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A note I didn’t have in an earlier post.

Bill Richardson guests on "Imus in the Morning," the latest in the field of 08ers to return to the program.

On Monday, Imus had John McCain on the air, and Mike Huckabee is scheduled on Tuesday as well, according to the Washington Post.

You may recall a bit of consternation among the candidates back in April when the Imus troubles started. Richardson largely avoided the fray, as he was in North Korea as a special envoy. But Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama issued statements condemning Imus, with the former hosting a web page to send comments to the Rutgers women’s basketball team and the latter calling for his ouster. So it will be a bit of a surprise if either appears.

Note: This is corrected from an earlier, hasty post, in which I mistakenly said that Richardson would be the first 08er back. I regret the error.

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