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John Stamos

'ER' Cast: Making the Rounds

If called upon in a pinch, could you perform as a real ER nurse or doctor?

“No, not even close. I couldn’t even do anything. I could put a Band-Aid on somebody or breast exams — I could probably do that.”

Do people in the street often ask for your medical opinion?

“I was on a plane and stood up to use the restroom and an elderly woman started breathing heavy and going into some sort of something. I don’t even know what it was. And everybody looked at me like, do something.”

Why has “ER” endured for 14 seasons?

“What is remarkable is that they’ve switched casts three times. It would be like taking ‘Friends’ and getting rid of all of those original cast members twice and still be in the top 20. It’s also the perfect template for a show. You have your stars that people get their lives involved in, and then as soon as you get tired of all of them, they bring in other characters.”

Best part of the job?

“I’ve learned more on this show than I’ve learned in 25 years. You come to this show with your ‘A’ game. The original cast and crew set an example and a tone that has remained.”

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