Director, producer make presidential request

May 15, 1967

GOOD MORNING: IF you were President Johnson, would you permit a film, “The President’s Analyst” to land a helicopter camera crew on the White House front lawn to lens a sequence? Producer Stanley Rubin, who has been around a while, doesn’t think they have a chance — but director Ted Flicker, new at the game, is making a try for it. The “way out film” already has an OK from NY Mayor Lindsay to shoot in the torch of the Statue of Liberty (50 years banned to public activities in this specific area of the statue, say the “T.P.A.’ers”) plus clearance for other Gotham sites … Meanwhile, interiors of the White House have already been filmed on the Paramount lot — the Capital blueprints obtained from Par-John Frankenheimer’s “Seven Days In May,” which had government cooperation. (2007 Update: Producer Rubin tells me they (“T.P.A.”) did not get the OK to shoot on the White House front lawn but set up cameras just outside the fence “where the president’s dogs kept barking at our movie company.” And while they had NYC cooperation OKs, Rubin recalls, “We had a scary moment in a scene where James Coburn was trying to escape from international agents. We had three hand-held, hidden cameras shooting him below street level as he made his escape down the street. But just as Flicker called ‘Action,” a police car, chasing someone else for real, came around the corner and took out after Coburn. Flicker kept yelling ‘It’s only a movie’ but the cop ‘captured’ Coburn and badly scraped his face. We called for a doctor–and had to re-arrange our schedule for three days as Coburn’s face recovered.” P.S. The hilarious film received terrif reviews. Rubin is still actively pursuing a film project on the life of “the first worldwide movie star, Mary Pickford.” He celebrates his 90th birthday with a party at Spago, Oct.8. He and actress-wife Kathleen Hughes celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary July 25.)

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