Some 300 people gathered on Tuesday night at the Brentwood home of CAA’s David O’Connor and his wife, Lona Williams, anxious to see the guest of honor, Bill Clinton.

Then the power went out — in the entire neighborhood — putting this Hillary Clinton fund-raiser into near total darkness.

The only light came from candles and some battery operated lanterns, which were shined on Clinton when he spoke in the backyard pool area. That helped, but it was still hard to see guests. And with no electricity, and therefore no microphone, it wasn’t always easy to hear, according to a guest.

"There are a lot of great things about the modern world," Clinton said, according to the guest. "Predictable electricity may not be one of them."

Among those present, in addition to the hosts, were Steve Bing, Jerry Zucker, Ron Burkle, Frank and Carol Biondi and Gary Ross. Also present was Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who you can only guess had to endure some ribbing about the DWP. CAA’s Michael Kives introduced the former president.

Not that it mattered, as Clinton delivered his pitch without missing a beat, emphasizing his wife’s chief attributes as "the most qualified non-incumbent of my lifetime." He talked of his willingness to do whatever she asked him to do, although he doubted that would be a cabinet post, citing federal anti-nepotism laws.

Fittingly, a big chunk of Clinton’s speech was about energy policy.

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