Mister Big Time, We Hear Your Call…

Today in his always entertaining “Which Celebrity House is This?” segment, Mister Big Time asks who bought the old Daisy Fuentes house on Astral Drive in the Hollywood Hills.

Your Mama made one call to our pal and cohort Lucy Spillerguts who tells us the house was indeed purchased by another Pussycat Doll, this time Nicole Scherzinger.

It pays to have the amazing Miz Spillerguts in our corner children, and you should ALL be bowing down and kissin‘ that behatcha’s beautifully pedicured feet.

We don’t know shit about the Pussycat Dolls, and to be honest puppies, we don’t really want to know anything about that burlesque bunch. So yer gonna have to Google them ladees yerself if you want more information on Miz Scherzinger’s private life.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    do you have picts of the place ?

  2. Joan Collins says:

    hoofy dear – that old broad mary has been around the block, the park, and the alley. she’s given more lap dances than that bitch linda evans.


  3. Aunt Mary says:

    linda hoof, dear, thank you for the thumbs up. I been around the block so many times I now have a moat. Of course, you and I know that pussy power is the only kind there is, but we don’t gloat about it, dear. It isn’t polite. Have So_Chic pour you a glass of Lucy Spillerguts bubbly.

  4. Aunt Mary says:

    Good evening Troy N. Nice website. I love me some Tiki Barber. ;)

  5. Aunt Mary says:

    So_Chic_Darling, pour me a glass, dear. There is a “person” of unknown identification who has made unspeakable references to my laundry. Help me to my chair and pour me another one while your at it. Thanks, Darling.

  6. A bottle of Champagne for Lucy Spillerguts!What a gal!

  7. Troy N. says:

    wonder what the good Dr. Cooter would say?

  8. Linda Hoof says:

    Aunt Mary’s been around the block she can handle it!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Careful Linda, You might offend Aunt Mary’s sensitive eyes or that anon whose kids are reading this blog, lol.

  10. Linda Hoof says:

    Pussy Power.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Nicole is pretty classy – yeah, obviously in the band they were rather trampy but individually she seems quite put together – just b/c they had a certain image in the band doesn’t mean that image relates to their private life … at least she’s not like all the other hollywood idiots & keeps a low profile & her single is pretty good – it hasn’t done well in the u.s but their is an entire world out there & appears to be doing well elsewhere … As for her she is 1/2 Filipino, 1/4 Russian & 1/4 Hawaiian born in Hawaii & extremely beautiful in person.

  12. icore says:

    So this Nicole Scherzinger was the lead pussycat! You only hear her sing, no one else. She got greedy and did her own thing, came out with an album. It flopped hardcore.

    I think the street whore look only works when you’re either in a group of girls (safety in numbers) or used to be a child star (BS – Love her).

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