UPDATE: Ellen Degeneres

Foreclosures may be up and the mortgage mess might be wreaking havoc on middle-class homeowners, but the rich and famous still have plenty of money to buy, sell and flip high end houses. The Wall Street Journal’s Private Properties column reported this week that perpetual and peripatetic house hopper Ellen Degeneres and her ladee lover Portia Di Rossi have a deal on their meticulously manicured 4-acre Montecito estate. The children will recall that the gurls bought the property just 14 months ago for a reported $15,750,000, made a few improvements and whipped around and put the George Washington Smith designed Mediterranean style estate back on the market for a staggering $24,000,000. No word on what amount the new owners will be paying for the property, but we can all safely assume that it will be enough to put millions into Ellen’s beige Birkin bag.

The paper also reports what Your Mama revealed back in late October that Miz Degeneres and Di Rossi have purchased Will and Grace co-creator Max Mutchnick’s recently over-hauled 8,800 (approx.) square foot Bev Hills house. Your Mama has also heard that Mister Mutchnick spent many millions doing over the long and low house that once belonged to professional behatcha Joan Collins. We understand that a new swimming pool was installed with a series of rooms underneath. Yes children, underneath the swimming pool.

This is not the first house the Miz Degeneres has purchased from Mister Mutchnick. According to property records and one of Your Mama’s finest sources, Miz Degeneres purchased a house on Woodstock Road from Mister Mutchnick back in April of 2003. The house has since been sold to freakishly successful funny man Will Ferrell.

Although the sale price has not been disclosed, revealed or reported, Your Mama hears from inside sources that the gurls paid $26-30,000,000 for Cabrillo Drive property. We have no way of confirming the purchase price children, so realize that number is just gossip and hearsay at this point, and not hand-on-the-bible truth. According to the WSJ, the purchase price, whatever it was, included much of the furnishings and artwork.

Although property records do not indicate a sale, Your Mama also hears from more than one Beverly Hills blabbermouth that the real estate rich lesbians also bought the house across the street from their new digs, which is owned by celebrity real estate agent Jade Mills.

We have to wonder how long these two will stay living in this house up on Cabrillo Drive. For their own stability, we hope a very long time. For our sake, we hope that pack it up in less than a year because we just love discussing there constant moving.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “The 2004 election gay marriage wedge issue/ballot initiative was part of a grand conspiracy to cover up election theft?”

    That might be what you think but I never said that. You live in your fantasy world and I’ll live in my reality.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The 2004 election gay marriage wedge issue/ballot initiative was part of a grand conspiracy to cover up election theft? I live in reality. Have a nice soap opera life but don’t count on it as long as you remain attached to shooting yourself in the foot.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He (and his party) were able to manipulate and rig an election in 2000 and you don’t think they could do it again 4 years later? Who is really in denial?

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Don’t you mean “Without FLORIDA”?”

    That was 2000. Bush won reelection in 2004 which he never should have. Ya’ll need to knock off all the drama and denial. Seriously, for all our good.

  5. average joe says:

    Ellen has great taste in properties !!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    …and now they are in your bedroom trying on your designer dresses and swilling down your starbucks.

  7. Ms Frivolity says:

    The barbarians were at the gate……

  8. Anonymous says:

    Daymn…Just when I thought this blog couldn’t get invaded by anyone more insane than those already here.

    To the homophobic a**holes, it’s really simple…

    The topic is ELLEN DEGENERES.

    She works for a living. Makes a lot of money, and has invested wisely in some very nice real estate. Try getting a better job than the one you have at McDonalds and move out of your parent’s trailer then you can talk.

    She’s also a lesbian.

    Catch your breath now..

    Her lover is a lesbian too. Happens to be a hot lesbian but you aren’t getting it no way no how so give it up and go whack off to an old episode of Baywatch with Pam Anderson. Just remember to close the door so your mom doesn’t have to catch you again.

    “Mama”, who runs this blog, is (apparently) a gay man. That or a very comfortable in his skin hetero to go by the handle “Mama” and make references to his male significant other.

    Regardless, you could take some manner lessons from Mama. Or you can take So Chic’s advice and F*ck Off.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “Without gays, Democrats wouldn’t have lost to George W. Bush twice.”

