
“Interstate Love Song,” Stone Temple Pilots
“The Logical Song,” Super Tramp
“Throw The D,” yes, Miami’s (my hometown) own the 2 Live Crew

Favorite Drink:

Favorite Charity:
The Kevin M. Anderson Memorial Film Mentorship

Favorite Vacation:
Kauai. Ke’e Beach especially. It’s where my wife and I spent a lot our babymoon. And yes, we went on a babymoon.

Favorite Vice:
Popeyes fried chicken. Every so often, I jones for a fix of some spicy chicken.

Five people whom I’d like to see answer this survey:
Steven Spielberg, Dan Marino, Jon Feltheimer, Jojo Henrickson (my friend and collaborator) and some day, my daughter.

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