Daytime Emmys nominations (part I)

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“The Bold and the Beautiful” (CBS)
Bradley Bell, Executive Producer
Rhonda Friedman, Supervising Producer
Ron Weaver, Senior Producer
Cynthia J. Popp, Producer
“Guiding Light” (CBS)
Ellen Wheeler, Executive Producer
Alexandra Johnson, Producer
Maria Macina, Producer
Jan Conklin, Coordinating Producer
“One Life to Live” (ABC)
Frank Valentini, Executive Producer
Shelley Honigbaum, Coordinating Producer
Suzanne Flynn, Producer
John Tumino, Producer
“The Young and the Restless” (CBS)
Lynn Marie Latham, Executive Producer
Josh Griffith, Co-Executive Producer
John F. Smith, Co-Executive Producer
Edward Scott, Supervising Producer
Kathryn Foster, Producer
John Fisher, Coordinating Producer

Maura West, as Carly Snyder, Maura West, as Carly Snyder (“As the World Turns”)
Crystal Chappell, as Olivia Spencer, (“Guiding Light”)
im Zimmer, as Reva Shayne Lewis, (“Guiding Light”)
Jeanne Cooper, as Katherine Chancellor, “The Young and the Restless”
Michelle Stafford, as Phyllis Summers Newman, “The Young and the Restless”

Michael Park, as Jack Snyder, “As the World Turns”
Anthony Geary, as Luke Spencer, “General Hospital”
Ricky Paull Goldin, as Gus Aitoro, “Guiding Light”
Peter Bergman, as Jack Abbott, “The Young and the Restless”
Christian Leblanc, as Michael Baldwin, “The Young and the Restless”

Lesli Kay, as Felicia Forrester, “The Bold and the Beautiful”
Genie Francis, as Laura Spencer, “General Hospital”
Rebecca Herbst, as Elizabeth Webber, “General Hospital”
Gina Tognoni, as Dinah Marler, “Guiding Light”
Renee Elise Goldsberry, as Evangeline Williamson, “One Life to Live”
Heather Tom, as Kelly Cramer, “One Life to Live”

Trent Dawson, as Henry Coleman, “As the World Turns”
Rick Hearst, as Ric Lansing, “General Hospital”
Dan Gauthier, as Kevin Buchanan, “One Life to Live”
Greg Rikaart, as Kevin Fisher, “The Young and the Restless”
Kristoff St. John, as Neil Winters, “The Young and the Restless”

Leven Rambin, as Lily Montgomery, “All My Children”
Jennifer Landon, as Gwen Munson, “As the World Turns”
Alexandra Chando, as Maddie Coleman, “As the World Turns”
Julie Berman, as Lulu Spencer “General Hospital”
Stephanie Gatschet, as Tammy Winslow, “Guiding Light”

Van Hansis, as Luke Snyder, “As the World Turns”
Jesse Soffer, as Will Munson, “As the World Turns”
Tom Pelphrey, as Jonathan Randall, “Guiding Light”
James Stevenson, as Jared Casey, “Passions”
Bryton Mcclure, as Devon Hamilton, “The Young and the Restless”

“Jeopardy!” (Syndication)
Harry Friedman, Executive Producer/Writer
Lisa Finneran, Supervising Producer
Rocky Schmidt, Supervising Producer
Gary Johnson, Supervising Producer/Writer
Kevin Mccarthy, Director
John Duarte, Writer
Kathy Easterling, Writer
Mark Gaberman, Writer
Debbie Griffin, Writer
Michele Loud, Writer
Andrew Shepard Price, Writer
Jim Rhine, Writer
Steve D. Tamerius, Writer
Billy Wisse, Writer
“The Price Is Right” (CBS)
Bob Barker, Executive Producer
Roger Dobkowitz, Producer/Writer
Bart Eskander, Director
Adam Sandler, Writer
Stan Blits, Writer
“Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” (Syndication)
Michael Davies, Executive Producer
Paul Smith, Executive Producer
Leigh Hampton, Executive Producer
Meredith Vieira, Co-Executive Producer
Richard Sirop, Supervising Producer/Writer
Jennifer Weeks, Producer
Amanda Zucker, Line Producer
Matthew Cohen, Director
Robert Patton, Head Writer
Amy Ozols, Writer
Eben Russell, Writer
David Levinson Wilk, Writer
Daniel Schofield, Writer
Andrew Tavani, Writer

