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Ash Christian

Wrote, directed, and stars in indie pic “Fat Girls,” out tomorrow in NY and LA.

Ash Christian, who wrote, directed, and stars in indie pic “Fat Girls,” out tomorrow in NY and LA.

Book I’m reading:
“Middlesex” by Jeffrey Eugenides

Total number of books I own:
62. I counted.

What book would you like to see brought to the bigscreen and what book do you hope never gets adapted?:
I’d love to see “Geek Love” by Katherine Dunn brought to the big screen and I think the book I hope never gets adapted already has been…more than once most likely. Ah, Hollywood.

Last film I saw:
“Reefer Madness ,”directed by Louis J. Gasnier. It makes me laugh. Hard.

Three films that mean a lot to me:
”Annie Hall,” directed by Woody Allen
“Welcome to the Dollhouse,” directed by Todd Solondz
“Paris, Texas,” directed by Wim Wenders

Who do you think is the best actor in Hollywood at the moment? (male or female)
Cate Blanchett. Every performance of hers is stunning and memorable.

Who do you think was the brightest star of the silver screen?
James Dean

If you could play any real-life person in a movie, who would it be and why?
I’d love to play Woody Allen in a movie.

Who do you look to for inspiration?
My mother and grandmother. I am inspired by their strength and my past.

Song currently playing in my iPod:
“Tears Dry on Their Own,” Amy Winehouse

Three songs that mean a lot to me:
“I Can’t Make You Love Me,” Bonnie Raitt
“Erotica,” Madonna
“New York State of Mind,” Billy Joel

Concert that changed your life:
Madonna. The Confessions Tour. Amazing.

Guilty pleasures
• TV: Absolutely Fabulous, Roseanne
• Film: I’m a John Waters fan…. I could watch those filthy movies day or night and they always tend to cheer me up.
• Reading material: The Advocate and the industry trades.
• Web sites: I check it daily. It’s addictive. I guess I really do care what celebrities are doing. Damnit!
• YouTube video: Oh, that Miss Teen USA from North Carolina really cracks me up. I also loved when Miss America fell down in her gown at the pageant.

Best hangover remedy?
More booze! Nothing like a Bloody Mary to cure hangovers.

What’s the biggest upside of the Internet and what is its biggest downside?
Staying connected with friends and associates easily is the biggest upside but the downside is, I get lost in the worldwide web and waste a lot of time doing a lot of nothing on it.

What advice would you give to someone trying to break into your profession?
Write your own story. Something close to your heart. And make the movie. No matter what. Don’t ask permission.

Do you have a dream project?:
I’d love to do a movie about The Stonewall Riots set in 1969 and its relationship to Judy Garland’s death… I’m writing it now – it’s called “The Day Judy Garland Died”.

What helps you get out of bed in the morning?:
Knowing that I probably have a million emails waiting to be answered and turning on New York 1 for the morning news.

Who was your celebrity crush growing up?
Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Are there any activities you do to make you feel un-famous?
I am un-famous… So everything I do pretty much makes me feel that way. Every once in a while I DO feel famous when someone tells me they loved my film randomly on the street. That’s always kind of shocking.

What’s more dangerous: a mountain lion or a bitter ex?
Oh, a bitter ex for sure. They’re much smarter and tactful…and evil. You know who you are. Ha.

If you were alone in your house one night and you saw a ghost, who ya gonna call? (Okay, this one is a given.)
Ghostbusters! Or my best friend Parker.

Would you rather see a Lakers game next to Jack Nicholson or a Knicks game next to Spike Lee?
A Knicks game next to Spike Lee – nothing against Nicholson…but I’d rather be in New York

What is the single worst purchase you’ve made in the past year?
My BlackBerry… I loved it (a lot – actually I was addicted) but it got stolen so that was a waste of money.

If you were an adult film star, what would your name be?
Seymour Cox, that was the name of a character in my film “Fat Girls”.

Five people who I’d like to see answer this survey:
Rosie O’Donnell, Jesus, Hillary Clinton, Osama bin Laden, John Waters. I think I’d want to read what they’re all reading. It would really broaden my horizons.

Editor’s Note: Pssst. Hey Ash, I have good news for you. We did get John Waters to answer the Pushy Questions. Click here to check out his answers.)

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