Finally some good real estate news for top hatted and litigious rock star Slash and his wifey Perla. It appears they may have finally sold off their Wattles Drive white elephant in the Hollywood Hills.

The children will recall that Mister and Missus Slash filed a million dollar plus lawsuit against the real estate agent who represented them during the purchase of this house back in December of 2005 because, they allege, they were misinformed about the size of the house, the amount of parking on the property, whether the property is or is not located on a private street, and various other sundry and silly issues.

Shortly after purchasing the property for $6,250,000, the Slashers decided they didn’t want the 5 bedroom and 6.5 bathroom mini manse after all. So they dropped it back on the market for $6,995,000. Despite several price reductions, the house languished on the market and the asking price was eventually brought down to $5,995,999, a number significantly less than the sue happy homeowners paid for the property.

Well, glory hallelujah because MLS information for the property is marked “Looking for a Backup” which indicates the house has finally gone into escrow. Of course a thousand and one things can still go wrong to cause the deal to go down one of the seven terlits in the house. For example, the potential buyers might be bothered by the parking situation at the house and decide to back out.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Derek the Dick.

    Anyway, as average Joe is arguing that every property burnt down is $10M+

    Here is an article from the Mayor of Malibu from the LA Times today –

    “There are two kinds of Malibu,” said Mayor Jeff Jennings, recalling a description of his longtime home. “There is the beach Malibu. And there is the rocks and cactus and coyote-ate-the-cat kind of Malibu.” The 53 houses lost in the weekend’s Corral fire fall in the latter category, Jennings said. Concentrated in rugged Corral, Latigo and Sycamore canyons, most of them are “relatively modest homes built on quarter-acre or half-acre lots,” he said. “I know a bunch of these folks. Some are teachers, some are real estate guys and some are working in the movie business. They’re not movie stars.”

  2. stating the obvious says:

    derek = dumb a**

  3. derek says:

    Another jewy jew, who sues when he makes a stupid mistake.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The topic above is “Update: Slash”. About a property in the Hollywood Hills near Runyon Canyon. Nowhere near Malibu. Your point was?

  5. Anonymous says:

    When has this area ever slid or burned?? Certainly not in the past 30 years that I have lived within a couple of miles.

  6. I don’t know about you…but I would not build or buy a home in an area known to burn to the ground (or slide down the hill) every ten years.

  7. just another john says:

    WAITER! Get that old broad a double then send her over to get my great aunt the old hag out of her house so i can list it with jan horn. i need the cash to buy a house near sunset plaza where i can invite caveman over to party with paris and lindsay after a bunch of gay decorators do it up nice.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Tallulah Bankhead says:

    Why is everybody so upset,WAITER,WAITER, I need another drink make it a double!

  10. pch says:

    Have you ever been to Malibu, Average Joe?

    Corral Canyon is mostly smallish houses on smallish lots, built maybe 30 or 40 years ago. Drive up there sometime — it’s a steep, winding road — and you’ll see lots of “normal” people. Not everyone paid the current million-plus price of entry — lots of folks probably paid much, much less years ago. They drive regular cars. They have regular jobs. That’s what I mean by middle class.

  11. Sandpiper says:

    Thank you so much. [ I’m smiling. ]

  12. aunt mary says:

    Hello, Sandpiper! You have lovely plummage.

  13. Anonymous says:

    So, all 3 properties you mentioned were wrong … I wait for your new list … Again, I want properties on the MLS that are listed at $10M+ that are located on the streets affcted by fire … I wait with anticipation …

    P.S – I wouldn’t use the news as your source – during the last fire Fox were showing copter video of the 2 homes that were burning on malibu rd at the colony end & the anchor was describing them as ‘million dollar beach houses’ when in actual fact they were $15M – $18M beach houses.

  14. Anonymous says:

    “Average Joe Said…

    oh and fleas home, 10MM”

    Hmm Average Joe … Seems his Sycamore Meadows home is on the market for$4.8M … I mean, I’m no math genius but that would seem quite a bit less than the ’10MM’ you keep on mentioning. Heres the listing, see, I like to back up my claims with facts [that are in the correct area!]