    Don’t you mean “Without FLORIDA”?

  10. luke220 says:

    Just being wealthy doesn’t give one good taste- just look at some of these listings-

  11. average joe says:

    her family is very wealthy, they own corporations, we buy their products, that is why she can buy these estates, ….DUH !!!!!!!

  12. bentley says:

    This is a blog. Read, make a comment if you wish to, and go about your day. There are no instructions, rules or guidelines on this. People can say whatever they want. That’s the beauty of being free.

    Let’s all take a deep breath, a shot of vodka and try to get laid – straight, gay, whatever. Just get naked and get it on, because we all need to relax, damn!

    Personally, Ellen DeGeneres seems nice. I think she’s sweet and hilarious. Furthermore, her taste in real estate gives me a hard on, seriously, the girl’s got taste.

    Speaking of designer boners, can we talk about Bonnie Evans’ dining room? Mama, I know you love the garden room, which is a bit austere for me, but that dining room is awe-inspiring – simple, stunning, perfect.

    I think I’m going to redo my entire fucking dining room…

  13. Anonymous says:

    why can’t people just comment on the post?

  14. Dingus McCrackenberry says:

    I’m straight myself but I also feel that gay men do a much better job with design and aesthetics than a straight man…well for the most part.

    And on that note, I’m really looking forward to picking up a nice house that was all prettied up by a nice gay couple who bought with an option arm and heloc’d themselves into oblivion for all the “accoutrements”.

    Oh…and I’ll be buying it from the bank as the lovely gay couple toodles off to “gentrify” yet another neighborhood in their new post foreclosure rental!

    Cheers from HousingPANIC.com!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Good grief. I’m not a ‘hater’ but I am getting utterly sick of gay this, gay that, and gay the next thing. Self absorbed, narcisstic people of any stripe get old fast, and gays do seem especially vulnerable to that particular shortcoming. Stuff a sock in it, and get over youselves.

  16. Anonymous says:

    i want that montecito house!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    uh………ellen, DUH! jeez u people. everyone’s talking about “gays in the nation” and stuff, is that what this site is for?

  18. Aunt Mary says:

    And that would be………..?

  19. Anonymous says:

    get back to the topic people, jeez!

  20. sorry that’s “my” straight brothers and sisters!Who by the way like my sense of irony!
    As my sister in law said at our last family reunion “don’t you wish you’d had a gay uncle in New York when you were growing up?”
    We have things to share with you and if you listen you might lose the fear and have a laugh with us.

  21. Thanks Aunt Mary,but don’t worry doll I think it’s all very funny anyway.I have not one ounce of hate in me even for the haters out there.
    George Bernard Shaw said,”hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated”.I’ll keep being just as judgemental and shallow as always.
    As for the gentrification thing,not only have I been a pioneer in several neighborhoods here in Manhattan but urban planning,demographics and the study of cities and architecture is a great passion of mine.I speak from deep personal experience.Plus have I ever expressed any hatred towards by straight brothers and sisters?No that’s not who I am.All I was trying to do was make a point about how certain groups within society have roles to play.As for making fun of the rich and famous,well fair game I say.Making fun of peoples furniture choices is not wishing them to die of a terrible disease.
    All you Anon. haters need to have a name,but you would never do that would you?

  22. caveman says:

    every blog needs a big toe & i nominate aunt mary when mama is not around. (truth be known, mama’s probably sippin an adult beverage enjoying the carnage of her wide ranging opinionated faithful.)

  23. Anonymous says:


    anywhoops, yea i also wanna see some pics of the new house!!!!

  24. Aunt Mary says:

    Wow, people, take a step back and put down your guns. There was an interesting article in New York Magazine about the process of gentrification as played out in cities, New York in particular. Go to the website and pull it up and read it. The bottom line is that poor people get priced out. A city has to have a place for poor people to live, can we all agree on that?

    Now on the gay bashing here, stop it! Stop it right now! Go some place else to read about real estate. I am as straight as a fireplace poker (hand-hammered wrought iron, with a carved walnut handle inlaid with ebony) so you know from where I speak. I love gay men. They are uniquely sensitive to aesthetics, much more so than straights or lesbians. That’s just simply the way it is. I don’t know why and they probably don’t either. God made them that way, so there. Now as for the spirit of fun, hyperbole, exaggeration, sarcasm, and general over-the-topness, that’s why I check in here every day. It might be the only chuckle I get all day long.

