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Sunday, May 20, 2007

 Morning 08:00 am 09:00 am 10:00 am 11:00 am 12:00 pm
 Afternoon 1:00 pm 2:00 pm 3:00 pm 4:00 pm 5:00 pm
 Evening 6:00 pm 7:00 pm 8:00 pm 9:00 pm 10pm – 12am


To Each His Own Cinema
Festival de Cannes, Grand Theatre Lumiere, 120 min.

Horses Thieves
Rezo, Salle Bunuel, 86 min.

Madame Tutli-Putli
Salle Bunuel, 17 min.


Wide Management Enterprise, Hilton, 100 min.


The Hottest State
ThinkFilm, Arcades 3, 117 min.


Dreamachine, Arcades 1, 100 min.

A Broken Life
Seven Arts Intl., Gray 1, 132 min.

Love My Life
Open Sesame Co., Gray 2, 96 min.

Mother of Tears
Myriad Pictures, Gray 3, 20 min.

Fifty Pills
Echo Bridge Ent., Gray 4, 95 min.

Films Distribution, Lerins 1, 47 min.

The Red Balloon
Films Distribution, Lerins 1, 36 min.

Promo reels
New Zealand Film, Lerins 2, 15 min.

The Vexxer
Atlas Intl., Lerins 3, 98 min.

Sex Crazy
Kevin Williams Associates, Palais D, 96 min.

The Etruscan Mask
Bankside Films, Palais F, 92 min.

Fireworks Wednesday
Dreamlab, Palais H, 104 min.

Fries Film Group, Palais J, 102 min.

Telewizja Polska, Palais K, 20 min.

Wicked Week-End
Wild Bunch, Star 3, 90 min.

Lightning Entertainment, Star 4, 85 min.


Manual of Love 2
(Following Chapters) Filmauro, Olympia 3, 120 min.

Reflective Films, Palais E, 2 min.


A Place in the Cinema
Alokatu, Gray 3, 105 min.

Waiting for Someone
Roissy Films, Lerins 2, 97 min.

I Served the King of England
Bavaria Film Intl., Lerins 4,118 min.

The Walker
Pathe Pictures Intl., Olympia 4, 107 min.

L’ile au tresors
TF1 Intl., Olympia 5, 90 min.

Delta Farce
Lionsgate, Olympia 7, 105 min.

Sogecine & Sogepaq, Palais C, 113 min.

The Listening
Cinemavault, Palais E, 105 min.

Onoma, Palais G, 86 min.

Our Earthmen Friends
Les Films 13, Palais I, 90 min.

Dark Matter
Myriad Pictures, Palais K, 88 min.

Nanny Insanity
Curb Ent., Riviera 1, 102 min.

Garbage Warrior
The Works Intl., Star 1, 85 min.

In Mom’s Head
UGC Intl., Star 2, 95 min.


The Companion
Planman Motion Pictures, Le Cinema du Monde, 127 min.

Pyramide Intl., Miramar, 91 min.

Um ramo
Miramar, 15 min.

Blind Mountain
StudioCanal, Theatre Claude Debussy, 96 min.


Roissy Films, Hilton, 96 min.


MK2 Intl., Arcades 1, 85 min.

Blue Eyelids
Funny Balloons, Arcades 3,100 min.

Films Distribution, Grand
Theatre Lumiere, 96 min.

Promo Reels
Shochiku Co., Gray 2, 60 min.

Promo Reels
Pathe Pictures Intl., Gray 4, 60 min.

Saturno contro
Films Distribution, Lerins 1, 110 min.

Nothing But Ghosts
Beta Cinema, Lerins 3, 116 min.

The Mugger
Latinofusion, Palais B, 70 min.

Barefoot in Heaven
Farabi Cinema Foundation,
Palais D, 83 min.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Short Films)
National Film Board of Canada, Palais F, 77 min.

The Pye-Dog
Mei Ah Ent., Palais H, 98 min.

Hallam Foe
Independent, Palais J, 95 min.

Look at That
Consorcio Europa, Star 3, 96min.

In Your Dreams
Shoreline Entertainment, Star 4, 100 min.


Padre nuestro
Dreamachine, Arcades 2, 110min.

Little Bruno
ITN Distribution, Gray 3, 89min.

America Video Films, Lerins 2, 90 min.

The Tracey Fragments
Bavaria Film, Lerins 4, 80 min.

Boll, Olympia 4, 106 min.

Blonde and Blonder
Rigel Ent., Olympia 5, 91 min.

Deliver Us From Evil
Lionsgate, Olympia 7, 101min.

Eye in the Sky
Fortissimo Films, Olympia 8, 90 min.

Say It in Russian
Imperia Ent., Olympia 9, 85min.

Cinemavault, Palais C, 98min.

Shattered Soul
Filmsharks, Palais E, 118min.

All the Invisible Things
Intramovies, Palais G, 90 min.

Bog of Beasts
Imovision, Palais I, 80 min.

Tout est pardonne
Pyramide, Riviera 1, 105 min.

