DreamWorks Trio Sets Obama Fund Raiser


The DreamWorks trio of Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen will host a fund raising reception for Barack Obama’s presidential exploratory committee on Feb. 20. The $2,300-per-person reception will be at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. It will be followed by a private dinner at Geffen’s home for fund raising co-chairs — those who commit to raising $46,000 for the evening, or 10 couples and 20 tickets.

The event will mark a return to the political fray for Geffen, who was one of the highest profile donors and fund raisers during the Clinton years, only to pull back from the money raising game for much of this decade.

Many in Hollywood plan to give to multiple candidates — and wait until the field narrows before deciding who ultimately to back. Even Geffen has not issued an official statement on who he will endorse, although his enthusiasm for Obama has been widely reported.

Political consultant Andy Spahn, a key figure in setting up the event, says that Katzenberg has endorsed Obama, but Spielberg has not yet made a decision. “Steven will make a determination in a few months,” Spahn said. “He also has relationships with Sen. Clinton and Sen. Edwards.”

No word yet on whether Endeavor’s Ari Emanuel will have a fund raiser during the same visit.

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