Agents ply online ambitions

Ubiquity created by Carlson, Papish

As real money starts moving into online entertainment again, Hollywood’s tenpercenters are eager to get in on the action.

Some are doing it within big agencies, most of which have established digital departments. But some are also going out on their own.

One new entrant, Ubiquity Partners, teams ex-CAA rep Eric Carlson and AOL exec Matthew Papish in a venture aimed at helping Hollywood players build their brands online. It’s linking contacts from the Silicon Valley venture capital world and major showbiz creators, along with advertisers, to help them all make money.

Ubiquity has helped forge two significant deals in the past few months: one for Steven Bochco to curate a series of online confessionals at video site; and a new pact calling for horror shingle Twisted Pictures to premiere a new film online at in webisode-length segments.

But Ubiquity, which itself is backed by some VC money, is also working with Twisted to help it build its own online horror destination; other such deals are also in the works.

“As we forge these relationships with existing properties, the goal is to help build stand-alone properties that we own and manage in partnership with venture capital,” says Papish.

And because they’re looking to help create original properties, Ubiquity isn’t necessarily looking for the standard 10%. In some cases, equity will do just fine.

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