Get you and your car home safely

Helpful options for too much holiday drinking

If you end up having a little too much holiday cheer this season and can’t drive, have no fear. There are several options that will get you home safely without leaving your car behind.

Scooter Patrol

The nonprofit’s drivers arrive on a scooter that folds up and is put in your trunk. They then drive your car home, return your keys and scoot off into the sunset.

Anthony Panzia founded the company in 2003. “I was thinking about how many people drive under the influence and realized it has a lot to do with people wanting to have their vehicle available the next morning,” says Panzia.

As an added bonus, the Goped Scooters Panzia’s volunteers ride are environmentally friendly.

“They get 100 to 200 miles a gallon,” says Tim Patmont, the vice president of Motor Werks Scooters. “And now we have an electric model.”

Scooter Patrol mainly covers the O.C. and Long Beach but they’re in negotiations to soon cover L.A. If you do live in Hollywood, you have to call beforehand to reserve them for your personal service or event.

Cost: suggested donation of $2 per person.

The Private Chauffeur

Private Chauffeur drives you in your car when you don’t feel like driving (or can’t) but only works through reservation.

“We’ve been in business over 21 years and my chauffeurs all have excellent driving records,” says owner Greg Fibble. “We drive high-level studio execs from HBO, MGM, Fox, Paramount, Disney, Universal and work parties and premieres such as ‘Bee Movie’ where we drove Jerry Seinfeld and Renee Zellweger,” says Fibble. The company will even run your errands (get gas, go to the car wash, pick up your dry cleaning, etc.) while you’re savoring the eggnog.

Cost: $30 per hour

Tipsy Tow

From Dec. 30 to Jan. 1, AAA provides a service called Tipsy Tow, which will tow your car and drive you home (up to seven miles) if you have had too much to drink. You don’t even have to be a member.

Cost: No charge

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