Polone: Waffles, yes. Waffling? Never…

Gavin Polone recently talked about the strike with Fox Business. We printed his comments here. Reaction around the blogosphere was, predictably, heated.

Earlier today, the man behind “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Gilmore Girls” emailed us a more detailed explanation of his remarks. It’s an explanation… but he’s not backing away from his basic thesis that the writers have more to lose in the short-term than the studios.  “The end result will be that they will go back, on bended knee, and negotiate the deal that they probably could have made initially, had they not gone out on strike and just kept negotiating,” he writes.

We’ve put post of Polone’s explanation (originally posted on another blog) after the jump.

Meanwhile, Scribe Vibe can report exclusively that Polone’s long-in-the-works Hollywood eatery The Waffle is getting much closer to opening– “probably in a month or two,” he writes.

We didn’t ask whether he’s planning to offer a discount to WGA members.

–Josef Adalian

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  1. Johnson says:

    Gavin Palone is one of the biggest dopes in this town. He has no talent so all he can do is suck the life out of those who do have talent. He should really just go away.

  2. lola says:

    Okay Whatever, you are clearly on one side and that’s obviously not the writers or anyone that is creative. So, I will just simply say “whatever.”

  3. whatever says:

    Try to be reasonable, Iola. I guess the concept of “Truth” becomes fuzzy when you write a lot of fiction, but your comment exemplifies hyperbole and opinion much more than “truth” or even consistency. First, I have no idea what motivated Palone, and neither do you, but I don’t see why someone who disagrees with the strike neds to “shut up and not say anythign to the press.” I cannot imagine that most writers think a gag order on people who disagree with the WGA is really what’s called for — especially given how many people disagree with certain of the WGA strike rules and don’t mind speaking out about it. [Also, I would question all the people asserting his irrelevance about how his speaking out even matters, much less “hurts the writers” but you only assert that he’s a “jack-ass” and not that he is irrelevant].
    Furthermore, I don’t see anyone accusing teh WGA of saying “Oh, goodie” about putting people out of work, but the idea that the strike occurred because the studios walked out after teh DVD issue was removed is simplistic to the point of being erroneous. It is true that the most recent proposal came from the WGA, but it came after the strike had already been called and was presented as an ultimatum. In the context of these acrimonious negotiations, the WGA was quite aware that such an ultimatum wouldn’t go anywhere.
    By the way, if Palone’s concern is about how he’s going to make more money, how does that differ from the concerns of anyone else involved in this dispute? I don’t think you want to state that it is a simple truth that such concerns are necessarily those of a jackass because the implications of that are fairly problematic.

  4. lola says:

    Hey Whatever!
    You have no idea what you are talking about. If Palone was so in love with writers and hated the strike, then he needs to shut up and not say anything to the press. All he did was hurt the writers. Oh, and by the way, no one was “hell bent” on striking. No one at the WGA said, “Oh, goodie, we get to put the Craft Service guy out of work.” No one wanted this except the AMPTM!!! They were the ones who walked AWAY from the table. We removed the DVD issue and they still WALKED AWAY. Gavin Palone said what he said because he’s a jack ass who only cares about how he’s going to make money. And I’m really not attacking him when I say that, I’m just stating the truth.

  5. whatever says:

    What bitter comments. How about addressing the substance instead of attacking the guy? He’s not being unsupportive of writers; he’s being unsupportive of the strike. Now maybe there is reason to hope that it won’t last for the many months that so many people have predicted, but he points out that the strike is not likely to yield to a very different package than the writers would have gotten without the strike (i.e., if the negotiators had been reasonable negotiating partners instead of so hell-bent on striking). But the strike has meant that writers, assistants, and, especially, hundreds of other people working in the business have had to go without a paycheck for weeks, and those people are hurting more than the studios (although I disagree that the studios are in any way Benefitting from this strike — they have already sunk a ton of money into the shows that are not going on, and it is not in their interest to have the writers striking either).
    Rather than evaluating everyone’s (and trumpeting your own) relative relevance and importance to the industry, it might be worthwhile to consider that most of the people who now aren’t working were making important contributions to the industry that employs you all — and to consider ways to achieve the (financial) growth you want without cutting other people (and the industry itself) down.

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  7. A REAL writer says:

    Hey, let me correct you on one BIG thing… Gavin Polone is NOT the man behind “Curb…” and any other show. He is just another hack former agent/hack former manager who got an Exec Producer title on a show that one of his clients was on. He is, in fact, now merely a hack/exec producer as a vanity credit. He has not one iota of creative input on any show his name is on.

  8. Plinko says:

    Palone’s 15 minutes are up. We’ve seen behind the curtain, and he’s just another sad little loser who got lucky earlier in his career, and can’t deal with the fact that he’s not relevant anymore.

  9. Klaatu says:

    Yes, but hardly “the man behind it”.

  10. Joe says:

    Gavin’s an exec producer of “Curb.”

  11. Klaatu says:

    “the man behind Curb Your Enthusiasm”
    Larry David?

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