Hey, Judah: A “30 Rock” star uses NBC.com to make a point

Does anybody at NBC know that the network’s own website is being used to subtly support the WGA?

“Frank Talk”– an NBC.com subsite devoted to the fictional scribe Frank on “30 Rock” played by Judah Friedlander– usually features all manner of offbeat pics. musings and anecdotes about and from Frank.


The latest post on the blog, however, features a very low-key shout-out to striking scribes. It’s nothing more than picture of a sullen Friedlander, wearing his trademark trucker hat, with the caption “On Strike.”

As fans of “30 Rock” know, it’s always worth keeping an eye on Frank’s hats. They usually include some sort of obscure reference or subtle joke, such as “Ninja Expert” or “Joystick Master.”

The post-strike hat, however, is blank. Message to NBC: No contract, no funny trucker hats.

Blog readers are loving Friedlander’s quiet show of support for the guild. The comment section on the blog– which, let us point out again, is owned by NBC– features a slew of pro-scribe sentiments.

“Aww, your hat is on strike too,” writes one fan. “Don’t forget to ask for ad revenue from this blog.”

Adds another visitor: “I love that you posted this on NBC’s website. I’d also like to post a comment on NBC’s own website telling the corporate fat cats that I hope they get rabies, and the hair on their toes falls out, and they never have good sex ever again. So, here it is. The fans support the WGA 100%.”

Hopefully the folks at NBC.com have a sense of humor and don’t decide to pull Frank’s silent protest.

–Josef Adalian

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  1. VDOVault says:

    …and the entertainment trade media like Variety are just now waking up to the fact that officially sanctioned fan boards are full of pro strike discussion (cough, *USA Network*, cough)? Theresa above is so more clueful than you…how sad is that, you so-called professional journalists?
    A subscription to your magazines is so not worth the hundreds of dollars per year if you’re too lazy to check out the sanctioned sites for 10 whole days of striking and not pass that info along to your readers. No wonder the (especially the studio heads and network execs) seem like they collectively have their heads up their backsides…if they’re relying on you for info on what happens online they might as well burn a couple of hundred dollar bills and ask for divine enlightenment.
    If the cluelessness keeps up, the Internet programming will so belong to someone else. Nice going guys…heck of a job there keeping up with the real world. Your shareholders will be so thrilled with you.
    I think it’s you and the newtorks and the studios who are living inside the bubble…be sure to tell Brian Lowry that ’cause my time’s too precious reading real strike news to bag on him for being a clueless yutz.

  2. Doctor Donut says:

    We support the strike.
    Our sources indicate that it will end two days prior to Thanksgiving.
    Keep up the good fight!

  3. Teresa says:

    It’s funny, but all the network sites are being used against them. I was on the “Lost” message boards at ABC.com the other day, and it’s rife with pro-WGA messages. :) Of course, I expressed my support there, too. I’m sure it’s happening on the websites of every network. And I’m glad. (I just hope that fans aren’t streaming web content while they’re on there!)
    – Teresa
    Visit USER-GENERATED CONTENT for ways on how you can support the WGA Strike!

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