Nationwide TV fans supply WGA strikers with local support, pizza

TV fans across the country have found a way to give hands-on support to striking writers.

Launched late last week, began as a splinter group of another fansite, the Joss Whedon-centric (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Angel”). What started as a pizza drop-off for Whedon while he was rallying at Fox Plaza Friday is now a full-fledged Food for Thought program designed, according to, “to ensure that every picket location receives a delivery from fans at least once a week, for the duration of the strike.” The site includes an online donation area for fans who want to fund the group’s efforts.

“We wanted to do something to show our support and delivering food seemed like a good way to start,” said Fans4Writers media liaison Adam Levermore-Rich, who lives in Palo Alto.

Levermore-Rich said the group, which now numbers 30 after three days, plans to keep delivering food and offering moral support to writers.

“As fans, obviously we want to see our shows back on the air as soon as possible,” said Cincinnatti-based organizer Brenda Lawhown. “But at the same time, we recognize that it’s the writers who make these shows so compelling and they need to get fair compensation for the work they do.”

As of Sunday afternoon, had received more than 30,000 hits.

— Dave McNary

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  1. stevie long says:

    just like all those jericho fans sent tons of nuts to les “60 million dollar bonus” moonves to get jericho back on the air, i might suggest a simple, convenient way to have america’s working people get involved.
    America, most writers in the WGA make less 75k a year— many of us write scripts ‘on spec’, which means we spend all day writing, UNPAID, hoping that what we are writing will be a great script, and someday a great movie— most of the time, the script goes unsold… many of us go a year without getting hired— it is the residuals from our work that pays our bills during slow times, allowing us to ply our trade all day. We work hard, and we don’t mind because we love what we do. But what we DO mind, is that big media is posting record profits, the CEO’s boast of the 100 million dollar salaries they PERSONALLY pocket, all while crying that they don’t want to give us 4 cents for each dollar they pocket….
    SO, I SUGGEST everyone in America puts a call in to these GREEDY, BIG MEDIA CEO’S who want to STEAL THE INCOME of working class writers, and let them know it’s not cool. We’ve seen enough corporate greed lately, it has to end. I’m listing their phone numbers.
    now, i don’t expect any of these CEO’s to get on the phone with a typical American, they have nothing but contempt for them, and will steal from them any chance they get.
    HOWEVER, if everyone in America dialed their phone a few times a day, which would only take a second, and ask to speak to one of these men, THEY WOULD GET SO MANY PHONE CALLS ALL DAY THAT IT WOULD SERIOUSLY INTERRUPT THEIR MILLION-DOLLAR-PER-DAY-SALARY JOB!!!!!
    c’mon, it’s more than just a great prank, it’s time Americans had some say in what BIG MEDIA forces on them.
    Americans, dial your phones: (if each American calls 10 times a day, which would only take one minute out of your day, these greedy CEO’S who want complete control of media and ALL it’s profits will be BURIED WITH TWO BILLION PHONE CALLS!!!!!!
    Anne Sweeney
    Disney-ABC Television Group
    The Walt Disney Company
    500 S. Buena Vista St.
    Burbank, CA 91521-4581
    Kevin Reilly
    Fox Entertainment
    Fox Broadcasting, 10201
    West Pico Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90064-2606
    Bruce Rosenblum
    Warner Bros. Television Group
    Warner Bros. Studios
    3400 Riverside Drive
    Burbank, CA 91505
    Philippe Dauman
    1515 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036-5794
    Leslie Moonves
    CBS Corporation
    51 West 52nd Street
    New York, NY 10019-6101
    Jeff Zucker
    NBC Universal
    100 Universal City Plaza
    Universal City, CA 91608-1002

  2. Becca says:

    Thank you for clarifying your position. I really do mean that.
    Any and every fandom that supports *everyone* affected by this strike should be positively encouraged and applauded.
    I support *all* of the people who are affected by this strike (excluding the AMPTP, who has not responded to a recent email I sent. I guess they lumped fans in the same can as the WGA. A doggone terrific can, IMHO).