    And now, I am really pissed about the attack on my gurl, So_Chic_Darling. So_Chic was one of the first people to welcome me aboard when I so timorously made my first post. I consider him my sponsor. His comments are always spot on. I don’t always agree with him, but almost always learn something new from him. And though much he says is tongue-in-cheek, much is passionately felt.

    I like it when posters choose a nickname. It makes for easier discourse. You can track a person’s general persona. I like the community feel of it. So when people post anonymously with critical and hateful remarks it seems they are taking shots from a coward’s position.

    Finally, some people have a missing irony gene. They just don’t get it. There may be layers and levels of commentary available to some readers and not to others. That’s ok, too, just don’t assume that the obvious is all there is.

    A couple days ago I made fun of the serious number crunchers, but I hope that no one was hurt. I never intend to hurt anyone with my remarks, although some have taken offense. I was just trying to be clever, however lame it came out.

  25. Ms Frivolity says:


  26. Socrates says:

    from the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate.

  27. Anonymous says:

    i can only hope that ellen gets canceled, portia leaves her for a man and takes half, and that the market crashes.

  28. Anonymous says:

    i’m so angry that that no-talent ellen has this kind of money and gets to dildo-screw a fine piece of azz like portia. portia is too good for her. what a waste of a fine piece of azz. ellen is so repulsive and ugly and she’s so not interesting or funny or talented. who’s watching her? i’m very bitter, angry, and jealous that she’s got so much more money than me.

  29. Anonymous says:

    oh no, the bitches are riled up again.

  30. Sam says:

    I’d rather be an out, proud and well dressed nelly with a gorgeous house who cruises the alleys in a Mercedes than a frustrated heterosexual hater with a sensible wife who won’t have sex with him anymore. So bring on the chic police because your obvious fear and loathing of the faggotry in the world doesn’t bother me one bit. In fact, it sorta turns me on. Have a nice day.

  31. Whatever grumpy.I was just having fun.AND I mean come on so chic darling is such an over the top name,you are supposed to laugh at the name and me.(my character),I have a distinct one too,that’s why I would never check the anonymous button!

  32. Anonymous says:

    There’s no censoring here by the gays,anyone can say anything they want.Including real hate.I think I’m more comfortable just being judgemental and shallow.Sounds better to me than wanting an entire group of people to die.That’s just not chic!

  33. Anonymous says:

    can someone please tell the Gay community to stop using the word CHIC. So over used. That means you too mama.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I love how the gays are censoring this blog. Grow up. Its hard for me to take men seriously who talk and act like little girls.

    Please save this shit for your next little pride parade.

    so_chic_darling I having been watching you post for over a year, I am baffled by your shallowness and how judgemental you are. We all get it, You are a proud gay New Yorker and you will always agree with whatever mamma says. Now please get off your computer and do something productive, because you are truly boring.

    Oh and gays will never own the nation, most of you will die of AIDS long before you have the chance to own the nation.

    I could maybe see lesbians rise to power, but not gay men. True Power will never be gained by confused little boys.

  35. Oh and before you jump all over me,by safe I mean safe for real estate investors!

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. OK yes artists too,very much so,and very much our brothers and sisters.However there are four specific gay redos in Manhattan.
    1 West Village
    2 Chelsea
    3 Hells Kitchen (last 10 years)
    4 Harlem (African American gays first)
    THEN…………everyone else come along and says “Oh look how pretty”.
    In all four areas the homos,male and female went marching in and made it “safe”.

  38. I do mean Ellen you know!

  39. Anon 5.11 FUCK YOU too.She works hard for the money and is a catch.

  40. Right on Tom Cruiser.That is the way it is,same thing happens in Europe too by the way!Gays create it doesn’t matter if it’s a dress,or a neighborhood,or a Broadway show it’s what we’re here for it’s what we do best.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Gentrification downtown mostly was thanks to artists & last time I checked not all artists were gay.

    Yeah, Meat Packing District was generally a gay area but the bears in leather with moustaches & the trannys from the outer boroughs certainly didn’t make it cool nor did they bring about gentrification.