“Dr. Phil” (Syndication)
Carla Pennington, Executive Producer
Dr. Phil Mcgraw, Executive Producer
Angie Kraus Bell, Senior Supervising Producer
Kandi Amelon Sawyer, Senior Coordinating Producer
Kathy Giaconia, Supervising Producer
Anita Pepper, Producer
Astra Austin, Producer
Jill Skinner, Producer
John Perry, Producer
Julie Ross, Producer
Lisa Steinke, Producer
Edward Santos, Producer
Lori Read, Producer
Jennifer Anastasi, Producer
Ianthe Jones, Producer
Stephanie Granader, Producer
“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndication)
Ellen DeGeneres, Executive Producer
Mary Connelly, Executive Producer
Ed Glavin, Executive Producer
Andy Lassner, Executive Producer
Jim Paratore, Executive Producer
Derek Westervelt, Coordinating Producer
Jason Gabel, Senior Producer
Melissa Geiger Schrift, Senior Producer
Jonathan Norman, Senior Producer
Karen Kilgariff, Producer
Lori Blackman, Producer
Vikki Ann Ernst, Producer
Kara R. Hogan, Producer
Margaret Pergler, Producer
Matthew Wright, Producer
Karen Anderson, Producer
Margaret Smith, Producer
Alison Balian, Producer
Danny Ceballos, Producer
Liz Feldman, Producer
Kevin A. Leman Ii, Producer
Derek Che, Producer
Christine Schomer, Producer
Bradford Brillowski, Producer
Melissa Costello, Producer
“Rachael Ray” (Syndication)
Janet Annino, Executive Producer
Shane Farley, Supervising Producer
Marilyn Zielinski, Supervising Producer
Joseph Freed, Senior Producer
Sarah Goldsmith, Coordinating Producer
Emily Rieger, Coordinating Producer
Andrew Goldman, Producer
Robin Hommel-Tenenbaum, Producer
Meredith Weintraub, Producer
Steve Cunniff, Producer
Stephanie Gholam, Producer
Jennifer Givner-Stone, Producer
Jen Sochko, Line Producer
“The Tyra Banks Show” (Syndication)
Alex Duda, Executive Producer
John Redmann, Executive Producer
Kevin Applegate, Executive Producer
Tyra Banks, Executive Producer
Benny Medina, Executive Producer
Rachel Miskowiec, Co-Executive Producer
Lauren Blincoe, Senior Supervising Producer
Becky Cohen Fortune, Supervising Producer
Evolyn Brooks, Supervising Producer
Patricia Childress, Supervising Producer
Heather Gray, Senior Producer
Jacquie Bender, Senior Producer
Anne Grabowski-Radecki, Coordinating Producer
Jacqueline Wickert, Coordinating Producer
Tracey Finley, Producer
Kareen Gunning, Producer
Daniel Sterchele, Producer
Brooke Donberg, Producer
William Richards, Producer
Charles Ryan, Producer
Ming Lee, Producer
Brandon Monk, Producer
Robert Willrich, Line Producer
“The View” (ABC )
Barbara Walters, Executive Producer
Bill Geddie, Executive Producer
Alexandra Cohen, Supervising Producer
Patrick Ignozzi, Coordinating Producer
Matthew J. Strauss, Coordinating Producer
Donald Berman, Producer
Jennifer Brookman, Producer
Jonathan Faulhaber, Producer
Dana Goodman, Producer
Audrey Jones, Producer
Jamie Kotkin-Hammer, Producer
Gregory Piccioli, Producer
Susan G. Solomon, Producer
Rachel M. Weintraub, Producer

“Barefoot Contessa” (Food)
Rachel Purnell, Executive Producer
Olivia Ball, Supervising Producer
Sophie Seiden, Producer
Carl Green, Producer
“The Martha Stewart Show” (Syndication)
Martha Stewart, Executive Producer
Mark Burnett, Executive Producer
Rob Dauber, Co-Executive Producer
Conrad Riggs, Co-Executive Producer
Bernie Young, Co-Executive Producer
Jeffry Culbreth, Supervising Producer
Christina Deyo, Supervising Producer Kimberly B. Miller-Olko, Supervising Producer
Meredith Paige, Supervising Producer
Deb Savo, Supervising Producer
Lisa Wagner, Supervising Producer
Laurie J. Rich, Coordinating Producer
Suzanne Bass, Coordinating Producer
Peter Killeen, Coordinating Producer
Beth Ameen-Decker, Producer
Greta Anthony, Producer
James Avenell, Producer
Fran Brescia, Producer
Rose Curtis, Producer
George Davilas, Producer
Elena Ferretti, Producer
Teresa Dezio, Producer
Barbara Fight, Producer
John Filimon, Producer
Stephanie Fitzhugh, Producer
Robin Hommel-Tenenbaum, Producer
Marc Honaker, Producer
Angie Ketterman, Producer
Roger Maroni, Producer
Wes Martin, Producer
Ann Macmullen, Producer
Leslie Peirez, Producer
Jana Petrosini, Producer
Ashley Sparks, Producer
Simone Swink, Producer
Lenore Welby, Producer
Alia Zamel, Producer
Shara Kabakow, Line Producer
“Paula’s Home Cooking” (Food)
Gordon Elliot, Executive Producer
Mark Schneider, Executive Producer
Jessica Shweky, Producer
Aimee Rosen, Producer
“Sell This House” (A&E)
Matt Chan, Executive Producer
Nancy Dubuc, Executive Producer
Michael Morrison, Executive Producer
Lee Christofferson, Producer
Kelly Lambson, Producer
Susanne Bard, Coordinating Producer
“This Old House” (PBS)
Jeff Ruhe, Executive Producer
David Vos, Senior Producer
Deborah Hood, Producer

