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Danny Pino

'Cold' case Q & A

Danny Pino

In which decade would you want to live?

“I would probably have to say the ‘50s. Growing up, that’s the music that my dad would always be playing in the car — the ‘50s, ‘60s and a lot of Motown. It was a much more innocent time.”

The secret to a successful series is?

“I don’t know if there is one overall secret. What makes our show successful is it comes from a solid origin, from a place where you take something that people have seen in the past — a procedural format, a police drama — and we add elements that heighten those stories and present them to an audience in a fresh way.”

The best part of the job?

“It’s fascinating to live with a character (for this long). When you’re on a successful show that has the good fortune of being on for five seasons, you’re playing a character’s arc for essentially five years. It gives me a certain amount of fulfillment that we’ve been able to sustain these arcs and make these characters interesting.”

The worst part?

“Most of my family is back East, and I spend a lot of time out West by virtue of the fact that I’ve got to report to work every day. Every time I go back home, several things have happened, and I wasn’t there to be a part of it.”

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