We've added a new element to the sidebar, Opinions from the Front. It's a collection of the open letters and blog comments inspired by the strike, from some of Hollywood's most powerful. The latest edition is a long comment that Joss Whedon posted in the comments section on his own fansite, Whedonesque, about picketing outside his erstwhile home of Fox studios: 

We were all caught in that giddy first burst of solidarity and fear. Nobody thinks this is going to be easy. But everybody there knows that, as things stand, it has to be.


I don't think of the studio heads as a bunch of grinning tycoons sitting in a smoke-filled club and drumming their fingers like Montgomery Burns. I know some of those guys. I think they're worried about the future as much as anyone. But they are beholden to their corporations, and that inevitably causes entrenchment and shortsightedness. They can't afford that… Power is on the move, and though in this town it's been hoarded by very few, there are other companies with newer ideas about how to make money off of – or possibly, wonderfully, with – the story-tellers.

I hope it won't be long. I watched my Father strike, back in '88. It was hard. But I was proud. I'm proud now.

Sincerely, -joss.

— D. H.

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