    See, we all know now that you don’t know your Malibu Rd from your Malibu Bowl or your Latigo Canyon from your La Costa beach ; )


  15. Anonymous says:

    Average Joe …

    I asked you to link properties over $10M on the mls to fire damaged streets & you didn’t!

    A] The Trancas Canyon property is far far away from the fires – Tranca Canyon is right along past Point Dume at Broad Beach – Have you ever actually bn to Malibu b/c your geography sucks!

    B] The Meadows Crt property is was not damaged, no properties on that street were touched … Sycamore Meadows Dr which is close by lost a few homes but that was due to embers blowing from Latigo Canyon Dr.

    So, basically your links are meaningless … one isn’t near where the fires are & the other wasn’t damaged & not rlly that close to the fire. I stated that there may be a couple of properties over $10M but out of the 40+ homes damaged I’m guessing 95% of them will be in the $2M to $3M range – The addresses of those damaged are mostly Malibu Bowl which IS NOT EXPENSIVE so please stop acting like you know Malibu real estate b/c quite frankly linking to a property on Trancas Canyon which is way beyond Point Dume & NOT even an evacuation area is plain ridiculous. From the fire area of Malibu Bowl to Trancas Canyon is probably around 10 miles along PCH … So please be quiet, there are Malibu locals on this blog who know far better than you.

  16. average joe says:

    pch, those picts that are on the next posting look like estates to me. definetly 10MM plus estates in any market.

  17. average joe says:

    “The fire department said 53 homes — including dozens of “”multi-million”” dollar properties — 27 outbuildings and 14 vehicles had been lost while a further 34 homes had been damaged in the 4,720-acre (1,910-hectare) blaze.”

    pch this is considered middle class ?

    so what is considered upperclass ?

  18. average joe says:

    billionaire joe;

    okay then……

    time to back off of the latte.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’m guessing there are some facts we don’t know. Like who owns the open canyon on the other side of the gate beyond this house where Wattles appears to continue as not much more than a dirt road. Maybe the broker told them they could block the street with parking since they were the last house. Or maybe that the land beyond the gate was park land (Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy or perhaps or perhaps Runyon Park).

  20. pch says:

    I lived in Corral Canyon several years ago, in one of the houses on Fairside that the city of Malibu says was damaged:


    It’s a completely middle class neighborhood.

  21. pudenda shenanigans says:

    “For example, the potential buyers might be bothered by the parking situation at the house and decide to back out.”

    Yeah. After they’ve done their HOMEWORK. BEFORE THE SALE.


  22. billiionaire joe says:

    Well H*ll, this is the internet so I can say I drive whatever I want. I have 7 Maybachs. One for each day, change ’em when I change my underwear. Got a Mexican couple living in, she washes the shorts, he washes the cars. I have a Prius for when I’m going after a hot piece of tail that is into saving the environment, and a Ferrari for when I just want to prove I’m a man with a big penis…. I mean bank account. Got a 30m house in Beverly Hills, a penthouse in New York, and a little 20,000 s.f. place in West Palm. All paid for. No worries about the market crashing. No worries about who ends up in the white house next year. Just worried about when that bar maid is going to get back with my next scotch.

  23. average joe says:

    actually it is a S600 mercedes, 2005 year to be exact, 12 cylinder, 12-19 mpg, the gas crisis is not affecting me, the fire crisis is.

    I do not know what street those estates were on, I do know that I saw them up in flames on CNN in that area, that is unless that was footage from the last fire which I highly doubt as the footage was labeled “live”.

    If I was wrong about those places that were on fire or damaged, I stand corrected.

  24. Jaded Old Queen says:

    Who is average joe?What is his point of view?Liberal nutcase or right wing wind bag?I don’t know and quite frankly I don’t care,but I’ll bet my twin labradoodles that he drives a kia sport.I’m not even sure what that is but I’ve heard ordinary people talking about them so why not?

  25. Anonymous says:

    average joe-
    Mama’s family is tired of you. Please just go away.

  26. Anonymous says:

    that is one ugly house.

  27. Sandpiper says:

    Aunt Mary,

    Didn’t dawn on me to appear evasive with “anonymous” tag. Am now a name. :)

  28. average joe says:

    I saw them burning on CNN, do not know where they are at, I just know that I saw them on fire a day ago on the news.

