Dr. Ruth headed to MTVU

Network renews 'Stand In'

A show featuring Dr. Ruth Westheimer sharing sex tips with college students is the highlight of the fall schedule of MTVU, the 24/7 ad-supported cable network that’s available to students on more than 750 campuses in the U.S.

Like all the programming on MTVU, “Sex Cred With Dr. Ruth” features segments no longer than six minutes. Westheimer joins sex columnists from college newspapers around the country to answer questions from students who submit them to mtvu.com.

Renewed for another season is “Stand In,” in which MTV pretends to be taping a class with a nondescript professor, who then turns the class over to a celeb on the order of Elie Weisel, Madonna, Sen. John McCain, Bill Gates, Sting or Larry David.

“The students are clueless until the famous person actually enters the room,” said Steve Friedman, general manager of MTVU.

Cameras capture the faces of the stunned students, who proceed to engage the guest in spirited discussion. This season’s guests are Ludacris, Annie Lennox and the president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Ludacris, for example, is the substitute in a pre-law class on free speech, a subject that he has spoken on publicly.

Short bursts of poetry will also show up on the screen, this season showcasing the work of John Ashberry. After the brief excerpt onscreen, MTV will direct viewers to get the full poem on the website.

MTVU will also schedule lots of music, including videos submitted by viewers.

“Our fall lineup is the most diverse schedule we’re ever put together,” Friedman said.

MTV promotes the network via campus events — up to 500 a year — ranging from movie screenings to live concerts.

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