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Peter Krause proves the suit fits

Smallscreen style: Men's fashion

Putting on a suit and tie for work every day wasn’t quite what Peter Krause imagined when he got into acting.

But after playing a sportscaster in “Sports Night,” an undertaker in “Six Feet Under” and now a lawyer in “Dirty Sexy Money,” he realizes a suit may just suit him.

“One of the reasons acting was appealing to me was that I wouldn’t have to go to the office wearing a suit every day, and it turns out, that is all I wear,” Krause says. “But it is actually nice now that I am a little older. I don’t have a problem with it.”

In the new ABC skein, Krause plays Nick George, a lawyer for the disadvantaged who begins working for one of New York’s richest families.

When it came time to choose Nick’s attire, Krause sat down with the show’s costume designer, Roberta Haze, to discuss the right look. They agreed they needed a wardrobe that reflected the fact that although Nick works for an extremely wealthy family, he himself is not rich.

“We didn’t dress him in high-end labels,” Haze says. “It’s not like a Prada look.”

Haze found a perfect match in Hugo Boss, whose suits were stylish without being too showy. The designer also happened to be one of the thesp’s favorites.

To complete Nick’s look, Haze says she often adds a shirt by Hugo Boss or John Varvatos.

“I wanted audiences to see him and think he is a relatable, regular guy,” says Haze. However, she admits, “he is better looking than most regular guys.”

It’s a compliment Krause’s character would certainly appreciate. “Nick is someone who wants to look good,” Krause says, “even though he may not want to admit it.”

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