Ben Bailey, Host, “Cash Cab”
Alex Trebek, Host, “Jeopardy!”
Bob Barker, Host, “The Price Is Right”
Pat Sajak, Host, “Wheel Of Fortune”
Meredith Vieira, Host, “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire”

“Dr. Phil” (Syndication), Dr. Phil Mcgraw, Host
“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndication), Ellen DeGeneres, Host
“Rachael Ray” (Syndication), Rachael Ray, Host
“Soap Talk” (Soapnet), Lisa Rinna, Host
Ty Treadway, Host
“The Tyra Banks Show” (Syndication), Tyra Banks, Host
“The View” (ABC), Barbara Walters, Co-Host
Rosie O’Donnell, Co-Host
Joy Behar, Co-Host
Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Co-Host

“Creative Juice” (HGTV) Cathie Filian, Co-Host
Steve Piacenza, Co-Host
“Essence Of Emeril” (Food) Emeril Lagasse, Host
“The Martha Stewart Show” (Syndication), Martha Stewart, Host
“Paula’s Home Cooking” (Food), Paula Deen, Host

“As the World Turns” (CBS)
Maria Wagner, Director
Michael Eilbaum, Director
John O’connell, Director
Habib Azar, Director
Sonia Blangiardo, Director
Jennifer Pepperman, Director
Christopher Goutman, Director
Michael Kerner, Associate Director
Carol Sedwick, Associate Director
Janet Andrews, Associate Director
James Kowal, Associate Director
Brian Lydell, Associate Director
Jennifer Blood, Stage Manager
Nancy Barron, Stage Manager
Alexandra Roalsvig, Production Associate
Brett Hellman, Production Associate
“General Hospital” (ABC)
William Ludel, Director
Scott Mckinsey, Director
Owen Renfroe, Director
Matthew Diamond, Director
Penny Pengra, Associate Director
Christine Magarian, Associate Director
Ronald Cates, Associate Director
Peter Fillmore, Associate Director
Ronald C. Cates, Associate Director
Dave Macleod, Associate Director
Craig Mcmanus, Stage Manager
Crystal Craft, Stage Manager
Denise Van Cleave, Production Associate
Lisa Kaseff, Production Associate
Christine Cooper, Production Associate
“Guiding Light” (CBS)
Robert Scinto, Director
Brian Mertes, Director
Matthew Lagle, Director
Joanne Sedwick, Director
Tracey Hanley Bryggman, Associate Director/Director
Charles Grayauskie, Associate Director
Ilene Frankel, Associate Director
Andrea Giles Rich, Associate Director
Adam Reist, Stage Manager/Director
Kristin Doherty, Stage Manager
Joseph Willmore, Stage Manager
Elana Slott, Production Associate
Kelly Jobmann, Production Associate
“One Life to Live” (ABC)
Larry Carpenter, Director
Bruce Cooperman, Director
Gary Donatelli, Director
Danielle Faraldo, Director
Jill Mitwell, Director
Frank Valentini, Director
Paul Glass, Associate Director
Tracy Casper Lang, Associate Director
Teresa Anne Cicala, Associate Director
Mary Ryan, Associate Director
Alan Needleman, Stage Manager
Richard Manfredi, Stage Manager
Anthony Wilkinson, Production Associate
Nathalie Price, Production Associate
Alison Samon, Production Associate