  3. VDO Vault says:

    To all of the supporters above
    As I said previously I did not post to disrespect you or your organization. I merely posted to make Variety Scribe Vibe blog readers aware that yours is not the only site supporting the strike and that yours will not be the only organized efforts taking place to support the showrunners and writers or the as yet underserved and underdiscussed people who also help make our shows as great as they are: the crews and those who work in the production offices, especially those who are not union members.
    There will be more help for many TV shows to come and more campaigns launched, but some of our fandoms need to organize and grow in a way differently than F4W, particularly the very visible and active online Whedonites served by F4W. We appreciate your efforts and will be participating in some of them that are appropriate to our varied communities, but there are other campaigns being planned offline and behind the scenes as we speak. We’re just not ready to go public yet and we’re also allowing for a lot of flexibility in the tailoring of efforts to support a variety of shows and a variety of people beyond showrunners and writers as well as orginazing more global campaigns that will cross the interests of every fandom. We are establishing channels with the appropriate people in the entertainment community and that necessitates not going public too soon…they are the ones we are respectfully placing in the driver’s seat.
    Hope that clarifies my position.

  4. Becca says:

    I am very glad I found Fans4Writers.
    As a fan residing in South Florida, I was unsure what I could to do to support the writers and this is the perfect place to go.
    It allows me the opportunity to donate to help feed the very people who feed me such great dramas and comedies every week. I was also able to buy red rubber “Support the Writers” bracelets and TV shirts to advertise my support.
    There are other ways fans4writers can help too. I am poised to step in, clear across the country, and do what it takes.
    Fans4Writers is a fantastic site set up by some wonderful people!

  5. b!X says:

    To expand a bit on what Adam said, many of us make regular use of the LJ community, even if we don’t all post to it. And it’s an invaluable resource for trying to keep up with things, and for any individual fan to recognize they aren’t alone in their support of the writers (and, as well, to show the writers the support that exists).
    At the same time, LJ communities are not necessarily geared towards trying to hone specific collective action over time.
    Ultimately, that’s what the F4W effort is geared towards. We’re not there yet, because building that kind of infrastructure takes time. Some of us have been giving up sleep to get the site up and running, and expanding it day by day, others have been engaging in constant outreach to other fandoms, while others have been putting into place the processes required for regular morale-building food drops to the strike lines.
    It’s not an either/or, and it’s certainly not a competition. There are, in point of fact, a good number of sites and communities that cropped up all on their own in response to the strike — which is a good thing, because it shows precisely what needs to be shown:
    Fans are rallying to the writers’ cause.
    That, of course, is what both F4W and the “Fans for the WGA” community on LJ are about.

  6. Adam Levermore-Rich says:

    VDO, I don’t think this is an either/or equation. Fans4Writers, I think, serves a different purpose, so the two groups aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s fantastic that the Live Journal community has so many members (I’m one of them, in fact, as are most of the organizers of F4W). The 30-member number I quoted Dave was organizers and on-the-ground volunteers. We have a narrow focus: supporting the strike through morale boosting activities such as the Food for Thought program, and providing resources for raising awareness through downloadable icons, print-at-home postcards, flyers, etc.
    Also, while F4W was started by Whedon fans, our mission is to support all writers, regardless of genre. We are working with a number of writers and WGA members outside of the Whedon camp, and we have volunteers who have been working around the clock to reach out to the many fandoms out there on the Web.
    Just wanted to be clear.

  7. VDO Vault says:

    Not meant as a diss on or its members, but there is a LiveJournal Community wga_supporters that has *1900* members and is growing like crazy. And it encompasses many more fandoms than Whedon’s (House, Bones, Criminal Intent, and dozens more)
    wga_supporters is admittedly more unorganized and grassroots than but has far more variety of content and has very lively discussions already ongoing, some of which include WGA members
    Anyone is welcome to visit or join

  8. b!X says:

    And as of Sunday evening, our discussion forums are open, so now’s the perfect time for people to get in on the effort.

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