    Lack of land is the real reason why any area goes through gentrification.

    I still believe Chelsea sucks & I still don’t know anyone in Tribeca, East Village etc that would switch – Even the new builds are mediocre with no real great architects, c’mon even Brooklyn got Meier!

  42. Anon.10.01 FUCK YOU.How dare you say that the gays made George dumbass Bush win.We are one of the largest voting blocks for the democratic party and very loyal.WE HATE HIM MORE THAN ANYTHING I CAN THINK OF!
    What you were probably trying to say so FUCKING ignorantly is that he used us a the boogey man just like Hitler used the Jews.They’re coming to get you and your marriages look out be scared(But don’t think hard about Iraq)Oh yes Bush would have you think that the gays were out to destroy America.We don’t destroy,we make pretty.AND that includes billions and billions of dollars in inner city real estate that straight white people used to run from to the suburbs.
    WELCOME BACK.Now say thank you!

  43. Linda Hoof says:

    I am a proud fag hag and have followed the gays from one dump to another,everytime they wave fairy dust over a hood it makes it safe for nice white people.PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    it makes me sick that ellen has that amount of money and also bangs portia.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Ellen’s montecito estate sold for $24,000,000

  46. Anonymous says:

    Enough of the gay wars and back to Cabrillo Drive. That would be an amazing price for that house. It’s a long relatively thin lot, and not a huge house. In the last couple of years, they added some rooms in a one-storey addition on the south side plus a pool, but I’m very skeptical that they would or could have put rooms under the pool, the foundation issues right up against the hillside would have been substantial. They could more easily have made the addition two-storey. I know we’ve got somewhat immunized to ever higher prices but still….

  47. Anonymous says:

    Politics and all that aside. Mama, I am DESPEREATE for some pictures of the Joan Collins/Cabrillo Drive property!

  48. Tom Cruiser says:

    Spoken like an unconscious and entitled heterosexual person whose “lifestyle” is confirmed and validated every time you turn on the television, open a magazine or walk down the street and see all the straight people having weddings, holding hands and making babies. You think straight people are constantly cramming their lifestyle down gays throats all the time? Come on, think about it.

    Nobody in Manhattan would want to live in Chelsea? You’re kidding right? Have you been to Chelsea? It’s not even a gay neighborhood anymore…it’s loaded with rich white straight people who are paying upwards of $4,000 per month for one bedroom apartments. Trust me, I know, I live in Chelsea.

    Sorry, but gentrification often, but not always, does indeed follow the gays and the artists. SoHo used to be packed full of gays and artists, same with The East Village. The artists are gays were living down in the Loisada with the Puerto Ricans long before a Wall Street whitey would even go there during the daytime let alone after dark. Williamsburg? Artists and gays before the hipsters. Dumbo? Artists. Meat Packing District? Gays designers and gay trannys have been trolling those streets since the 1970s. Now it’s rich white ladies in stilettos navigating the cobblestones to get to Florent which was one of the gayest places West of 9th Avenue. The West Village…oh surely you know that neighborhood was queer as a three dollar bill back in the 1970s and 1980s long before Anna Wintour and Graydon Carter moved in. Yes, there are plenty of “gentrified” nabes in NYC that were not a result of gays and artists being there first, but for every Upper East Side and Cobble Hill, there is a West Village and Chelsea.

  49. Anonymous says:

    ‘Without the gays there would be no gentrification and no hot new neighborhoods,just look at the entire west side of Manhattan’

    the entire Westside? what? Chelsea! – Last time I checked Tribeca, West Village, Soho, Meat Packing District & The Upper West Side were not known gay areas & I doubt they ever have been … East Village, L.E.S, Williamsburg, Dumbo etc.. all gentrified but not known gay areas – the only area that you describe is Chelsea & quite frankly I don’t know anyone in Manhattan who would want to live there. Gentrification is a natural process & can not be attributed to one social group.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Without gays, Democrats wouldn’t have lost to George W. Bush twice. Live your lives, and quit trying to cram your lifesytle down the rest of our throats. Heterosexuals don’t proclaim from the rooftops how straight they are at every opportunity. Think about it. Thankyou..

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