  29. Sandpiper says:

    Avg Joe …

    Have fires reversed north into Trancas/Pt Dume (per two homes you linked)? Accuracy is vital. Your details would be appreciated. Thx.

  30. Anonymous says:

    That was the Starting Over House!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I live in malibu & know the area like the back of my hand. Like I said, there may have been a couple worth $10M+ around Latigo Canyon but the majority of homes destroyed around Malibu bowl & Corral Canyon area are roughly $2 – $3M – only once you get west of there to Latigo Canyon do they go up in price. If you’re so sure then look at the Malibu city list of damaged homes then find me one home on the mls on the named streets over $10M – you’ll be hard pressed to find any I assure you.

    Anyway, whether it’s $10M or $1M it really doesn’t matter – it’s still someones home.

  32. average joe says:

    anon 749pm

    do your research, most of them were estates 10MM and up, I know that area, I had friends up there.

    there are at least 5 mansions I saw on the news burning down that are on the mls listed for 15MM and up.

  33. Anonymous says:

    ‘the estates that burned down start at 10MM, these are estates mansions not homes like in the last fire’

    You’re wrong.

    a) last fire only a few homes burned down, the castle was $18M & definitely was an ‘estate’.

    b) most of the homes this time are in the malibu bowl area & latigo canyon – not expensive, probably average around $2M/$3M – there may be a couple slighly more expensive but it’s not an expensive part of malibu … that is why the firefighters worked so hard to contain it so it wouldn’t reach along to winding way which is then $10M + homes.

  34. Linda Hoof says:

    Mama things are heating up!

  35. average joe says:

    the estates that burned down start at 10MM, these are estates mansions not homes like in the last fire.

  36. Anonymous says:

    God – So much jealousy on this blog regarding Malibu residents. Yawn.

    Insurance companies such as AIG Private Client Group which insures many of the more expensive homes in Malibu actually provide a wildfire emergency service – if you live in an area such as Malibu as soon as a fire starts they dispatch teams to douse the property in fire retardent. For example, in last months fires many homes in Rancho Santa Fe were treated & after the fire had cleared they were the only properties standing in the immediate area. The wealthy pay far more for insurance cover than the average person so I don’t really understand why everyone goes on about them not paying more. Surely it’s just common sense.

    As far as the Malibu stereotype goes … NOT everyone is super rich living it up in oceanfront homes … the area thats been affected isn’t huge mansions but actually regular homes, these are the people that likely don’t have 2nd / 3rd / 4th homes to run too.

  37. Dingus McCrackenberry says:

    WOW that’s a lovely knife catching job by the buyer!

    We’re talking Shun Elite and not just some flimsy Ginsu.

    Hope they don’t get cut too badly!

    Happy Holidays from the bloggers at HousingPANIC.com!

  38. Old Hag in a house says:

    Help the gays are coming!

  39. Anonymous says:

    slash should have used jan horn at coldwell banker to sell the house. He would lie and not disclose stuff and mislead buyers. perfect for this kind of sale. look the other way and con people. he is dirty. the heab would sell his left nut to hilter for a commission. all about money for these people. dirty agents like this one make it hard for the good ones.

  40. honest harrry says:

    lets make them poor and humble again!!!

  41. honest harry says:

    jesus, god, mother nature, earth, the gods have this to say……….

    The super rich have pissed on us, on our earth that we created, screw with her resources so it is time we take a dump on them.

    screw the rich !!!!!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    People buying expensive homes in fire, mudslide and/or flood zones should have to self-insure.

  43. Anonymous says:

    homeowners in high storm or fire or flood areas should pay A LOT more insurance premiums than those in safer areas.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Oh no, those poor residents of malibu, what will they do? I wonder which of thier other homes they will move to.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Fire only been burning for 6 hours & already destroyed 35 homes & 1500 acres.

  46. Anonymous says:

    A wildfire engulfed homes in flames early Saturday in the hills above Malibu

  47. average joe says:

    he may have bought it himself through a dummy corporation to save face.

  48. Anonymous says:

    i hope he lost a lot of money on this one. and it looks like he did. and i hope his silly lawsuit gets thrown out of court. greedy and litigious with a name like saul hudson? go figure.

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