Kindness of Strangers Dept.: WGA discounts and donations

We're compiling an ongoing list of who's giving discounts to WGA members and who's provided food and drink to strikers.

The list as it now stands is after the jump; we're also posting it in the sidebar, where it will be updated as needed. If you'd like to let us know about a discount or donation, please email the Scribe Vibe.

— Dana Harris

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  1. striking writer says:

    Deep thanks and condolances to all the crew, actors, directors, and others who are suffering through this with us.
    Residuals do pay for IATSE and other health & pension benefits. If the companies don’t pay residuals on internet streaming/downloads, eventually their contribution to below-the-line P&H funds will decline radically…
    Speaking only for myself and the writers I know, we would never cross a picket line of fellow-workers fighting against the people who are bound and determined to deny us all a fair share of the incredible profits our common work generates.
    Again, thanks and condolances to all the show people in this town who are suffering from this strike; may it be resolved soon!

  2. Out of work crew says:

    Thank you Union Proud for acknowledgeing us. Believe it or not it is appreciated.

  3. 1 more out of work crew says:

    Union Proud, thank you. We all hold different positions, yet play on the same team. Your acknowledgement of the rest of the crew being benched, not because of the writers but because of the situation, is appreciated.

  4. union proud says:

    I’ve spent the past 17 years working in television and I think I can honestly say — this will surely piss someone off — that writers, on the whole, have the most respect for the crew out of anyone on the stage. Most of us would rather spend all day with you than four minutes with an exec. We’re heartsick that this strike puts you out of work. And, you’re right, businesses should extend discounts to you. And there is absolutely no excuse for any writer or anyone to tell you to suck it up. Look, no amount of kind words can make up for the fact that productions are shutting down and you’re out of work, so I won’t pretend they will. But I will tell you this: I believe with all my gut that if the studios defeat our union, union after union after union in this town will fall. Maybe not tomorrow, but almost certainly in years to come. You may not believe this, but we stand with all the unions whose livelihood is being squeezed by the media corporations. Like unions all across the country who are being marginalized out of existence, all of us in the entertainment industry run the risk of seeing our health care and pensions, work rules, minimums, turnarounds, and other things each particular union may provide erode or disappear entirely. You’ve read the papers for the last ten years. You know what’s happened to everyone from airline pilots to grocery checkers. We aren’t, and should never be, each others’ enemies. Because that just makes the big dogs lick their chops.

  5. proud writer says:

    Of course the writers are aware that this strike has unfortunate consequences for many innocent parties. We do not view any of them as “pawns” or “collateral damage.” However, referring to YOURSELVES this way does nobody any good. Neither does blaming only one side (“workers who lose their jobs DUE TO THE WRITERS”). Do you honestly believe the WGA either wanted or caused this strike unilaterally? If you do believe that, wow, I really do feel sorry for you. Because that’s exactly what the companies want – to turn us against each other while they continue to make 10x, 20x, 1000x what we make.
    Meanwhile, many writers I know have passed the hat and contributed thousands of dollars to those who’ve been laid off – without severance, without ANYTHING (again, no guarantees! It’s a crazy business). I have personally organized such an effort.
    When Fox, Warners, Universal etc. pass the hat for you – let me know. I’ll be ice fishing in Hell.

  6. 1 more out of work crew says:

    Why is it whenever anyone merely attemps to point out others besides the writers are affected by the strike the response is hostility? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if just one writer said “hey, thanks for the discounts, maybe you could extend them to all the entertainment community that finds itself out of work?”. That’s all. As to job security, I’ve heard a lot about increasing the residual rates because, hey, we don’t work every year. Want job security? Don’t work in Hollywood.

  7. proud writer says:

    Anyone employed in this business – crew, cast, suits, whoever – knows it’s a crap shoot. Anything can happen at any time, including this highly justified (even necessary) strike. Want job security? Don’t work in Hollywood. Meanwhile, thanks to everyone for the discounts – much appreciated, and smart business to boot.

  8. 1 more out of work crew says:

    Roll back our residuals? What residuals? Only a select few members of the entertainment community receive those. I don’t believe “out of work crew” was being critical. I think they were only asking for some recognition of the hardship being faced by thousands of crew members, especially as the holidays approach. A little help for the pawns in this game would be appreciated.

  9. Yep A Writer says:

    To the other employees, who I assume may be IATSE: what would your union do if your employer insisted on a rollback of your benefits and pay?
    Remember that your residuals and benefits–and what you get in the future–are likely going to be tied to what the writers win.

  10. Not a Writer says:

    Yeah, the “my heart goes out to the writers” comments are very touching. All the workers who lose their jobs due to the writers are just collateral damage.

  11. Out of work crew says:

    That’s nice…what about all of us crew who have lost our jobs because of the strike? I guess we don’t count, what else is new.
    Unemployed and not getting any freebies

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