'Sopranos' expected to go out with a bang

“Boston Legal”
“Grey’s Anatomy”
“The Sopranos”


“The Sopranos” is a slam dunk. It went out the way it lived — with complete balls — giving the best ending in TV history that made people stop and actually think about what they saw, which in your mind was the most horrible: watching Tony Soprano getting shot dead in front of his family. And comparing “Sopranos” to “Heroes” in this category is like comparing MacDonald’s to Maxim’s in Paris.

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Critics love the mob series, but will the Emmy voters? “Heroes” presents cleverly plotted episodes, “House” intrigues us with antiheroes and “Grey’s Anatomy” gives great voice to complex women. And “Boston Legal”? There may not even be a category to fit that series. But “The Sopranos” offers all that and more. Love or hate the finale, we never stopped believing Chase would deliver a controversial ending to a series that broke all the rules.

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The nominees are all deserving except for “Grey’s Anatomy.” It’s puzzling to me why that show is still being nominated for best drama when there are other deserving shows. It’s good junk-food television; it’s not the sort of material you look for when you are creating Emmy lists. Shows like “The Shield” or “Dexter” or “Friday Night Lights” are more deserving than “Grey’s Anatomy” in this category. That being said, even if those shows were nominated, I would still go with “The Sopranos” because it’s one of the best series in the history of television. And with this being the last time it will be nominated, it has to win.

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In general, the snub of “Friday Night Lights” for its freshman season has left me cool again toward the Emmys.

Not only was “FNL” easily one of the best dramas of recent years, but the fact that it dares to fall outside the traditional crime/courtroom/hospital franchises and is more than any other show needful of the attention Emmy nominations can bring makes me wonder anew just what these Hollywood “professionals” in the Academy are watching.

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“Grey’s,” “House,” “Boston Legal” and “Heroes” are all fairly formulaic. Voters obviously didn’t bother to catch the more layered brilliance of “Brotherhood” or “The Wire.” The terrific, category-defying “Rescue Me” is another notable exclusion. Maybe next time.

Critics’ reactions in all categories were collected by TCA member Kathy Tracy.

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