WGA to members: Chant, dammit!

Picketers in front of CBS Television City weren’t chanting this morning, much to the chagrin of one of the organizers. “Getting a bunch of writers to chant is impossible!” a guild member said to an unidentified party on a cell phone. The scribe later refused to identify himself, citing the WGA’s orders to members to not speak with the media.

A few times every minute, drivers on Fairfax and Beverly Blvds — including one in a brand-new BMW — honked their horns in solidarity. Picketers responded with fist pumping and sign shaking. (And there was the occasional detractor: According one writer, a passerby screamed, “Get a job!”)

Their signs ranged from the generic (“We’re in the union, the mighty union!”) to the very specific: “Network bosses, rich and rude—we don’t like your attitude!” (If marchers were hoping to dis CBS Corp. supremo Leslie Moonves with that one, they were out of luck. He was in New York Monday.)  — JOSEF ADALIAN

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  1. Planet_Visitor says:

    You do what for a living? And they pay you for that? And you’re complaining about what?
    You’re not writers – you’re comic actors!
    Delusional comic actors.

  2. Katie says:

    I’m sorry, I have to through my lot in with the “This is spoiled of you” crowd.
    I get no share in what I make (except for stock, which is significantly less then what you make in residuals, by thw WGA own acocunts)Most workers have what you have. Heck, blue collar aside, most other creative professions odn’t get what you are already getting
    I just can’t get behind this strike, and frankly, I’d kinda like to see you all get laid off and be forced to get normal jobs and realize just how good you actually had it.
    Leave the striking to Teachers, Prison Gaurds and other workers who actually do have horrific jobs for minimal pay and minimal benefits. This is the kind of strike that gives unions bad names and I hope you loose.

  3. timewasting says:

    Compare them also with the thousands of laborers and low-wage employees they are putting out of work with this strike. I actually like writers but think this strike is selfish, spoiled-brat stuff. They can work out a compromise without compromising thousands of people who need the money more than they do

  4. timewasting says:

    Most of us working folk don’t get to share a percentage of the profits of the products that we contribute to. I am a true lefty labor-sympathizer type and I have just about no sympathy for this writers strike. The writers repped by the WGA are the ones who have already “made it” to the exclusive realm of working tv writers. They get a phenomenal salary for their TV-season-long work but they apparently have trouble budgeting that to last during the off times. I realize it’s a volatile business, but these are capable people with college degrees who can get another job. Compare them with teachers, who get a teeny salary that they nearly always have supplement with additional work — and they don’t get any % of of their success. If writers get more residuals, they should pass those on to their English teachers.

  5. subzeroNJ says:

    From the limited “big ticket item” knowledge I have, I say the writers should just let the New Media braodcast their shows without wanting a residual. You know who this residual is going to screw? not the producers… the viewers, get ready for commercials on the shows you watch on your computer. So much for losing 42 minutes of my life instead of an hour. The producers will re-coup their losses by selling ad time during their on-line programming. Once again, the public gets screwed so a few more people can get richer. Support the current structure and tell the WGA this strike only hurts consumers.

  6. amber says:

    The WGA should organize a TV Fast day where the public can show support by NOT watching a particular network for a week. They could rotate which network not to watch each week.

  7. amber says:

    The WGA should organize a TV Fast day where the public can show support by NOT watching a particular network for a week. They could rotate which network not to watch each week.

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