Jan. 10, 1967:

GOOD MORNING: Producer Warren Beatty re-shot a bed scene with “Bonnie & Clyde” costar Faye Dunaway because the original, lensed on location in Denton, Texas, was too sexy. Who objected? “Everybody!” exclaimed director Arthur Penn, who with Beatty, brought the film in close to sked and budget, and adds this note of congrats for the producer-thesp: “He did a great job.” … Beatty considered NOT giving himself producer credit when we talked pre-filming, however, he will now accept the notice. “I’ve enjoyed what I’ve done,” he admits. “I learned so much from the men on the set — cameramen, the grips, prop men, etc. They’d tell me, ‘Why don’t you do it this way — and explain. They should be producers!” Beatty further reveals, “I know how this film could have been made for twice as much — and half as much. I would have considered making it for twice as much” … His conclusions: “It’s nice to know if you have an idea you can do it. But I was lucky having the people working with me — and the treatment from the studio (WB). There was not a single thing either of us asked of each other that was turned down by the other. It showed me the value of a major studio.” He also added: “Actor Warren Beatty thought his producer was just wonderful.” (2007 update: Warren Beatty receives the Cecil B. DeMille award from the Foreign Press at Monday’s Golden Globes. Warren says “I arrived in Hollywood in 1958. He died in 1959 and I didn’t get to know him.” Warren allows he and DeMille probably would not have seen eye to eye — politically. “He was a right winger, but I was always impressed by the grandeur of his films.” Beatty says “Reap the Wild Wind” and “The Greatest Show on Earth” are two of his favorite films by DeMille. As for producer-actor-director Beatty’s plans today, he says “I’m writing.”)

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