MPAA brands fun horror film with NC-17 rating

Amid the guts and gore of such horror hits as “Hostel” and the “Saw” trilogy, Adam Green is looking to bring some kinder, gentler mayhem to the movies.

The writer-director’s “Hatchet,” which harks back to ’80s horror pics and famous bogeymen like Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees, made a big splash at last year’s Tribeca fest and is slated to hit theaters in Sep-tember via fledgling distrib Starz Anchorbay.

The hitch, though, is that the film is branded with an NC-17. An appeal by the filmmakers for an R was rejected last week by the MPAA.

“We have a movie with a swamp monster chasing comedians with a gas-powered belt sander and they gave us an NC-17,” laments Green, who suggests the ratings board may have missed the pic’s twisted feel-good factor. “With ‘Hatchet,’ we’ve had audiences literally stand up and cheer at some of the gore, and everybody walks out smiling. I’m trying to go back to when it was fun.”

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