An ‘Interview’ tribute

Buscemi salutes Theo van Gogh at premiere

At the Gotham premiere of “Interview” on Wednesday, Steve Buscemi paid tribute to the late Dutch filmmaker, Theo van Gogh, whose 2003 film of the same name is the basis for Buscemi’s latest pic.

Van Gogh was killed by an Islamic extremist angered by van Gogh’s depiction of Islam in his TV movie “Submission: Part 1” — an event that Buscemi called “tragic.”Buscemi not only directs the film but also stars with Sienna Miller who he said was immediately on board for the project. “She accepted the offer without even reading the script, so that tells you how crazy she is, and how dedicated as an actress.”

The Cinema Society/Dior Beauty screening at the Tribeca Grand Hotel gave way to a party at the Soho Grand. Members of van Gogh’s production, including the original film’s screenwriter Theodor Holman, mixed with American and U.K. film actors like Stanley Tucci, Edie Falco, Famke Janssen, David Schwimmer, Rachel Dratch, Zuleikha Robinson and Billy Connolly.

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