Rockin’ Meera
Birmingham Media, Riviera 2, 90 min.

Just Like Home
Trust Film Sales, Star 1, 97min.


Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor
Shochiku Co., Gray 2, 21 min.


Sunstroke et Autres Films
Ze Monkiz Tribe Production, Palais D, 23 min.


Payoff 2
TF1 Intl., Arcades 1, 96 min.

Films Distribution, Arcades 3, 85 min.

Music Within
Outsider Pictures, Gray 2, 93min.

Taking the Plunge
Christal Films, Gray 4, 115min.

Cineclick, Lerins 1, 84 min.

Rudy — The Return of the Racing Pig
Bavaria Film, Lerins 3, 94min.

By the Way
Roissy Films, Palais B, 110min.

Ten-Inch Hero
CDI, Palais D, 92 min.

Moving Pictures Shortfilm Contest
Moving Pictures Magazine, Palais F, 40 min.

Lumina Films, Palais H, 90min.

A House Divided
Imageworks, Palais J, 113 min.

Cold Trail
Nonstop Sales, Star 3, 90 min.

The Longest Night in Shanghai
Movie-Eye Ent., Star 4, 110 min.


Beer League
Echo Bridge Ent., Arcades 2,
86 min.

Tombe d’une etoile
Clavis Films, Gray 1, 84 min.

Striking Range
Artist View, Gray 3, 95 min.

Dai nipponjin
Directors’ Fortnight, Hilton, 113 min.

Have a Nice Day
Kevin Williams Associates, Lerins 2, 85 min.

Twins for President
Media Luna, Lerins 4, 93 min.

The Last Hour
Shoreline Ent., Majestic Hotel, 105 min.

Those Who Remain
StudioCanal, Olympia 3, 94 min.

BAC, Olympia 4, 98 min.

I Want Candy
Ealing Studios, Olympia 5, 89 min.

Lightning Ent., Olympia 6, 104min.

Daddy’s Little Girls
Lionsgate, Olympia 7, 95 min.

Rocket Science
HBP Enterprises, Olympia 9, 101 min.

High Point Media Group, Palais C, 88 min.

Faro, la reine des faux
Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres, Palais E, 96 min.

Med-Screen, Palais G, 94 min.

The Trap
Bavaria Film, Palais I, 106min.

In Your Wake
Pyramide Intl., Riviera 1, 105min.

Me … Myself
Mono Film, Riviera 2, 113 min.

4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days
Wild Bunch, Star 1, 113 min.

Please Don’t Go
UGC Intl., Star 2, 90 min.

Mio fratello e figlio unico
ThinkFilm, Theatre Claude Debussy, 108 min.


Wide Management Enterprise, Miramar, 110 min.


Festival de Cannes, le cinema du monde, 156 min.

I cento chiodi
Intramovies, Salle du 60th, 90min.


Death Sentence
Hyde Park, Arcades 1, 110min.

Bombil and Beatrice
iDream Independent Pictures, Arcades 3, 97 min.

The Terror Tapes
Gregory Orr Prods., Gray 1, 3min.

Exploring Love
Truth Spirit, Gray 2, 105 min.

Nirvana Motion Pictures,
Gray 4, 115 min.

Max Films, Lerins 1, 5 min.

The Match Factory, Lerins 3, 125 min.

MK2 Intl., Palais B, 85 min.

The Ten
Arclight Films, Palais D, 93 min.

Pushkin. The Last Duel
Golden Age Film, Palais F, 105min.

Civic Duty
Intandem Films, Palais H, 98 min.

Poor Boy’s Game
Seville Pictures, Palais J, 105min.

La mujer de mi hermano
Cinema Management, Star 3, 98 min.

The Little Book of Revenge
Max Films, Lerins 1, 105 min.


Ain’t Scared
Gaumont, Arcades 2, 90 min.

Fortissimo Films, Gray 3, 91 min.

The Show Must Go On
Lotte Ent., Lerins 2, 112 min.

Echo Bridge Ent., Lerins 4, 93 min.

Broken English
Dreamachine, Olympia 4, 96 min.

Man in the Chair
Shoreline Ent., Olympia 6, 107 min.

Children of Glory
Fortissimo Films, Olympia 8, 123 min.

La fine del mare
Onoma, Palais C, 108 min.

Documentary and Experimental
Film Center, Palais E, 110min.

Who Loves the Sun
Dream Ent., Palais G, 94 min.

The Melon Route
Insomnia World Sales, Palais I, 90 min.

2929 Intl., Palais K, 93 min.

Arclight Films, Riviera 1, 100min.

Curiosity Kills the Cat
Golden Network, Riviera 2, 100 min.

Dream of the Night Before
Wild Bunch, Star 1, 110 min.

Sooner Worldwide, Star 2, 92min.


Blind Mountain
StudioCanal, Theatre Claude
Debussy, 96 min.


Wide Management, Hilton, 100min.

Cannes Classics, Salle Bunuel, 148 min.

Words for Battle
Cannes Classics, Salle Bunuel, 8 min.


Secret Journey
Adriana Chiesa, Arcades 1, 107 min.

