Verrone has his say

Patric Verrone has responded to IATSE president Thomas Short's letter.

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  1. Darren from Canada says:

    Hmmm rich people demanding more money from even richer people while we serfs (literally) starve…..sounds like the NHL Hockey lockout all over again. lets hope its handled better.

  2. David says:

    Just a thought from an fellow industry worker. I most definitely agree with Ben regarding who it is that’s being hurt in all of this.
    One thought I have is that the Writers just want a bigger part of an ever increasing pie. They make more in royalties simply for the fact that more DVD’s are being sold. Now they want to get paid twice as much on that larger pie.
    I also think that it would be very naive to think that they are not working on new ideas and scripts to sell simply because they are on strike. They can be writing all the stuff they want and when the strike ends they’ll just have more work to sell. Whereas the people such as myself can’t simply make up our lost income since we have a limited amount of hours that we could work. The days that we lose because of this strike are gone forever and we’ll never get them back. Sure the writers may have periods between their shows, but hey, who doesn’t in this industry.
    One last thought, I’ve heard it said that if the average american lost 2 weeks of income it would take him/her 6 months to recover. And if they lost 3 weeks it would take 18 months to recover………I hate to think how long it will take those of us that are really affected by this strike to recover.
    Hey maybe I should write a TV episode, that would go quite a ways to recovering……

  3. alison says:

    I’m an IATSE member. As I understand it, we get the 20 cents mentioned above paid into a benefits plan that includes a small pension, but most of the money goes to the Motion Picture Health Plan. Don’t WGA, SAG and DGA members also get residual money paid into the same health care plan? Is that in addition to the 4 or 12 cents they get in residual checks?
    I support the WGA and the other unions in their negotiations for internet residuals and I think the letter that my representative sent was out of line. That said, I had hoped that the WGA would have waited and negotiated along with SAG and the DGA so we could avoid this damaging work stoppage.

  4. Ben says:

    Mmmmm.. yes each individual writer gets 4 cents and each member of IATSE will get 0.0002 cents! I think IATSE members are a little more concerned about the checks that pay the bills each week and the substantially higher numbers that they earn each hour that contribute to their individual health benefits.
    In David Young’s recent letter to the Membership he says “This is a paltry amount for work that we have created” ( Really YOU made that film or TV series did you!
    Like the video titled “Why We Strike” ( It opens with the words “When an author writes a book, they get paid for every copy sold, and a songwriter gets paid every time their song is performed or published”. True, but you can’t compare the creative process of books to movies and television! Tom Clancy and Stephen King are the ONLY creative contributors to their work, movies and television programs are a creative collaboration of hundreds, sometime thousands of creative artists… and don’t tell me you’re going to try and compare yourselves with Lennon and McCartney or Carole King or Bob Dylan? These singer songwriters have amazing talents when it comes to producing, arranging performing and recording their material… talents you do NOT have, talents that you need the rest of the Hollywood creative community for.. a creative community that you seem quite happy to drive away from the industry by putting us out of work with no resolution in sight.
    In addition when he announced the strike Patric Verrone said “The companies are seeking to take advantage of new technology to drastically reduce the residual income that sustains middle class writers and keeps them in this business”. Really Patric? You call yourselves middle class! Well let’s look at that for a moment, for writing 1 episode of an hour television drama WGA members get paid a minimum of $56,653 ( … so for a series (around 6 months work) that’s over half a million dollars! I know, I know I’ve heard the WGA say that it takes many years to reach that level of success and it’s often months between projects for writers… and what sustains them through those months are residuals… you know what? Everyone in this industry has to battle for years to achieve “success” except our paycheck are considerably smaller than yours (for the same episode of television our minimums are less than $2,000) and we do not get residuals to tie us over between projects! We’re not jealous about the size of WGA paychecks and I think IATSE workers are paid very well for the work we do.. what’s not good enough is that our homes and families are being threatened by people that just want more.
    WGA and WGA members; you are going to kill an entire industry with these selfish tactics that you’re employing… you’re going to drive REAL middle class people out of the industry, people who don’t have agents and multi-million dollar production deals, people who just want to work and are now not able because you decided in YOUR best interests to put us out of work so that one day you can make more millions whilst we continue to struggle with paying mortgages and putting our children through school long after the strike is over…

  5. caught in the crossfire says:

    “Despite the fact that the AMPTP coneded progress was being made … they walked out and have not returned.” Despite the fact that the AMPTP conceded progress was being made, the WGA went on strike! Hello!? The WGA shows they’ve been itching for a strike and now the waters are poisoned. Stupid, stupid leadership. They are going to destroy the union and take everyone else down with them. Where are some people who can actually negotiate without creating an adversarial relationship between people and the companies that employ them? The WGA’s continued denial of culpability in initiating this strike is pathetic. They fired the first shot to start this war.

  6. anonymous says:

    The letter is a total non sequitur. What does a per project comparison of total WGA residuals to total (not per person) payments for health care for IATSE prove? It’s just apples and oranges. A strike obviously hurts IATSE members – people are out of work, they will not participate in any increase paid to writers and to the extent that some productions are marginal, increased costs will reduce the number of productions and therefore work for IATSE members. I hope the illogic of WGA West’s letter doesn’t permeate their negotiations or else WGA West needs new leadership able to deal. It’s a negotiation over what the right percentage is -not a religious war – and both sides are being hurt with lots and lots of collateral damage.

  7. Tasha says:

    Living most of my life in the Bay Area (some in Silicon Valley) I have to side with the writers. They should get a percentage of the profits made on the internet. If you had a choice between a reality showmance or Arizona freeman burning FBI active wear on Black Cloud Mountain which would you watch? Comedy is the best medicine, not violence!

  8. lucky hammer says:

    uh… what? Your comment makes no sense Mr. Duh.

  9. duh says:

    And people wonder why this strike can’t be settled? I think we can all see why this Verone guy is a suit/”head” of the weakest guild out there instead of an actual writer.

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