“The Bold and the Beautiful” (CBS)
Bradley Bell, Head Writer
Michael Minnis, Writer
Tracey Ann Kelly, Writer
Patrick Mulcahey, Writer
Rex M. Best, Writer
John Chambers, Writer
Elizabeth Snyder, Writer
Jerry Birn, Writer
“General Hospital” (ABC)
Robert Guza, Jr., Head Writer
Charles Pratt, Jr., Head Writer
Elizabeth Korte, Associate Head Writer
Michael Conforti, Writer
Garin Wolf, Writer
David Goldschmid, Writer
Mary Sue Price, Writer
Michele Val Jean, Writer
Susan Wald, Writer
Karen Harris, Writer
“Guiding Light” (CBS)
David Kreizman, Head Writer
Donna Swajeski, Co-Head Writer
Jill Lorie Hurst, Writer
Christopher Dunn, Writer
Lloyd Gold, Writer
Penelope Koechl, Writer
David Smilow, Writer
Royal Miller, Writer
Tita Bell, Writer
Brett Staneart, Writer
Kimberly Hamilton, Writer
Rebecca Hanover, Writer
David Rupel, Writer
Charlotte Gibson, Writer
Michael Cohen, Writer
“The Young and the Restless” (CBS)
Lynn Marie Latham, Head Writer
Kay Alden, Head Writer
John F. Smith, Head Writer
Scott Hamner, Co-Head Writer
Josh Griffith, Writer
Sara A. Bibel, Writer
Paula Cwikly, Writer
Lynsey Dufour, Writer
Janice Ferri Esser, Writer
Eric Freiwald, Writer
Jim Houghton, Writer
Trent Jones, Writer
Bernard Lechowick, Writer
Joshua S. Mccaffrey, Writer
Natalie Minardi Slater, Writer
Sally Sussman Morina, Writer
Linda Schreiber, Writer
James Stanley, Writer
Sandra Weintraub, Writer

“Between The Lions” (PBS)
Laura Brock, Production Designer/Art Director
Karen Wing, Art Director
“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndication)
John Shaffner, Production Designer
Joe Stewart, Production Designer
Anton Goss, Production Designer
Christopher Goumas, Art Director
Tina Miller, Art Director
Jay Heiserman, Art Director
Robert Lee, Set Decorator
Michael C. Lewis, Set Decorator
“The Martha Stewart Show” (Syndication)
John Casey, Production Designer
Jim Fenhagen, Production Designer
Anduin Havens, Art Director
Molly Maguire, Set Decorator
Tamara Dilworth, Set Decorator
Aaron Caramanis, Set Decorator
Jim Gardner, Set Decorator
Hosanna Houser, Set Decorator
Thomas Tamborello, Set Decorator
“The Oprah Winfrey Show” (Syndication)
Tara Denise, Production Designer
Anton Goss, Production Designer
Angelo Petratos, Production Designer
Thalia Kalodimos, Art Director
Linda Stechno, Art Director
Sean Post, Scenic Designer
Matthew York, Scenic Designer
“Sesame Street” (PBS)
Victor Dinapoli, Production Designer
Bob Phillips, Art Director
Mike Pantuso, Art Director
Pete Ortiz, Art Director
Nat Mongioi, Set Decorator

“All My Children” (ABC)
Roger Mooney, Production Designer
Joel Reynolds, Scenic Designer
Martin Fahrer, Scenic Designer
Chas Plummer, Scenic Designer
“As the World Turns” (CBS)
Patrick Howe, Production Designer
Tim Goodmanson, Art Director
Dennis Donegan, Set Decorator
Catherine Mckenney, Set Decorator
Karen Hlipala, Set Decorator
“The Bold and the Beautiful” (CBS)
Jack Forrestel, Production Designer
Fabrice Kenwood, Art Director
Elsa Zamparelli, Set Decorator
Charlotte Garnell Scheide, Set Decorator
“One Life to Live” (ABC)
Roger Mooney, Scenic Designer
Ruth Wells, Scenic Designer
John Kenny, Scenic Designer
Martin Fahrer, Art Director

“As the World Turns” (CBS)
Mary Clay Boland, Casting Director
“The Bold and the Beautiful” (CBS)
Christy Dooley, Casting Director
“General Hospital” (ABC)
Mark Teschner, Casting Director
“Guiding Light” (CBS)
Rob Decina, Casting Director

“Everyday Italian” (Food)
Richard Dallett, Director of Photography
“Reading Rainbow” (PBS)
Jimmy O’donnell, Director Of Photography
“This Old House” (PBS)
Stephen D’onofrio, Electronic Camera
“The Victory Garden” (PBS)
Joel A. Coblenz, Director Of Photography

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndication)
Kellen Richards, Costume Stylist
Dawn Baker, Costume Stylist
“Sesame Street” (PBS)
Bill Kellard, Costume Designer/Live Actor
Terry Roberson, Costume Designer/Live Actor
Rollie Krewson, Costume Designer/Muppets
Sarah Luraschi, Costume Designer/Muppets
Jason Weber, Costume Designer/Muppets
Andrea Detwiler, Costume Designer/Muppets
Michelle Hickey, Costume Designer/Muppets
Jane Pien, Costume Designer/Muppets
Polly Smith, Costume Designer/Muppets
Anney Mckilligan, Costume Designer/Muppets
Heather Asch, Costume Designer/Muppets
Chelsea Carter, Costume Designer/Muppets
Paul Hartis, Costume Designer/Muppets
“The View” (ABC)
Francine Taylor, Wardrobe Stylist

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