I Hate My Best Friends’ Kids
SND/M6, Arcades 3, 90 min.

How to Rob a Bank
Arclight Films, Gray 2, 100 min.

Les Fourmis rouges
Wide Management, Gray 4, 90min.

Moving McAllister
Tricoast Intl., Lerins 1, 93 min.

To the Limit
Telepool, Lerins 3, 95 min.

Pyramide, Miramar, 91 min.

Um ramo
Critics’ Week, Miramar, 15 min.

La Marea
Films Distribution, Palais B, 80 min.

Perng mang: The Haunted
Drum Phranakorn, Palais D, 101 min.

Snow White the Sequel
Eastwest Filmdistribution, Palais F, 82 min.

MDC Intl., Palais H, 97 min.

Maiko haaaan!!!
Nippon Television, Palais J, 120 min.

The Art of Negative Thinking
Nordisk Film, Star 3, 79 min.

Out of the Blue
New Zealand Film, Star 4, 102min.


Stuck Together
Gaumont, Arcades 2, 94 min.

Faro, Goddess of the Waters
Wide Management Enterprise, Gray 1, 100 min.

Cinema Producers Assn., Gray 3, 103 min.

Films Distribution, Le cinéma du monde, 103 min.

A Day With My Son
CJ Entertainment, Lerins 2, 109 min.

Hungaricom, Lerins 4, 117 min.

Shoreline Ent., Majestic Hotel, 89 min.

My Blueberry Nights
StudioCanal, Olympia 3, 111 min.

Young Yakuza
Dreamachine (Paris Office), Olympia 4, 95 min.

Blonde and Blonder
Rigel Ent., Olympia 5,
91 min.

Unni, Another Story of an Indian Child
Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres, Palais C, 90 min.

My Own Sky
iDream Independent Pictures, Palais E, 100 min.

My Aunt Aline
Delphis Films, Palais G, 100 min.

The Mark of Cain
Independent, Palais I, 90 min.

CJ Ent., Riviera 1, 122 min.

Brothers Three
Worldwide Film Ent., Riviera 2, 96 min.

I cento chiodi
Intramovies, Star 1, 90 min.

Showbox/Mediaplex, Star 2, 110 min.


To Each His Own Cinema
Festival de Cannes, Grand Theatre Lumiere, 120 min.


The Three Investigators — The Secret of Skeleton Island
Beta Cinema, Lerins 3, 100min.

Gucha — Distant Trumpet
The Match Factory, Star 3, 94min.

The Good Night
Inferno Distribution, Star 4, 96 min.


Walking Man
Acid, Arcades 1, 82 min.

La nina en la piedra
Kevin Williams Associates, Gray 1, 104 min.

Bosnia Diaries
Cinema Producers Assn., Gray 3, 77 min.

Buried Alive
Odd Lot Intl., Gray 4, 90 min.

Roissy Films, Hilton, 96 min.

Oh-Oku the Women of the Inner Palace
Pony Canyon, Lerins 1, 126 min.

The Orphanage
Wild Bunch, Miramar, 100 min.

Suburban Girl
Odd Lot Intl., Palais B, 96 min.

KM Culture Co., Palais D, 114 min.

Montecristo, Palais F, 92 min.

The Red Jacket
China Film Promotion, Palais H, 90 min.

The Sperm
Sahamongkolfilm, Palais J, 105 min.

Henry V,
Cannes Classics, Salle Bunuel, 140 min.

Next Generation 2007
German Films, Star 2, min.


You and Me
Delphis Films, Arcades 2, 85 min.

Tai Hub Co., Arcades 3, 115min.

The Elephant King
New Films Intl., Lerins 2, 94min.

Onoma, Lerins 4, 86 min.

Facing the Enemy
Eastwest Filmdistribution, Palais C, 105 min.

Little Chenier
Worldwide Film Ent., Palais E, 96 min.

Horizon, Palais G, 89 min.

A Great Master Recaptured
China Film, Palais I, 90 min.

vScar 3D
Cinemavault, Palais K, 90 min.

Saigon Eclipse
Vietnam Media Corp., Riviera 1, 90 min.

Fandango Portobello Sales, Riviera 2, 103 min.


Factory Girl
Myriad Pictures, Star 3, 92min.


HDNet Films, Palais B, 95min.

Dr. Fugazzi
Shoreline Ent., Palais D, 97min.

Cream Vest Films, Palais F, 93min.

Mio fratello e figlio unico
ThinkFilm, Theatre Claude Debussy, 108 min.


ThinkFilm, Hilton, 80 min.


Tout est pardonne
Pyramide Intl. Arcades 1, 105min.

Night Bus
Intramovies, Arcades 3, 120min.

Pyramide Intl., Miramar, 91min.

Um ramo
Critics’ Week, Miramar, 15min.

The Cry
Echo Bridge Ent., Palais E, 83 min.


Bad Habits
Fortissimo Films, Salle Bunuel, 98 min.


To Each His Own Cinema
Festival de Cannes, Grand Theatre Lumiere, 120 min.

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