Your Mama Hears…

…That Courtney Cox and David Arquette are thisclose to selling their swoopy and curvy Lautner designed house on Carbon Beach in Malee-boo that they listed earlier this year for a staggering $33,500,000. So close in fact that they’ve gone to escrow according to our Fairy Godmother in Malee-boo.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have been in the castle is it lovely! Well done nic cage for buying it

  3. mr. smiley says:

    thank you phoenix! i was beginning to doubt myself…



  4. Phoenix says:

    smiley, it’s not you. I’ve followed what you had to say right from the wanna-be Polaroid beach house misinterpretation. You can lead a horse to water, and gawd knows you’ve tried ;)

  5. smiley says:

    anon 11:13

    courtney’s house is NOT on the same beach as the polaroid beach house.


  6. Anonymous says:

    i went to a party at that polaroid beach house and walked up and down the beach and didnt see the house?? how far is it? ill be there again on friday. I did see brian grazer just chilling on his balcony eating lunch. what a great lunch that must be…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good for them. I’d want more privacy too, though Courtney, Coco, and company always seem to be walking on the beach.

  8. Phoenix says:

    “i just wouldnt want to live next to a 24 hour party house on an otherwise quiet beach. that was my initial point.” I hear ya smiley. No sane person would, lol ;)

    Anon @ 9:59 AM, Mama reported awhile back that Tori & Dean abandoned that place and business venture, and are now renting a home on Calle Vista Drive if I recall correctly. It seems the whole B&B thing was just a vehicle for a show, rather than a show about the vehicle.

  9. Anonymous says:

    and now tori is leasing a b&b.

    how cute

  10. smiley, mr. says:

    i agree anon.

    i just wouldnt want to live next to a 24 hour party house on an otherwise quiet beach. that was my initial point.


  11. Anonymous says:

    … And they should be applauded for steering clear of the polaroid beach house … just a bunch of wannabe, fame seeking hangers on! anyone with any sense summers in europe …

  12. Anonymous says:

    Not rlly … Hasn’t it been rented out to the duff sisters for the summer – at the end of the day ‘sean stewart’ has grown up in beverly hills, ‘tori spelling’ in holmby hills …. Malibu is their natural habitat & in all honesty there are worse ppl around than those two …

  13. mr smiley says:

    anon 2:24 –

    the word ‘neighbor’ is subjective


  14. mr smiley says:

    anon 2:22 –

    i said “wanna-be” polaroid beach house…

    don’t get it twisted


  15. Anonymous says:

    US Magazine says they had a “goodbye” party for the house on July 29 because they are moving to a more private Malibu house they are renovating.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s rlly not all that expensive for this particular beach … Some of the neighboring properties are probably worth twice the price … the house directly next door [white modern / oceanfront pool] is for rent – $100,000 month annual rent … though if it’s a summer rent then the rent will be somewhat higher … It’s malibu, close proximity & traffic noise is something you have to put up with if you want beachfront … irrespective of whether u have millions or billions!

  17. Phoenix says:

    Looking over the aerial shot of this house Mama provided in a previous post, I’m struck by how close it is to it’s neighbors, how little land there is, and all the traffic. I realize it’s beach property, tiny parcel that it is, but that would be the day I’d pay $30+ million for the ‘privilege’.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Also, David Geffen is pretty far down the beach … I wouldn’t call him a ‘neighbor’ …

  19. Anonymous says:

    MR SMILEY – I hate to inform you but the polaroid beach house is on malibu road just at the end of the colony – 2 beaches away from carbon beach … the polaroid beach house is 2 doors away from paris hiltons rental – NOT the Arquettes.

  20. Phoenix says:

    I saw interior views of this house somewhere and didn’t like it. I’m aware I’m probably the only one here who feels that way though.

  21. mr smiley says:

    Well have you seen their white-trash neighbors!!

    I would move too.

    I am on that beach most weekends and sadly witness the house DI-RECT-LEY next to theirs, which is the wanna-be Polaroid beach house (where the creme de la creme is Sean Stewart and Tori Spelling).

    Too bad because Geffen and Katzenberg are neighbors too.


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