UPDATE: Linda Stein

Oh no children, say it isn’t so. Have you read the latest reports about the murder of New York celebrity real estate agent Linda Stein?

According to several reports, Miz Stein’s personal assistant, a woman named Natavia Lowery, has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder after giving verbal and written confessions to the heinous crime.

According to the New York Times, The 26 year old resident of Brooklyn has told police that she bludgeoned her boss to death because “…Ms. Stein swore at her, waved a stick at her and blew marijuana smoke into her face.” Apparently Miz Lowery smacked Miz Stein half a dozen times with a yoga stick.

A damn yoga stick? What!? That is some kinda sick irony, isn’t it?

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  1. Aunt Mary says:

    OOoooh, ms f. I love that Chippendale love seat. Remember, I’m always back lit and shot with the Doris Day lens. My god, I thought you were about to spill the beans about the “founding member” part. Not many people know I was a founding member of THE Bank of New York, along with Mr. Hamilton, although he gets all the ink in the history books. Alas, the founders’ dinner is now a solitary dining experience but I always leave an orchid in the Trinity church yard.

  2. Ms Frivolity says:

    There’s one thing you forget to mention to the nice lady reporter that during the whole”Ford to City,drop dead.”episode in 1975,you always hated Ford but not as much a Nixon,you had to sell your servants quarters to Linda Stein to get you through that sticky financial time.You also had to sell off 20 acres of land your family had owned in Southampton since before the revolution. Aunt Mary we all have secrets!

  3. Ms Frivolity says:

    …….”you know”you say to the nice lady reporter from the New York Post in a cheap Macy’s private label career girl taupe suit,with shoes from TJ Max.”You can sum up the difference between myself and Linda in terms of department stores,she was very Bloomingdales off the rack,and I was always one of the Bergdorf laydys”.In fact you never missed a ‘Chanel tea”event.Let me explain to Mamas eager readers just what a ‘Chanel Tea”is.Right after the Chanel show in Paris the “look book” is sent to Bergdorf’s and the “Ladys” are invited to a private,Sreens up,event at the Chanel boutique on the second floor of Bergdorfs.One by one they stream in one more extremely nipped and tucked than the next.Let me stop right here Aunt Mary and say that in no way am I implying that you have had any work done.Anyway the shop girls and one top guy,no names here Willy,sell maybe about three million dollars worth of the collection just from the runway photos alone in about two hours.That’s why when you go into the Chanel boutique in Bergdorfs there’s one bag,a single camisole and a hair clip to purchase at any time of the year.The garments go straight to the clients closets without ever hanging in the boutique.The moral of the story here is that the early bird gets the worm,or the bag!

  4. Ms Frivolity says:

    Thanks Aunt Mary,I can write you a part as the doyenne next door neighbor resplendent in your Mario Buatta designed penthouse perched lady like in your 18th century wood paneled library reclaimed from a former Wall street mansion demolished in the 1920s to make way for The Bank of New York tower,now part of JP Morgan Chase,where you of course have a checking account with the private banking division.You write checks for everything and never use something as vulgar as a debit card,even your American Express card is green,BUT it has something on it other than your name that makes it even more haute than that gauche black card.Right underneath you name it says FOUNDING MEMBER!After all you were one of the first people approached by them in 1958 when the whole thing was set up.Now THAT’S class.Sitting on your Scalamadre silk cabbage rose print chinese Chippendale 18th century Philadelphia love seat you talk with love about your brash next door neighbor Linda Stein.At firt you hadn’t liked her,not your class of person,but you soon warmed up to her loud and ofter hilarious ways.When she turned you on to her super strong marijuana to help with your glaucoma you had,to your great surprise become fast friends.

  5. Aunt Mary says:

    This has turned out to be a very unimaginative story. Hannah Arendt said it, “the banality of evil”. It won’t make the cut for L&O. Unless ms frivolity writes it. And she’s on strike. Sorta.

  6. Ms Millie says:

    Was she the queen of mean?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dang u couldn’t take a little weed smoke and some insults, at least she was paying you. You could get the weed smoke, and the insults for free in NYC! Damn 80’s babies got their logic screwy!

  8. Ms Frivolity says:

    It didn’t have to end like this,had she’d been murdered only four hours and ten minutes earlier she would have been found face down in a pool of blood dressed not in the juicy couture gray sweatsuit she was found in,but a pale lilac bugle beaded Bill blass cocktail pantsuit from his 1992 resort collection that she had worn to a dinner party at Barbara Walters apartment for Martha Stewart.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bitchy Realtor finally got what was coming.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Breathe right and carry a yogi sticks?

  11. Anonymous says:

    good help is hard to find!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Guilty! What’s a yoga stick?

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