Is Michael Moore out of his mind…or smarter than everyone else?

Michael Moore has an amazing ability to take well-known facts and spin them into conspiracy theories. Example – everyone in the business world who reads a newspaper knows the Carlyle Group and its very famous board members, including ex-President Bush. But Moore portrays this in Fahrenheit 911 as a cover-up, part of a conspiracy between the US Government and the big, evil corporations. How absolutely silly. What worries me most is that while he is a talented filmmaker with some good points, he piles enough misleading and out-of-context information in his films to make the educated viewer cringe, while the uneducated viewer buys into the whole anti-establishment craziness. – Variety subscriber

Michael Moore is out of his mind, but in a good way.

The filmmaker’s creative visions step outside Hollywood bonds by depicting a world that is neither beautiful nor honorable. It takes great conviction and self-confidence to develop a controversial opinion into an Academy Award-winning documentary, but this is exactly what Moore did. He is not smarter than everyone else; this is going too far, since being outspoken doesn’t necessarily make one intelligent. I watched both of Moore’s documentaries and I am looking forward to “Sicko”. It is vital, I feel for someone to point out issues that many see but few confront head-on. Moore may act through means that are slightly taboo, but he does it all the way, never pulling back.

I have profound respect for a man–and someone in the entertainment industry–that seeks to promote an idea, rather than an image. Michael Moore, although not everybody’s chosen “golden boy”, is candid and deserves to (at least) be heard. – Variety subscriber

Michael Moore is smarter because he is a journalist/documantary filmmaker ‘par excellance’ and a proxy by conscience of the America people, exposing all the devious manipulations and corrupt politicians in Washington, including both Democrats and Republican, whom should have been taking care of these important issues of going to war with Iraq based on totally bogus, trumped-up information (‘Farenhite 9/11’). The problems of lack of gun control in America (‘Bowling at Columbine’) is another major issue, and the unacceptable, poor state of American health care today is abomidable because no one has said anything. These are the burning issues that our sad-sack politicians from both antiquated national parties should have addressed years ago and tackled after being elected, but sadly it us only Mr. Moore alone looking after the store. The American people need a man like Moore with his innate common sense and hard hitting approach. – Variety subscriber

Michael Moore is an American who has the right to form his opinions AND to bring them to the public. I think he’s very interesting and talented. I don’t have to agree with any of his points to find his documentaries worthwhile and examples of America’s freedom of speech. – Variety subscriber

He is smart, because he has made himself very rich by telling a bunch of lies. – Variety subscriber

Michael Moore is courageous! He’s not afraid to film what others don’t dare. In this aspect, he is a smart man. – Variety subscriber

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